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Developmental Psychology Cou App DESCRIPTION

For a good learning of Developmental Psychology Courses, it is important to have easy access to the best Developmental Psychology Courses at any time.

This free application is a dynamic library powered by the best English educational websites specialized in Developmental Psychology Courses.

Courses on the following topics are obviously present in our application.
-Introduction to Developmental Psychology
– Developmental Psychology Research
– Conception, Pregnancy, Birth
– Physical, Cognitive Development: Age 0–2
– Psychosocial Development: Age 0–2
– Physical, Cognitive Development: Age 2–6
– Psychosocial Development: Age 2–6
– Physical, Cognitive Development: Age 7–11
– Psychosocial Development: Age 7–11
– Physical, Cognitive Development: Age 12+
– Psychosocial Development: Age 12–19
– Physical, Cognitive Development: 17–45
– Psychosocial Development: Age 17–45
– Physical, Cognitive Development: 45–65
– Psychosocial Development: Age 45–65
– Physical, Cognitive Development: 65+
– Psychosocial Development: Age 65+
– Death and Dying
– PDF file
– Videos
-What Is Developmental Psychology
– Lifespan Developmental Psychology
– Developmental Psychology
– Introduction to Human Development/Developmental Psychology
– TedTalks Developmental Psychology
– Educational/Developmental Psychology
– Developmental Psychology by chapter 1
– Developmental Psychology by chapter : part 2

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Very good reading material


Best app with minimum MBs.


I love this app


The app is good but i wish the devrloper make an offline version


Be nice if quizzes were not in french