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The Endo app brings you holistic support for endometriosis directly to your smartphone. This includes important disciplines such as medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, pain management, yoga, psychology, relaxation techniques and many more!
Every woman is different! With the Endo app you can find out what works best for you and relieves your symptoms. The Endo app includes a symptom diary specially tailored to endometriosis. You have the opportunity to directly relate influencing factors such as nutrition, sport, work, etc. to your symptoms and gain new insights.
Would you like a holistic approach to treating your endometriosis? The Endo app brings a whole team of experts right to you. You will learn directly from the experts in understandable and scientifically based modules.
Do you want to do exercises that can relieve endometriosis symptoms? No problem! The experts have developed practical, interactive exercises for you. You can do it right on your smartphone.
Independent of pharmaceutical companies – developed directly for the benefit of those affected by endometriosis. The Endo app is a certified medical product (CE) and will soon be an approved digital health application in Germany (see


To be able to use the Endo app, you need an activation code from your health insurance company.

There are two ways to get the code from your health insurance company:

Option 1 – diagnosis available: You submit proof of your diagnosis “endometriosis” to your health insurance company.

Option 2 – Prescription from a doctor: If you do not have a diagnosis or the health insurance company does not accept it, you can get a prescription from your doctor. Your doctor should note “Endo-App PZN: 18355726” on the prescription. You can then submit this prescription to your health insurance company.

With both options, you will receive a code from your health insurance company, which you then enter into the Endo app. The code activates the Endo app for a quarter. Towards the end of the quarter, the app will inform you that you will soon need a new prescription in order to continue using the Endo app. To do this, send a new prescription to your health insurance provider or request a new activation code.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry – the Endo app has an activation wizard that will help you request the code from your health insurance company!


The Endo app is a class I medical device in the European Union.

ATTENTION: Endo-App cannot give you a medical diagnosis and does not replace the standard therapy for endometriosis. In an emergency, contact emergency care immediately. Endo-App does not replace the advice of a doctor or an appointment with a doctor.

target group
The Endo app is aimed at women aged 18 and over with diagnosed endometriosis. The app can be used according to a doctor’s prescription and without a doctor’s prescription.

There are no general contraindications. If you experience physical discomfort during physical exercises, you should first seek medical advice.
If the following circumstances exist, ask your doctor which components of the Endo-App are suitable for you before performing any physical or nutritional exercises:
– Acute inflammation or fever
– Advanced heart disease
– Malignant diseases
– Injuries to the spine, spinal cord, knee or hip joint
– Pregnancy or lactation




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