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Antivirus Cleaner is a super phone safe security and virus cleaner. Virus removal and junk cleaner are important for your phone. Antivirus Cleaner is really a good app to protect, clean, boost, and optimize your phone. Antivirus Cleaner is powerful, and has many features. It’s a virus cleaner, phone cleaner, memory booster, battery saver, and cache cleaner; Antivirus Cleaner also has app manager, big file cleaner, photo cleaner, and notification cleaner. Also you can find out the apps with sensitive permissions with Antivirus Cleaner, and then you can take actions to protect your privacy. With the comprehensive protection of Antivirus Cleaner, you can have a more safe phone; with all the Cleaner features, you can release more space for your phone; with all the other optimization features, you will have a better light phone.

Highlight Features:
☂Antivirus Cleaner & Phone Security & Virus Removal
Antivirus Cleaner is powerful to protect your phone for 24 hours in a day, it is so importance for your phone security. Virus cleaner makes it’s easy for you to do phone virus removal and detect. Also Antivirus Cleaner can help you to find out the apps with sensitive permissions, which can help you to protect your privacy. You can take an app scan or take a full scan at any time.

🗑️Phone Cleaner & Junk Cleaner
The Phone Cleaner feature is really a Super Cleaner and Deep Cleaner to clean junk files of your phone. This junk cleaner can release much space for your full storage phone. You will find you phone lighter than ever.

🚀Phone Booster & RAM Cleaner
We can use phone booster to release more memory of your phone. This RAM Cleaner finds the apps running in background and clean the memory occupied by them. With this memory cleaner, you can boost and speed up your phone fast.

☎Notification Cleaner
If you are disturbed by many unused junk notification messages, you can use the Notification Cleaner to mute the useless notification messages and keep the useful notification messages shown more clear.

🔋Battery Saver
Battery Saver will save battery power and extend its life by killing running apps. And battery saver reminds you to save battery when battery is low.

❤App Manager
App Manager lists apps with their space size in descending order, and also app manager shows how many days you never use an app now. So you can easily decide to uninstall which apps to release more space.

✌Photo Cleaner
Antivirus Cleaner is a good photo manager and photo cleaner. We clean useless photos or screenshots to release more space for your phone.

☀Large Files Cleaner
Antivirus Cleaner has a large file cleaner feature which can help to find out the large files, and then you can choose to clean the unwanted ones.

☝APK Files Cleaner
Your phone may contain many unwanted APK files, which always occupy big space. APK Files Cleaner of Antivirus Cleaner finds out them and clean them fast.

Install Antivirus Cleaner now! Take a full scan and full clean for your phone now!




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It's fast and easy to use...does exactly what they say it does.....


outstanding job cleaning my phone. yes it does that' freeing up space for me.being there when l need it.


Boy y'all have certainly come to the rescue for me😟🙏🏻‼️. This was the best, easiest use app ive ever downloaded 😮❣️. This has given me a modicum of security and safety that's been missin from my phone and consciousness, and would definitely do it again a hundred times over 😄🙏🏻❣️.


Great app! Does everything to keep your machine running at optimal speeds without all the clutter bogging your system down. It's straightforward and easy to use! 5- star application!!


Permissions tool said it have enable many sensitive permissions but I check the real android permissions it said it didnt allowed any of those permissions this app said.


Unable to completely clean as it states already clean. Keep trying to clean or scan every five minutes. Can't use my tablet to play games or text my contacts. It breaks in on everything even my email can't read it either even if I just scanned the program or cleaned or boosted it. I am not very happy.


Awesome it works great just wish it could Scan your wi-fi for better protection but other than that the ads aren't so bad ether.


This app worked out FAR better than any other apps I have ever used before and this is a keeper!! And not only that it's free and I hope that it will be for a long time! Thank you for this best creation! 👍🏼🤟🏼


4Stars because there's always room for Growth right .. ..It deserves 5 tho lol . Finally an app that really works, júst half way keeping their word will interest me Every dang Time lol 😉 😅 Good job 👍🏼


I have had a great experience with this cleaner so far. It has done what it says it will through all the different options it has. Has a few more adds than I would prefer but other than that It hasn't given me any reason to rate it anything so far but with 5*****.


I Seriously can't say anything bad about this app. Positive note it's working great 👍, works very fast and efficient.


It's doing a great job I believe it ,s what my phone 📱 was needing, l,am glad I chose this app. I recommend it personally Thank you very much and happy holidays.


Works great except it keeps trying to delete pictures I just took and doesn't clean the caches well


Installed fast went threw the motions, took less than 5 minutes. I would have liked to ask questions of the other 5 star reviews if they feel safe about the sharing data with 3rd party. So far so good.


Seems to work very well..jusst a few haas mre quicker..lets see if it stays pretty much ad free!😍


Does a very good job has many optimization and clean up to choose from very versatile app application thank you


the best antivirus app I found so far it works really well and it doesn't take a long time to do the searches it's really quick to download and it alerts you whenever there's a possible virus highly recommend this one


I installed this one day ago.. So far it's working well but the TikTok ad is annoying and interfering. My only complaint.


The minute it had installed and began the Antivirus Cleaner results were incredibly faster than the two current ones I've used for a couple of years. So far based on my very first as in FIRST IMPRESSIONS ... FIVE STARS!!!


Took a bit of time to check for viruses but, I have many files. Works great! Five 🌟