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I’m Zombie Boy Game DESCRIPTION

I’m Zombie Boy!
Take back a city under control by zombies and other evil creatures.
An awesome action zombie game!
Collect weapon and ammo.
You can use your items: boms & dynamite.

Zombies go from dead island.
Infected island – voodo.
Now, i’m alone in the dark.
All zombies, nightmare creatures must die. Kill all.
Dead zombie? No! Still alive!
Shot, explosion, nothing works?
There are no blood.
There is no God!

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Take back a city under control by zombies and other evil creatures
I'm Zombie Boy!Take back a city under control by zombies and other evil creatures.An awesome action zombie game!Collect weapon and ammo.You can use your items: boms & dynamite.Zombies go from dead island.Infected islandvoodo.Now, i'm alone in the dark.All zombies, nightmare creatures must die. Kill all.Dead zombie? No! Still alive!Shot, explosion, nothing works?There are no blood.There is no God!

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this is tha stupid game i ever seen


Great game