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Amplified Bible offline audio App DESCRIPTION

The Amplified Bible is a version of the Holy Scripture that aims to provide a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the text. This Bible utilizes a unique system of translation that incorporates synonyms and definitions to give a clearer picture of the intended meaning. The translation is based on modern syntax and the original Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew language, while also presenting alternative interpretations of words or passages.

It offers more than just a literal translation of the text. It provides amplifications in parentheses, brackets, and after keywords to give additional historical, theological, and other information that can enhance the reader’s comprehension of the text. Furthermore, it is a great resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the Bible.

Amplified Bible includes helpful features such as a daily reading plan, daily verses, statistics, and a night mode, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer to read the Amplified Bible on a mobile device. It also has the capability of reading the text with voice, allowing users to listen to the text while on the go.

Whether you’re a seasoned reader of the Holy Bible or just starting your journey, the resource provides a new perspective on the Amplified Bible. With its unique system of translation and additional amplifications, this app offers a fresh and meaningful way to study the Holy Scripture. Let’s dive into the bible meaning and enjoy a revolutionary translation experience.


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I love it. I also love the audio but audio suddenly stops. Sometimes it reads well, sometimes it reads about five three verses or so and suddenly stops. This keeps happening slot.


I love the App. Each time I read u highlight make notes. And I love the fact that I'm able to see how my reading has been recorded each time I tick ✔️ at the end of each chapter. However I failed to download audio reading on the app I'm not sure why?


The programming in all makes this ap very user-friendly. I have used a number of good apps, but this one is simply and smart designed for maximum reader use. I trust that the Lord be glorified even through this tool. May the designers not stop to listen and improve even within their excellence! I appreciate and am thankful of finding this tool of high value.


I found this app helped to bring further clarity to verses I would have read in the King James version. My only annoyance was the pop ads and the fact that it doesn't lend to listening to it. I like to listen and read along with Scripture. That allows me to remember and apply the Word to my life in a more meaningful way.


Amplified Bible is the only other translation I would recommend, next to KJV. It's filled with modern day synonyms, that are still accurate to the original languages. Nice to have it at my fingertips, thanks to the ones who posted it!


Reading the Devotional has been helpful and made reading the word interesting and enjoyable. If I didnt have a chance to read the verse for the day, I don't feel good. My day will be bad and heavy. The minute I read my mood becomes positive no matter what I go through that day. Thank you for such an amazing book which is above all other books.


It's really a very good bible, very ease to read and it's so wonderful to have it, and above all, the word of God always brings salvation and we should always pray before read it so that the Holy Ghost may open our mind to receive this precious word, the word that gives us victory over the enemy (the Devil).


I got this because it's Audio. Wanted to play continuously through the night. Shuts off after a few verses a d sometimes its in the middle of a verse. Won't even get through a full chapter. This app is useless to me. I have an Amplified Bible I can read myself. I got this for audio but it doesn't work.


I love the Amplified Bible and am happy to have it on my phone, instead of carrying a hard copy around with me. The only thing I find weird is I keep getting a "dear user, it seems you didn't use...." and I can't figure out what it is I didn't use...I have several versions of the Bible on my phone. The only thing I don't like are the ads.


App os good and user friendly. However l believe ot prudent that whenever l minimize or close the app should keep the last scripture that being read. eg . If l was reading Genesis 4 vs 7 when I minimized or closed the app the next tomel open the app i should find Genesis 4 vs 7 NOT Genesis 4 vs 1. Also the app should keep the previous searches. Give also the option to select the prefered font TYPE. Can we also have option to change or access other versions for reference purposes


It is a very good app,I'm enjoying it. My challenge is that it plays only one chapter and when it gets to the next one it stops, i then have to constantly open the phone to press play from where it stopped.


Hallellujah bless the Lord. Am grateful to the developers and thankful to God that I found this app. It's a good one . The only problem is the lady in the audio ( voice over) . She is not good at all. For instance, she reads 1 cor( 1 corinthians) as icori which is absurdly funny. The editor ought to have realised it The Cross Reference is satisfactory (to me) because most bible apps do not have or show them . Thank you . God bless you. Amen. Jeremiah.


User friendly. Returns to the chapter where I left when I reopen. Can adjust the speed. Can pick the voice (male or female) that you prefer listening to. Will plan to use this app to read along and make my way through the AMPB in the coming year. Have done this with KJV, NKJV, NASB. Helps me to concentrate and to keep my mind from wandering.


This app is very good. It has Wonderful features and I love those other Bible references it adds to certain verses that help to explain the verses better. However, I will love this Bible references to be converted to links that you can easily click on to take you there instead of having to go and search it manually yourself. And when this Bible references are converted to links, there should be a "back" button that takes you back to where you were reading before you clicked the link.


Easy to use and great font size etc. The voicing option is great, although the computerized monotone voices are a bit irritating. The highlight option is easy to use and the app overall is very aesthetically pleasing.


I have this same app purchased previously but it is no longer on Google Play. So I downloaded this one. I am unable to purchase it and my Bible study concentration is disturbed by ads I cannot remove. I sent feedback two weeks ago and offered to purchase ad free version but have not received response. Will wait a little longer, then delete if I can't remove ads.


I love this app! It helps me meditate well, since all i need to do is simply to listen to the audio while pondering on each verse while working or relaxing. However as a developer, i will love to give a technical property, that you add speed to the audio,such that one can either decide to make it play faster or slower depending on how a person chose to meditate. Also i noticed when the screen offs the audio stops too, and i don't like it. Make it continue playing until it is delibrately stopped.


It's the word of God, that alone makes it perfect, then we can speak of the amazing audio capability, the design and the arrangement. One thing though, maybe get real people to record themselves reading the bible chapters with adequate emotion where necessary. God bless you😁


I Like it. It's really easy to use and convenient. Though it would provide an even better experience for millions of users like myself if it had a prettier launcher icon and if the highlighting was straight and with bright colors or pretty pastels.
Thanks for your positive feedback!


This is a WONDERFUL app I enjoy it because it helps me to understand the KJV and when I need to hear what the Lord simply says to us. It is great for beginners and those who struggle to read the KJV. The features are user friendly especially the notes feature. Most of all at times when my eye are strained from a busy day and I'm tired I enjoy the audio feature it brings it all home and together at the end of the day. I'd recommend it highly. Good job !
Thanks for your positive feedback!