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Play against other people online! Can you become the longest slither?

If your head touches another player, you will explode and then it’s game over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode, and you can eat their remains!

In, you have a chance to win even if you’re tiny. You can swerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, no matter how big you are!

Download now and start slithering! Good luck!


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after the last update it has gotten extremely laggy in multi-player mode


Bad update on May 31. My phone screen is super wide which made the app wider now after update. Now the joysticks are more close to the corner. Unplayable as it aches my thumb. Also I paid for no ads and now there are ads, disappointed.


This game works very best in the AI MODE but when you play online it is worst😫


Great game but I would like to be able to use my external mouse the same way as PC version i.e. by automatically tracking the cursor rather than having to hold down left click (as the game currently does not distinguish between this and a tap and hold of the finger). If you could some how programme the game to know when an external mouse is connected to the phone and react accordingly, that would be awesome!


A very pleasing offline experience that i can play anywhere. There are custom skins and an online mode. Very pleased. The leaderboard system is very efficient. Online mode is slightly laggy on mobile, but not a big problem. Unfortunately when you play against ai's, there's no pause function. But overall it's very fun and addictive. It does not get boring easily. I recommend.


The game is good. Like, it runs smoothly (most of the time), doesn't have annoying physics or much of anything that could spoil the gameplay. However, it frustrates me that you did not add a "local multiplayer" mode. It truly would make the game better. And customisation. Controls customisation (the joystick, for example, is quite too small), game customisation (like difficulty, amount of players, etc), and for the love of anything add an INTERACTIVE map which displays other players as well.


Amazing games! Have been playing since I was very young. However, I have a suggestion. I like the AI as it is an offline form of the game as well as being slightly easier than the online game, but it's very inaccurate to the actual gameplay. The snakes move like bots, deliberately running into you and letting you win. Also, the snake's lengths only goes up to around 2,000 (if you're lucky) and there are no snake that exists that is the size of the #1 spot. I hope you will consider this.


I like the idea of this game. It is really fun to play. Main problem is the lack of customisation. I can't increase the size of controller. Another frustrating thing is that after I reached a certain length the A.I. suddenly becomes extremely sharp. Not a single worm will touch you and they will start coiling around. You should add some rule like if you surround them they will lose. Then it will be more playable. Still deserves a 4 ⭐


This game is really fun! Sometimes it gets boring after a bit while playing, but that's with a lot of games. My only critic is whenever I try playing with REAL people, my game just lags and sometimes crashes. It gets really annoying since playing with bots is really easy and sometimes I feel like I'm just throwing my day away. Could be my internet, but I'm not completely sure. But overall, I would recommend it, and also the PC version of it! (Since it doesn't crash :3)


I LOVE IT!! It's so fun and the controls are extremely easy to get used to... Two problems, though... The game lags if you don't have a really good connection on multiplayer, and me, being a person who mostly plays offline, asks you that the offline snakes be a BIT bigger? When you're playing offline and you get really big, all you can find is tiny snakes. The ones on the leader board aren't actually on the map. All I ask is that there be some bigger snakes on offline mode. Otherwise, perfect!


Overall good game. But when I switched to joystick mode, the speed boost button would change sides. Which would be very inconvenient, and would even cause me to lose sometimes when I would accidentally press it. And I can not change it back when I go into the settings, because there is not even an option for which side you want the speed boost button. If you encounter this problem, then just Uninstall and reinstall.


It is a classic io game, and a good one at that, but the game feels somewhat empty because there is no sound. The least you can do is add background music or add a small sound effect when you are in first place (or when you die). Also in the customization menu, a thing you could do is add a quick select instead of constantly pressing the arrow (and the abilaty to change eye color). It is a great game, but this could also help. P.S In the game you are a snake because worms don't slither🐍


This game is good. You can play AI mode offline. On the online mode, it is glitchy. It will just lag and after that you are already dead. Plus the controls, sometimes I can't control it, it will just boost and run in different direction. On the ads, ads will show up when you died. But you can just skip then within maybe 5 seconds and the ads are not repeating unlike other games.


Great and addicting game but the ads get annoying after EVERY game. Especially an ad that constantly comes up for apartments. The X to close it out hardly ever appears, and the only way to get rid of it is to close and reopen the app. Its annoying and frustrating. Dont waste your time or space with this, play on a chromebook or laptop for free, without any ads, just look it up and play online.


when you play the game it's really fun at first but then at one point your snake gets small and freezes and you can't move. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to see if it went away but it keeps coming back. also, the ads are super annoying. it's not necessary to put an add between every single death. and also the ads are the same ones over and over again and some of them are super annoying. this game isnt fun because of the ads. I'm deleting it.


Super fun! Love classic controls with my phone's S-Pen! The unfortunate thing about it is that the controls have about quarter second of latency on average but sometimes there is so much that there is no reaction time and you have to anticipate what will happen in the next half second which kills me 99% of the time. Maybe due to poor WIFI but I feel like it could be better. Past that it is quite addicting and runs way better than the browser version. Really brings out the competitive side of me!


Great game, love it that you don't need wifi. Good speed and without lag or issues. Super addictive. It's a good addition that you can customize your snake and it's kind of hard. I love games that have a challenge and not those super easy games with no point. It's nice you can play with real people or just computers. I play offline a lot. It's not in need of updates, it's already great as is.


The game is really fun and a great way to pass time. Also, there are no challenges and currency. I like that you can have a skin no matter how you are at the game and its all free.There are not too many ads either.The " Build a Slither" option is one of my favourites. The reason I didn't rate 5 stars because the game sometimes stops working and you have to delete it and download it again. I' ve had to do this twice already. Please fix this. Otherwise the game is great :)


This game is literally what we can call perfect! I topped the charts several times and the gameplay is fabulous. There are a lot of colours available to build personalized slithers but the problem is when you accidentaly add a wrong colour, you can't delete it but you have to colour the whole slither once again. This is very annoying. Hope you could do something for it. Thanks.


Too hard to control your speed as it goes faster at different times even though I am controlling it the same way. Also it is much easier to get killed and to kill than before which leads to quick games and loss of intrest. I have the game installed on 2 different devices and my 8 year old plays it as well and we both have the same problems on both devices, frustrating and we tend to play other games more now.