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App no longer working correctly after android update to 13. I can still turn on and off the lights but can no longer change colours through the app as all I get it a swirl animation when selecting my lights
Hi. I suggest you switch networks or use the beta version of the app.


The wifi plug doesn't load the theme
Hi. I recommend switching networks to try and fix the panel loading issue.


Can't install! Don't receive verification code. Uninstalling and returning smart devices.
Hi. Sorry for the bad experience for you. We will troubleshoot related issues.


Please fix the app, the device doesn't connect onto anything so you can't use the full features. ~Edit~ *the wifi that it comes with doesn't work * it has a problem connecting even after following the directions, resetting the app and phone. -The app works but when it comes down to that second and third part it fails to connect -could be a problem with accessibility too.
Hi. Please describe your problem in detail.


They host the control GUI (where you set temperature and color) on the cloud, and it always fails to load (what a terrible product decision). It means I can only control the lights through Google Assistant. And what more! They mapped the color names in such a way that all orange-brownish colors are actually super pale green. UPDATE: support didn't give any explanation, only suggested to change network. this doesn't help - network's good, the app sucks.
I suggest you switch your network to fix this.


Coud You please add level of brightnes (And other two other parameters for apropriate lamps, cw/ww ratio and rgb value), inside Timing events. That way, i could fine tune when and how much light i would set ! Now, if i lower lightning, and turn lamp off, which i usually do before sleep, next time when i turn lamp it will be very dim. So, maybe also add light intensity even when lamp is off ?
Hello. At present, we cannot set the brightness of the light when the light is off. I suggest you use the scene to turn on the lights.


English version works. Just set scene and all lights in a room can sync to the singular setting. I have to do it like 3-4 times to get everything to work. Now it syncs to Google home. I just loved it. It is excellent, but you could do better with a video to show new users how to setup and pair to the different services.
Hello. We are checking the scenario related functions.


Thanks for the app. It connects fine with 3 sockets fine. But its timer fuction have only 2 functions Once and repeat everyday. There is no option for setting up different time for weekdays individually
Thanks for your support. Our timer supports up to 5. Currently the timer does not support setting the day of the week for execution.


This is the hardest setup for a simple bulb device. Still trying to setup unsuccessfully. Problem is in choosing the cozylife wifi, and won't setup after that. Idiot app! Makes life so difficult! I give up the setup after 1 hour. The problem is in the wifi cozylife cos it keeps breaking off, saying there's no internet connection.
Te sugiero que consultes los siguientes enlaces:


Very good.. Even though it took a long time to connect ..finally ok..Not bad..for children's toy options.. Can 1 lamp be operated by 2 cellphones that have installed cozylife?
Thanks for your support.


Able to log into the app and see the light strip in the control panel, able to power it on and off. However, not able to manipulate colors in the app. When I press the light strip to open the color manipulation section... It comes up with a white screen and three blue loading dots. Tried multiple Wi-Fi networks.
Hello. If you can't enter the control panel, I suggest you try to switch your network


App crashes won't even open. I've installed the app twice and both times crash. Installed append open several times and crash everything. Uninstalled to reinstall and crashes everything. Can't get my receptacle to work because of your app crashing
Hello. We are analyzing and dealing with your problem. In addition, can you try to use a higher version of Android to run application C


How can an app be so bad? :/ it's been MONTHS since I bought some lightbulbs I can't use because the app doesn't open, EVER. It actually opened once, but I didn't have time to change and sync my lights then, so I postponed it and the other day the app didn't open again. I have some other smart lights and I thought I was buying the same brand, it's sad that the information about the brand isn't so clear, now I have useless bulbs :)
Sorry for the bad experience, our engineers are verifying the issue. We will do our best to solve the problem.


Terrible app. 24 hours after registering it logged out, and it doesn't recognize my user info and even "can't remember password doesn't work. When it did mannage to log in it forgot all of my registered devices. Later it logged out again. Low quality. Don't use
Hola. Tuvimos algunos problemas con nuestra red, que ya se han solucionado. Inténtalo de nuevo.


Could not create a normal scene or automation using this app. It is simple and it is basic app, nothing in this app is usful only to turn on or turn off the devices like using a remote control to turn the TV ON or turn it OFF. This is not smart.
Hi. Our network had some fluctuations and is now back to normal. Please be patient and try again.


App won't even open after new update, devices won't sync, app does not communicate with Alexa, bought 8 light bulbs for nothing, try different options. The app feedback option doesn't work Have not received nearly a bit of assistance from support, they only say to go through the app feedback option.
Hello, the Alexa problem has been optimized, it is recommended that you try to use Alexa to control the device again.


I cannot use the floor lamp because it gets stuck at the last "data" process and never gets added to the app. So I'm unable to control floor lamp.
Hello, in order to help you solve this problem, you can provide your question and how-to video to


The app feedback button doesn't seem to actually send feedback? I have a new cozylife wifi socket. The wifi socket seems to have arrived non functional. It has no light indication on and if I plug into it there is no power. It doesn't matter how many times I push the button, or how long. It doesn't have power to the wifi plug when plugged into the outlet with power. I have recorded a 2minutes video I would like to send showing how it doesn't have any power or connect in the app.
Hello, after you feedback your question and leave your email, there will be an email to contact you.


App wants access to my phone data to "serve me better" so they reckon, If you refuse the app just closes. Guess the led lights were a waste of money after all because you can't control them without the app !


No way to specify day of week. Bad English translation "Determine" instead of Save/OK/Confirm. Amaterish user interface. Requires unreasonable permissions.
Hello, if you encounter any problem or need feedback, please submit it in Help and Feedback, and we will have a technical team to help you solve this problem.