App that allows the driver to receive and send messages to the office, receive the planning done by the operator

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Use your camera flashlight and screen as torch.
Flash Light Torch is a very simple and useful application to use your phone's flash light as a torch, application is using less battery so that it can work longer.Application also have feature to use phone screen to use as source of light with highest brightness.Application Features- Maximum brightness of LED used as torch- Enough brightness of screen- LED and screen torch both can work at a time.- User can set its preference that can be used as torch as application start.This app also offers tablet-optimized UI and great features for tablet users and android oreo 8.0 and pie 9.0.
Calender import, export, sync, transfer, archive, edit, cool widget,…
iCal Import/Export CalDAV 3.2is the ultimative import/export/sync app for your android calendar with first class support for everyone.See always what's happening, nothing is hidden from the user.Feature overviewImport, export, sync, transfer, archive, calendar editing, deleting, changing, a very cool Widget, and much more!Import/ExportYou can import and export from various sources and to various destinations:★WebDAV★Ftp★Websites★Internal/external storage★EmailCreate, edit or delete android calendarsPro Features(In free version 14 days testable after first start)Scheduled Import/ExportPlan your imports and exports and run them in specific intervals.You can also limit planned operations to a specific WLAN.CalDAV Android 4.0 and above, events onlyState of the art CalDAV implementation, featuring WebDAV Sync.You can also limit the synchronization to a specific WLAN.★iCloud★fruux★owncloud★baikal★Posteo★Gmx★★Synology★Most SabreDAV based servers★Many others, but they are not tested★No support of, memotoo and YahooMore CalDAV information: Features★Transfer calendars★Purge calendars★Archive calendarsWidgetMonitor planned imports/exports and caldav directly on your homescreen, try it out!Used permissionsNO permission is used for a purpose other than the operations choosen by the user! There are no ads, no tracking or any other data stealing.You can find an exact explanation for all permissions here:..
Exclusive app for customers of Ravex® solutions for drivers
O aplicativo "Ravex Entregador" é um facilitador para os clientes do sistema "Ravex Gestão de Logística", o aplicativo é destinado ao motorista e busca otimizar a produtividade, aumentar o controle e acompanhar suas entregas.Principais características:* Facilitador de operações diárias;* Visualização de todas as viagens;* Registros de anomalias (controles de entregas, devoluções parciais e totais);* Continua operando mesmo com o dispositivo off-line;* Chat em tempo real entre motorista e operador;Para dúvidas e/ou suporte técnico, favor entrar em contato com [email protected]
Mobile Augmented and Virtual Reality Viewer for 3D, CAD, SketchUp
Experience a powerful mobile tool that allows you to see your digital models and designs in the form of real-life buildings using Augmented Reality technology. SightSpace Pro integrates seamlessly with major file formats such as .DWG, a simple export from all 3D modeling programs, .DXF, .DGN, .SKP (Trimble SketchUp), .KMZ and .KML, and .DAE. Install now!If you’re an architect, builder, interior designer, engineer or any other professional who benefits from showcasing virtual models and designs to clients and collaborators – you can capture all of the generous perks of using SightSpace Pro right away. Through SightSpace Pro, you’re equipped with a mobile app that transforms your device into a powerful machine which processes your designs in the style of real-world, on-site buildings – during construction and even before anything has been built. This makes it extremely easy to connect with clients and colleagues in cutting-edge fashion. Present your ideas as if they’ve already been executed, walk through deals with leverage, and win clients over!Take advantage of the potential behind using Augmented Reality combined with Virtual Reality today.APP FEATURES:*PLUG DIGITAL MODELS..
Field force E-reporting & E-Detailing Solution.
Field force E-reporting & E-Detailing Solution.
The Krypto is a complete business management system, fully integrated.
The Krypto is a complete business management system, fully integrated, consistentand developed a flexible and configurable way respecting the particularities of eachcompany.Divided into modules, its implementation allows the unification of all operations andCompany controls into a single management system that fully meets theirneeds, making it more agile and competitive through integrated information generationindispensable for decision-making.The Krypto characterized by their effectiveness and ease of use. Its implementation ensuresstreamlining work processes, automation routines, reworks disposal,calculation needs cost and performance indicators resulting in greater productivitystaff and competitiveness.
Convert your audio to text into any language, Quick, Accurate and Smooth..!!!
Audio To Textapp provide user to get their Audio to text form. Now, with 'Audio to Text' you can convert voice note to text accurately! It converts audio from all applications. Easily translate audio to text within some time with all new Audio to Text Android app. You can also use as speech to text app, just record voice and translate to text.Voice to Text ConverterFor All Audio is the easiest way to read your voice messages or clips when you can not listen them! Download Audio To Text voice message transcriber app now and instead of listening your voice messages, read them after conversion !Supported Audio Formats : MP3, OGG, OGG (opus Codec), AAC, MP4, MPEG, AMR, WAV, M4A, FLACSupported Languages: afrikaans, catalan, german, english, spanish, french, croatian, italian, dutch, polish, portuguese, russian, romanian, swedish, turkish, greek, Hindi, chinese, korean, japanese, urdu (Català, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Русский, Română, Svenska, Türkçe, Ελληνικά, हिन्दी, 中文, 한국어, 日本語, اردو)How to use : First of all download this Audio To Textapp. Install it. Now for e.g:-If u..
KDDI Knowledge Suite smartphone-only applications. You can easily access to groupware and SFA (sales support system).
KDDI Knowledge Suiteの専用クライアントアプリケーションです。グループウェアやSFA(営業支援システム)にスマートフォンから簡単にアクセスすることができます。※ 本アプリをご利用頂くには、KDDI Knowledge Suiteへのご加入が必要です。※ 本アプリはau Android端末(一部端末を除く)にてご利用頂けます。KDDI Knowledge Suiteは、グループウェア、SFA、名刺管理、BI(データ集計・分析)など、ビジネスで必要なアプリケーションをオールインワンパッケージで使えるクラウド型サービスです。この機会に是非ご検討ください。※ 詳しくはウェブサイトをご確認ください。
Instant Document Scanner and Text Grabber
Download now! Scan Scanner app turns your Phone into a fully featured instant document scanner. Scan Scanner app allows you to scan books, checks, notes, schedules, announcements and all kinds of documents .KEY FEATURES:* Automatic borders detection and the document alignment perspectives* Automatic image projection saves 100% of the original text* Document Zoom* Advanced image processing with image correction, digital signal process (DSP) and shadows processing* Multi-page scanning and document management* Transform your images into TXT filesOCR (Internet connection required)* File manager with support editing files, multi-select, multiple file removal in one clickBuilt-in advanced algorithms make the scanning and image recognition processes easy than ever. They make possible: − image correction,− automatic digital signal and shadows processing (DSP), − automatic adjustment of perspectives and much more.Save your multi-pages scanned documents as JPEG, PNG, TXT files and share to any other application that supports the above mentioned file formats (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Photoshop), send documents via E-mail, print them in one single tap, and much more!Send us your feedbacks and suggestions! We will be glad to answer all your..
Best Chinese keyboard 2018 App for writing Chinese language with emoji
The best Chinese keyboard for Android. Its lite version will allow you to write an Chinese language. Now any one can compose Chinese emails, post on Social Media and write messages through Chinese KeypadChinese Keyboard you can write all Chinese Alphabets, letters and words. It’s most Easy Chinese keyboard to write in Chinese language. Brand new Chinese language keyboard is designed with your favourite, beautiful and amazing themes. You can select your best choice from multiple themes. Select the theme which suit youyou can customize Chinese keypad by own setting. Lot of different Emoji, Emotion and smiles are integrated for you to chat with some one special. Also you can Change the keyboard English to Chinese. Every one can Change and customize setting from the setting button within the keyboard. you can write all Chinese letters and words very fast and easily. English and Chinese Keyboard having more than 1000 Emoji and it is fully free to use in your text message.Chinese keyboard Features: - Chinese keypad have emotion,emoji’sand special characters - you can Change the keyboard From Chinese to..
Driver Registration
App that allows the driver to receive and send messages to the office, receive the planning done by the operator


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