- New Items in Mallhalla: Impress everyone on the court with a new Emote, welcome Starlet Munin to the stage, and meet Sniffles the slime gecko! All these & more now in Mallhalla.
- Celebrate the springtime when Bloomhalla begins on April 27th with even more exclusive seasonal items!
- Ranked Season 24: Play Ranked 1v1 Switchcraft in the seasonal queue to climb the Ranked Ladder and earn Glory.

Brawlhalla Game SCREENSHOT


Brawlhalla Game DESCRIPTION

Brawlhalla is a free platform fighting game with over 80 million players that supports up to 8 online in a single match with full cross-play. Join casual free-for-alls, queue for ranked matches, or make a custom room with your friends. Frequent updates. 50 unique characters and counting. Come fight for glory in the halls of Valhalla!


– Online Ranked 1v1 & 2v2 – Climb the ranked ladder from Tin up to Platinum and beyond! Fight enemies solo or team up with your friends. Matches you against players near your skill level.
– 4 Player Online Free for All – Casual matches where four fighters enter, but only one can win.
– Cross-play Custom Rooms – Invite up to 8 friends on all platforms to a huge variety of custom matches: 4v4s, 1v3, 2v2, FFA, and much more.
– Many Game Modes – Mix things up with Brawlball, Bombsketball, Capture the Flag, Kung-Foot, and many more fun party game modes.
– The Training Room – Practice combos and setups inside the Training Room! Look at detailed frame data, hitboxes, hurtboxes, and sharpen your skills.

Plus: Best-in-class spectating, match recording and replay. Dozens of maps. Single player tournament mode. An online brawl-of-the-week. Experimental mode. Millions of players for fast matchmaking. Regional servers for low-latency online play. Frequent updates. Tons of esports events and tournaments. Excellent support for keyboard and controllers. Career history and cool progress rewards. Ranked seasons. Friendly devs. Fun, fair free-to-play. And much more.

How we do Free to Play

Brawlhalla will always be 100% free to play, with no pay-to-win advantages and no in-game purchases keeping you from the action. None of the premium content affects gameplay.

The Legend Rotation of eight free to play characters changes every week, and you can earn gold to unlock more Legends by playing any online game mode.

You can also check out our “All Legends Pack” that immediately unlocks every character we’ve ever made and ever will make. Forever. Everything in the “Legends” tab in the in-game store would be yours to have. Note that this doesn’t unlock Crossovers.

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THE ACCURACY OF A PROFESSIONAL GRADE TUNER IN A FREE APPThe Rocksmith Tuner features an accurate tuner for guitar and bass you can trust. Our chromatic tuner offers accuracy and range that's professional grade. For beginners we have a basic tuner that will guide you to over 30 tuning presetsThe app is completely free, with no ads, and no strings attached (aside from the ones on your instrument). The Rocksmith Tuner will keep you in tune so you can learn guitar or play your favorite songs with confidence.COMPATIBLE WITH GUITAR & BASS:• Acoustic and electric instruments supported• Connect directly or use the microphone on your mobile device• Display options for 3x3 and 6 in-line headstocks for guitar and 2x2 and 4 in-line headstocks for bass• For musicians of all skill levelsEASY BASIC TUNER FOR BEGINNERS• Teaches newcomers how to tune their instrument with clear instructions• Features an easy-to-read, string-by-string guided interface• Audio previews for each string in selected tunings gives a reference to tune towards• Play nearly any song with over 30 presets for the most common tunings• See the..
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Brawlhalla Game DOWNLOAD

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The Mobile Experience There are a lot of try hards and sweats in this game which tests your patience and overall ability which will make you question yourself if you have skill issue, the controls are wonky as hell and you cannot customize it so you can get good in the game paired with the absolute brain numbing online experience which makes the bots seem more friendly than the regular player which knows the move of one character and spams it continously Overall, it's the Skill Gap and Sweats.


Absolute dog water of a cash grab. Terrible controls and messy and unfinished ui. Pain to navigate and the core gameplay is even worse being a combination of a worse ssbu and mobile ad looking character. Would not recommend


VERY BAD. They make you play with bots all the time which are really good. This makes you not able to get coins without being a top level pro. It also has bugs.


Games honestly so bad on mobile, freezing left and right while the games still going and throwing me off the entire map. No its not my phone, it happens to everyone I know that plays on mobile. Literally terrible. Games even worse than it was before, signature spam left and right with basically no cool down to it. If you don't do something about sig spamming, your games just gonna die. At least make some type of signature bar to deal with all the sig spam, make it limited or something.


It's the worst game for mobile . If you don't have a computer don't download this game in your mobile . Everytime you play your opponent will be a PC player . And everyone please if you are a mobile player don't play this . And another problem was sometimes in match whenever we mobile players trying strike our first side sig the phone just stunt for a moment , in that short of time we just loose our first stock . If you are a PC player the game is good and if you are mobile player then ........


played this on pc for years and its good the server, controls. thing is even though my phone is good for gaming the game keeps lagging or when i just started the app im stuck on black screen and have to re install it over again


The lag is annoying AF especially when I'm on my region and it's automatically killed me for no reason every time that needs to be fixed cuz it's impossible for me to finish the missions if the game is lagging and when I'm playing on Xbox


the game is fun overall but now the matches and the ppl playing just purely suck because they only play by no brainer characters meaning they jus soam the same skill over and over again which makes alot of the character skilled based difficult to play but one main issue i hope they will input on is the google play for all devices or its rlly wasted spending money on one acc and need to create new one for a different account.


It randomly lags even though my internet is strong, I have a lot of storage and my phone is a gaming phone, I tried it on other devices but still the same problem. I also tried deleting and re-downloading it but the problem still won't go away. Another problem is the players, some players that I played with are just annoying spammers they always get lucky with their timing its incredibly frustrating to play with spammers for example: Seven, the players will just his spin attack over and oveagain


A pretty fun game somewhat hard to use the controls that's minus a star and I paused in tournament mode offline but as soon as I tapped the edit buttons thing I saw myself getting kicked by Rayman that's minus another star other than that it's pretty good and fun.


Extreme lag and very glitchy after new update. My fps is like 10. Been 2 days since the review but nothing done to get it fixed. It sucks now. It just glitches and transports me to the other side of the map midway the game. I won't play till this is fixed


The games awesome. It's free in both PC mobile and console! You can unlock 50+ characters. Great graphics options for mobile only, there's a bug were my hands are missing for mobile only please fix it nice controls option and I really love it when you can use a Bluetooth Controller


First of all, sorry for one star, because I really like this game. Firstly, I have purchased all characters and they don't allow me to play one account on my different devices. My progress is greatly limited, and I do not have access to all of the characters or skins that I purchased on my PlayStation. Secondly, On my cell phone, after playing two or three matches, the game becomes very slow. If I don't force close the app and reboot every couple of games, the game becomes unplayably slow.


The game is really good, but there are a lot of problems in it, from the slow main interface and the slow servers of the game despite the strength of the Internet, and there are more problems and also I can't complete one game without him taking me out and saying I lost the connection but a network man My internet is super I really love your game and I have been playing it for a long time please solve the problem.


Great game normally, but if you are like me, who wanted to play on mobile for a bit while you don't have access to your pc, I suggest you don't. It keeps your hidden MMR and continues to rank you with all platforms. Unless you are confident you can somehow learn to be just as good on mobile (to be fair, the controls are very customizable), I suggest you just wait to continue playing on pc if you can. If you are new, then this shouldn't be a problem.


The game is actually fun, I used to play it months ago. I decided to reinstall back the game after a while and i opened the game. Then the message "There was a problem reading the additional content. Please relaunch or reinstall." came up i emailed support on how to solve this few days ago, but still no reply


It is a good and enjoyable game..but there are some features i would love to see 1. Option to link steam and google play account. 2. Option to turn off cross pc players have very much undue advantage over mobile players. 3.Random frame drops and lags in the game. 4. More optimised menu for mobile devices


Bluetooth controller feedback: 1. After closing and reopening the game, the only buttons on the controller that work are the joysticks and arrows, you gotta clear the games data to play properly again, which is very inconvenient. 2. If you join a room by invitation, the same thing as number one happens, but is fixed if you leave. 3. In 3v3, after activating touch controls while you have a controller connected, the controller controls won't work until you rejoin the match.


Used to like it very much. However, the experience has gotten worse each time I play it. The fps and lag issues are just horrible even if my wifi is functioning perfectly fine for other online games. I lost count of how many times I lost because of a single fps drop. I don't recommend this game unless you're just playing out of boredom and don't care about gameplay experience and winning matches.


Solid port, and it works well. Beware of real money purchases though! Even though they have cross progression with other platforms, your purchases won't carry over. This was not made clear to me before I made a purchase, or I never would have on my phone. I guess I'm too used to games that do cross platform properly. Until they fix this issue and allow purchases to carry across all linked platforms, I'm not purchasing anything from them on any platform again. Horrible store experience.