Race over new worlds and ride new bikes!
We've greased some motorbike chains and polished some biker helmets to give you and even smoother racing experience.

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Moto X3M Bike Race Game Game DESCRIPTION

The thrilling much loved web game explodes onto mobile.

Moto X3M brings awesome bike racing with beautifully crafted levels straight to your mobile. So grab your motorbike, strap on your helmet and grab some airtime over obstacles to beat the clock on amazing off road circuits.

– Over 170 challenging stunning levels
– More than 25 vehicles and bikes to unlock
– Sick stunts and insane tricks as you flip and wheelie through the fast levels
– More high octane levels coming soon
– Race against the clock and beat your best in timed Levels
– Checkpoints
– Additional Level packs
– Collect nitro boosts to turbo jump

Moto X3M combines fast pace flying by the seat of your pants arcade levels, with whacky fantastic contraptions such as the tank that can provide interesting puzzles. While most levels are easy, it can be very hard to master the level and beat the top time.

Show off your mad skills as you fly through loops, motor over the ocean, ride the constructed tank and rally across the desert while you chase 3 stars.

This moto extreme game brings mayhem to your mobile as you race down hill and rev your engine to hill climb to toughest challenges on your way to success. As you race to become the greatest bike racer ever and beat your friends will you be able to handle the explosions and unique obstacles each level provides or will you crash out?

Now with an additional 5 level packs with their own unique characters.
– Drive the super fast cyber world with the robot. Can you collect all the gears?
– Trick or treat with the pumpkin on the skeleton bike in the spooky Halloween pack.
– Collect the holiday bells with Santa rider on this snowmobile or the reindeer
– Take the crash test dummy’s car for a spin this summer in the pool party pack, can you handle the endless speed?
– Crash through the construction site project with the forklift and steamroller

Can you beat the top times and get the best score? Collect stars on each level to unlock new motorcycles and the ATV with fun wheels.

Moto X3M is a free game but contains paid content. You can unlock all the characters and bikes with Google Play Pass.

We update the game regularly with your suggestions, so leave us a review and we’ll do our best to improve the game.


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Like it because it has as ads and levels and it's cool because you can do backflips and it has brick cars my sister's like the game too thank you for making this happen and thank you play store and thank you moto x3m bike


It's fun and addictive once you pass the checkpoints you start from there not the beginning. And you just have to play it to know what I'm talking about but the course is different every time, it's just fun to me and I'm 41 years old.


Great game, but once you beat all the levels, you can't go back and replay them to earn 3 stars. You can only play the last levels


It is a cool game i play this every day there are less ads its highly recommended to play i wish it became top 2 though there are no issues but 1 issue though some levels are too hard and pls add more events and levels i like the bikes and pls add more bikes easy to play and its SUPER COOL. But I recommend more realistic graphics download it now!


Edit: STILL NO UPDATE! Come on Devs ... Really fun game to play, challenging enough to keep your interest and great to play offline (No Adds 😁) My only complaint is that there's not enough levels. I've finished the game in 2 days.... PLEASE update ASAP with many more levels and I'll gave yas a 5 star rating 👍👍👍


I love this game but one problem why I can't buy some motorcycles?. Plss fix the bug I'll give 5 stars if you fix the bug


The game is awesome you can even play it with your personal control I haven't had any commercials. It is truly an awesome game especially if you love riding. Happy New Years 2023 it will be awesome if this game was upgraded this year but it is awesome as it is give it more features or power love the way you do a wheelie and if you go back you will fall same thing forward it is truly awesome


I love the experience, although I would have gave it 4 stars because of the ads and everything. However, I gave it 5 stars because let me tell you, I LOVE MOTO X3M. I think the experience is all about trying to finish the level and getting 3 stars.


It's been quite some time since I've been sucked into playing a game until all levels are completed to the best time. You don't have to complete a certain number to advance to the next level. I breezed through just having fun the first time, then I went back and got 3 stars on all levels. It has ads but they're pretty much all 5 seconds or click to close, didn't bother me a bit for a great FREE game.


It is fun because you can do so many different levels and it doesn't matter what kind you're on and you can raise other friends if you want but you can't do it on the same competer and it's very fun and it's no Internet game and that's why I love it I hope I could convince you bye.


Great level and great game.. i love it. But it will more exciting if the sound fx of motorcycle more realistic as a button pressed.


It's a good game, but I'm very disappointed with the sensitiveness of the buttons, I mean the forward and reverse button have to be roughly touched for the motorcycle to move. The game is very exciting and fun but I can't finish it because of the button sensory. If the problem would be fixed I would undoubtedly play the game again.


Okay I'm gonna be real serious this game is amazing. It has never bothered me with ads, it plays very smoothly n normally like a good game and i like the way it goes into different dimensions like cyberspace and uhmm the beach I've had it for 2 full years now and im still loving it its the game of my dreams and i dont wanna lie i love it a lot and the way each level is challenging. And sometimes i can hear my character talking and saying "wee i can flYYYY!" it's very surprising and super funny.


This game is good and fun. I used to play this game online all the time and it was a memory I'd never forget, so when I saw that I could install it, I was thrilled. I have one complaint tho. THE ADS. Now and then almost EVERY game so far that I installed have ads, it's annoying. The ads from this game could let you skip it, but while I was playing the game, an ad came up and paused it. I know hate is a strong word so I'll say that I don't like the ads.😔
Hi Diana, ads should not be showing randomly when playing a level. Were you able to get this issue more than once, we would love to have more information and maybe a video showing this problem. You can do this by emailing Hopefully this is fixed for you in our next update.


Fun game but should be able to reverse controls to match every other racing game. Gas and brake should go on the left and lean control on the right. There should be a settings menu with the option to do so. It's taking time to get used to. Otherwise the game is fun. Similar physics to another game you hill climb in.


It's a good game that controls well for the most part, there are a couple issues though. I noticed that when I restarted a level there was a brief moment when I couldn't use the controls but the timer was going, and if I tried to use the controls during this brief moment it would cause them to be unusable for about a second longer.


I think this game is awsome, I suck at it but it's really fun I beat every level and I was just getting stars from levels that I already beat. It's super funny I love that one level with the spike ball thing that shoots in the air I always try to get hit by it. The only one thing that would make it better is a button that makes you go back. Like if a car goes in reverse there was countless times that I died because I couldn't go back. But readers this game is amazing.


It's so hard to control... when you press GO boutton for a long time, it slows down... The levels are SO hard. I tried like 56 times trying to beat a level and i did not earn anything because it took a long time. Theres a time limit and for the guys who made the game think we acan finish 1 level in 37 seconds, thats when you get just 1 star. And like, the moterbikes thaat are like REALLY REALLY good ( the only ones i like ) cost like 45 stars!
Hi Emil, We're sorry you're having difficulty with some levels but I assure you every level can be completed to 3 stars. Which level is it that's troubling you and we can maybe give you some pointers on how to beat it. Thank you


This is a good game. Only thing is, the developer(s) keep adding stuff instead of fixing what's already there. If you do more than 2 flips it still counts it as x2. The sound effects are terrible. If you die your controls go away, if you quickly pause and un-pause the game though your controls are there and your dead. On some levels the timer starts before you go, that's fine, but if you die and respawn before you hit a check point then the timer doesn't automatically start again like it should!
Hi, you've raised some very good points here, but in order to find out what is happening with the control issue we need a little bit more information from you so we can locate and remove that error. If you can contact us at that would be amazing. Thank you.


I enjoy moto x3m and I'm glad there is a continued version, but I'd love to see a computer version we can download on steam or epic games or itchio or whatever. It sucks only being able to play a little bit on computer and the full computer game would be awesome. Also, I know it's your primary source of income, but after every level there's an ad and it's so annoying. So If you made a computer version of the full app, make it have less ads please.