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App for letting friends know about struggles.

The app contains set of predefined messages that can be easily shared. You can also add your own predefined messages or use direct sharing. Your friends or family members can reply to each sharing with direct reply or using a reaction buttons.

SIMILAR to Koala App

Welcome to Voda, the mental wellness app for the LGBTQIA+ community.
Build a better, thriving, and more fulfilled life by cultivating more self-awareness into your life with Voda. By and for the queer community, Voda works with leading LGBTQIA+ psychotherapists to design gender, sexuality and relationship-affirming therapy and cognitive journalling programmes. The Voda approach is rooted in the LGBTQIA+ lived experience: our unique programmes help you cope with the challenges of living in a heteronormative and cisnormative society.Our self-guided therapy programmes are derived from evidence-backed therapy approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and mindfulness. Gain greater clarity of how your past affects your present, break negative thought patterns, and build mental resilience. Through Voda, you can access:- Daily Affirmations- Queer-Led Meditations- Cognitive Journalling Exercises- Guided Digital Therapy Programmes- Designed By Leading LGBTQIA+ Psychotherapists- Access Trans Support, LGBTQ+ Support and Self-Guided TherapyGet mental health support on issues including coming out, gender dysphoria, internalised homophobia and much more. Voda is making digital therapy inclusive and accessible, helping you embrace your authentic self.HOW DOES VODA WORK?Voda provides you with expert-designed digital therapy programmes for specific..
| Voda
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✅ Reclaim control over your Symptoms & MoodBearable empowers people to reclaim control over their well-being by making mood and symptom tracking simple, convenient, and accessible. Making entries in our health diary is quick and effortless, so you can focus more energy on feeling betterThe app has been shaped by our community of thousands of people with varying chronic health issues.✅ Gain insights with just a few clicks a dayDiscover trends and correlations in your habits, symptoms, mood, and more.With just a few clicks each day our intelligent health diary can help you to gain insights into which daily activities and health factors are positively and negatively affecting your mental and physical health. ✅ All your health tracking in one placeTired of juggling multiple apps to keep track of your mood, symptoms, sleep, exercise, diet, and medication? We think all of this should be kept in one convenient place so that you and your doctors can get the full picture of your health.Bearable helps you to:✔️ Record your mood and symptoms in seconds quickly journal changes in emotions, mental health,..
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Whether you’re looking to calm your mind during your day, or sleep better during your night, with Meditation you get a brand new guided, sleep, or walking meditation every time. As with all of Down Dog’s apps, Meditation is fully customizable and gives you the power to build a meditation practice you love!BEGINNER FRIENDLYStart in the comfort of your own home with guided and sleep meditations under 5 minutes. Or lace up your shoes and go for a mindful walk with our walking meditations.CUSTOMIZABLESet your meditation time. Whether you only have a few minutes between meetings or need 90 minutes to yourself every day, create the practice that works for you.Guided, Sleep, or Walking Meditations. Find some inner peace with our guided meditations, drift off to dreamland with our sleep meditations, or get the body moving and find calm with our walking meditations.Choose a specific topic for your guided, sleep, or walking meditation to focus on, such as Self Love or Release Stress. Or turn off the theme entirely.Select how much (or how little) our instructors guide you through your..
Monitor, control and exercise your mental status for enhanced wellbeing.
Make a breakthrough in your wellness journey.In today's fast-paced world, stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions have become common challenges for many. To ease the tension and bring back balance, Sensa offers complete support while you work on your mental health goals. Experience the complete support of Sensa as you embark on your mental health journey. Explore a range of plans based on your needs, discover techniques and tools based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), understand yourself better, and use science-backed methods to get better on your own terms.Meet your pocket-sized mental health assistant:Self-paced lessonsWhat is troubling you the most? Pick a long-term plan with daily lessons that will help you learn about your emotions, thinking patterns, and how they affect your behavior. Learn about yourself and untangle negative thinking patterns through exercises recommended by our mental health professionals.Mood journalShed light on the complexity of your emotions by tracking your mood, exploring your emotional well-being, and journaling about your experiences. Daily mood tracking will help you notice emotional triggers and behavioral patterns, and you’ll begin to feel more in..
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Whoever you are, whatever you do — we’re all united by one thing. We all have mental health.Unmind helps you understand, measure and improve your mental health with self-guided learning, bitesize boosts and human-to-human support.Designed by psychologists and experts, this is wellbeing that works.Manage stress and anxietyLearn techniques to feel calm and in control, or try in-the-moment exercises to help you cope when panic strikes.Sleep betterListen to sounds and stories to help you drift off, or take a self-guided course on the science of sleep.Try talking therapyBook a session with an expert mental health practitioner. You could talk about your relationships, your career, or just take some time for yourself.Get personal recommendationsUse the Wellbeing Tracker to measure your wellbeing and get personalized recommendations based on your scores in different areas, such as sleep, health and stress.P.S.We don’t gamble with your mental health. This means we take science, and data, very seriously. Our approach is based on clinical expertise, and we stick to the most watertight security standards. Your personal info is yours alone – 100% confidential and safe.
All-in-One Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit, AI diary, mood tracker, Breathing
Meet VOS, your mental health companion that helps you reduce stress & anxiety with a wide array of self-care features, such as a mood tracker, AI journal, or meditation and breathing exercises. Join our 3+M users worldwide and unlock your mental wellbeing. 🌱🌱 VOS will guide you on your self-therapy journey, so that you understand your emotions, sleep better and find your inner peace. Acting as a pocket psychologist, VOS offers a user-friendly, safe space with many science-backed CBT tools that get more personalized as you go to match your needs. How does it work?󠀿󠀿💚 When you first log in, VOS asks you what aspects of your life you’d like to make better. Lower your stress/anxiety levels and sleep better? Get more fit? Have deeper and more meaningful relationships? You'll answer general questions about your mental health and rate different aspects of your everyday life. Based on your input, VOS makes you a personal well-being plan.🌱 Now your self-care process can begin! Every day, VOS will invite you to a personalized set of activities. You'll get a mixture of self-help..
for mental health
App for letting friends know about struggles.The app contains set of predefined messages that can be easily shared. You can also add your own predefined messages or use direct sharing. Your friends or family members can reply to each sharing with direct reply or using a reaction buttons.


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My friend group started using this about a month ago and find it really useful to open communication about how we're feeling, the only thing that I feel is really missing currently is the ability to customise profiles Edit: this app could do with a forgotten password feature, I just logged out and don't have a way to log back in, emailed support and the issue was resolved, thanks very much!


Smash jongee


Everything fine but I need a vidget


I really like this app, it can help us feel less alone in our hard moments but that would be really nice if we could have more than 3 friends on it! Keep at it! The app is such a good idea!


very sweet and cute idea. Massive improvement idea: The ability to send short and personal messages. The simple "(User) is sending support" is VERY impersonal and not necessarily impactful enough.


It's a great app! It's much easier to let friends know how you're feeling, however, one thing that I think should be added is positive emotions! Then you can talk about positive things too even if they are small. Maybe an option to add your own emotions may be helpful too, just a recommendation 😊. But its really good for a relatively new app so keep improving :)