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Here you can review your payment vouchers, download your invoices, report problems on the network, view your internet consumption, Open support ticket, among other functions.

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Charity is the act of extending love and kindness to others unconditionally
Charity is the act of extending love and kindness to others unconditionally, which is a conscious act but the decision is made by the heart and Soul without expecting a reward. When Charity is carried out selflessly, it is a one-way act where a person gives but asks for nothing in return. It is due to this act of nature that makes it precious and soulful. There are people who believe charity should begin at home but others believe it should originate from the heart. However, charity originates from the heart as you feel the urge of giving, begins from home, ultimately extending to others in the society. Charity begins with the inward recognition of a need to show compassion to others whether consciously or unconsciously. Everyone has problems, troubles, and grief’s of some sort in life but charity starts with those who learn to downplay their own problems, in order to extend compassion, kindness, and love to help others. Hence some people set aside their own pains to relieve the pain of others.
Control your DUEVI alarm system from your mobile device
DUEVI Connect makes the complete management of your Duevi alarm system available on your Android device. You can control your system in real time from the comfort of your mobile device, at any time and wherever you are, locally or remotely via the internet.DUEVI Connect supports any display size, has a simple interface and intuitive operation: with a few taps you can arm, disarm or partialize the alarm system, check the status of the zones, consult the event memory, view the images of video verification, activate outputs and much more.The app allows you to manage multiple systems installed, without any limits: a single app to control all your systems (home, office, company and so on).DUEVI Connect uses the P2P Duevi system, which keeps you connected to your alarm system regardless of the panel internet connection (ADSL, fiber, 3G, LTE).DUEVI Connect also represents a work tool for the installer, allowing complete programming and control of the panel, locally or remotely via the internet.
Nanyang Industrial Management App
* Convert any drawing to PDF/JPG file offline, Fully compatible with AutoCAD!
DWG FastView is a cross-platform CAD software that meets designers’ demands in all kinds of situation, and fully compatible with DWG, DXF. Various of CAD features such as: Edit, View, Measure, Dimension, Find text, etc. enables you to do real CAD work on the go and enjoy the best mobile CAD experience.View, Edit, Create & Share all your CAD drawings, synchronize to cloud from multiple devices by one click, enjoy design anytime anywhere together with more than 70 million users around the world. DWG FastView Highlights(1) Accurate and fast access your drawings.•Creating, viewing and editing with easy-to-use advanced tools.• Supports of AutoCAD all DXF&DWG versions with no file-size limit• View AutoCAD DWG&DXF file easily.Fully compatibility with AutoCAD.(2) No registration & Offline drawings.• Simply download DWG FastView and use it immediately with NO REGISTRATION needed.• Without internet, you are able to save your masterpieces in the local workspace.• Drawings from E-mail, Cloud Service or Network Disk like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or WebDAV can be opened, viewed, edited and shared as well with Internet.(3) Support export to PDF, BMP, JPG..
Chat with an advanced AI to get answers, advice, or just chat about anything!
Introducing Nexusthe ultimate AI-powered chat companion designed to assist you with all your questions, ideas, and conversations. Harness the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to get instant and accurate responses, tailored just for you!Key Features:1. Easy-to-use Interface: Nexus boasts a simple and intuitive chat-based interface, making it user-friendly for people of all ages and backgrounds. Just type your question and get an instant response from the AI.2. Ask Anything: No question is too big or too small for Nexus. Whether you need assistance with a work project, want to explore new topics, or simply chat about your favorite TV show, Nexus has you covered.3. Learn on the Go: With Nexus in your pocket, you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Access quick explanations of complex subjects or get detailed answers to your questions in real-time.4. Personalized Experience: Nexus learns from your interactions and provides personalized responses to your inquiries. The more you chat, the better it understands you and your preferences.5. Multi-language Support: Nexus is not limited to English. It's equipped with multi-language capabilities, making it a handy..
App Disk allows you to keep your files with you anywhere and anytime!
Free app Disk allows you to keep your files with you anywhere and anytime. These files (e.g. photos, videos, music etc.) are securely stored in the cloud storage.Thanks to this mobile app you can browse and download your files or you are able to access public files. You can share files with your friends. Each photo and video has a thumbnail for better orientation.Key features:- Your files are with you all the time.- Backup files from your mobile device to the cloud.- Easy sharing of your files with your friends.
Securely backup, manage and transfer contacts with Contacts Backup. Download now
Contacts Backup is the ultimate Contacts app for managing your contacts! With our Contacts recovery app, you can easily transfer, backup and restore your contacts with just a few steps. Save and edit contacts directly within the app, export them in a file or share them on social and messaging apps. Need to email a contact? No problem!With our Contacts transfer feature, you can easily move your contacts to a new device. And the best part? You can backup all your contacts on our secure server and access them anywhere using the internet and the app.Download Contacts Backup today and never lose your contacts again!Are you tired of manually saving and editing your contacts one-by-one? Our Contacts app makes it easy to add new contacts, edit existing ones, and even merge duplicate contacts all within one app. You can also export your contacts in a file, share them on social and messaging apps, and email contacts directly from the app.Contacts Backup is the ultimate app for managing your contacts on your Android device. With our comprehensive set of features, you..
BRdata Cloud in the Palm of your Hand!
The BRdata Cloud app is the perfect companion to the BRdata Cloud system!Currently available functionality:Login – Use your cloud login information for secure access to your data from the convenience of your mobile phone. Enter a four digit PIN to rapidly log back in on future uses.Item Lookup – View item information on the go! Simply look up an item by typing or scanning in a UPC. You can then quickly toggle between basic price and cost information, and item movement information by date rangeDashboard – View sales information by department via an interactive pie chart, which allows you to set date ranges and drill down to sub departments. Compare two date ranges as well in our comparison view!Top Movers ReportingQuick access report on top selling items over a date range.Customer CountA simple hourly breakdown of the number of shoppers during your open hours.Inventory (WIP)A new system for posting of inventory data from your handheld, which can be exported right to our Cloud website for review and export to CSV.Item Image UploadFor our BRdata E-Commerce customers, utilize your mobile device..
Create digital signatures images in JPG and PNG formats
Create and Start your digital signature paperless. Get your work done faster and easier with digital signatures.In the digital era or in the 4.0 era, how to make a digital signature is important to know. This is especially when carrying out the process of filling out documents digitally. This is because the pandemic has changed lifestyles and work, which requires work to be done remotely.How to make a digital signature using this generator is quite easy, because users only need to follow the instructions in the application. Depending on the type of generator, users can make your signature directly in the column provided using the mouse or trackpad. In some other applications, the user can simply type in the name of the application, which will convert it to a signature. The signature can be saved for use for other purposes.Digital signature app features:1. Choice of pen thickness.2. Choice of pen colors.3. Manage signatures in 1 app.4. Create signature in JPG (white background) or PNG (transparent background) format.
Access millions of images from your mobile device, whenever, wherever.
The 123RF mobile app was built to make your life as a content creator easier!Enjoy the convenience of: - Browsing through millions of stock photos, editorial images and vector illustrations in hi-res from this app.- Downloading files straight into your mobile device, or sync with your favorite cloud storage platforms (Dropbox, Box & Google Drive) for easy retrieval!- Collaborating with others via shared Likeboxes on popular social media and messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more!In short, whenever inspiration strikes, great images are always at your fingertips to create the next viral post! Download the 123RF mobile app now!10 Things You’ll Love About The 123RF Mobile App:1. Sync your downloaded files with mobile devices, or with Dropbox, Google or Box drive!2. A site on an app, so expect speedy native browsing and downloading from your mobile device!3. Create unlimited folders a.k.a Likeboxes to save your favorite images, and share them out too! 4. Share images via links to FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and other email apps!5. Visualize better with high quality image previews, and download image sizes from SXXL..
Billing and control software ISP Mikrotik
Como proveedor del servicio de Internet, necesitas también disponer de un sistema de comunicación y control entre tus clientes y tu compañía. Poder administrar temas como facturación, suspensión y reactivación del servicio, calidad en la señal y recepción, servicio técnico y atención al cliente, en un solo sistema, facilitará la ejecución y el rendimiento de tu empresa.Mikrowisp es un sistema administrador de red, creado para unificar los movimientos y procesos de tu compañía y de esta manera, optimizar el servicio que se presta al cliente.
Portal for our Fastnetfg customers
Here you can review your payment vouchers, download your invoices, report problems on the network, view your internet consumption, Open support ticket, among other functions.
Portal for our iByte customers
Aquí puedes revisar tus comprobantes de pago, descargar tus facturas, reportar problemas en la red, ver tu consumo de internet ,Abrir ticket de soporte, entre otras funciones más.
MIKROWISP 3 customer portal
Here you can review your payment receipts, download your invoices, report network problems, view your internet consumption, open a support ticket, among other functions.

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