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Smarter Training. Superior Results. Train under one of 3 programs intelligently built by Jack Hanrahan. His proven system of training includes strength training, cardio and mobility to get you stronger, fitter and moving better.

The programs are easy to follow and fully guided by Jack. They are continuous and change every month to build on your progress.

Start rebuilding your fitness with a free 7-day trial.


All our programs include a healthy dose of strength training, cardio and mobility: the 3 pillars of a well rounded fitness plan.

-The strength training prioritizes free weights and is based on movement patterns to build muscle and strength in a balanced and functional way.

-Cardio training balanced low and high intensity methods to maximize aerobic fitness.

-Mobility routines keep your joints healthy and moving well.


All our programs are fully structured and guided by Jack.

Strength workouts feature high quality exercise demos and tutorials giving you full confidence in your form. They include rest timers, weight guidance and weight logging so you can track your progress.

Choose from more than one cardio method, whether you want to hit the road or stay inside and do one of Jack’s ever popular anti-HIIT bodyweight circuits. You’ll be guided on the length and intensity of your workouts to match your current fitness and improve your aerobic fitness steadily over time.

Follow along mobility routines are embedded in your weekly program and you’ll also find short ad hoc routines for those moments you need some extra movement: such as after prolonged sitting or when you first wake up.


The training doesn’t stop until you do. All our programs are continuous and the workouts will change every month to build on your progress. The perfect blend of consistency and variation to maximize results and keep your training enjoyable.


Choose a plan according to your:

-Ability: From beginner-advanced. We’ve got you covered

-Equipment: Full gym to home gym and everything in between

-Schedule: From 3-7 days per week


PRGRM.Rebuild – for intermediate – advanced gym goers who are serious about building muscle and strength and keen to be fit and healthy.

PRGRM.Thrive – for beginner – intermediate gym goers looking for a well rounded and sustainable fitness routine that will get them strong, fit and moving well.

PRGRM.Adapt – suitable for all fitness levels. This program is your solution to effective strength training at home with minimal equipment. Resistance band workouts complimented by cardio workouts and mobility routines.


Access Jack’s growing library of mobility routines which can be streamed to your laptop or TV in the comfort of your home. Designed to give you that much needed #SelfCare


PRGRM is free to download. Ongoing use requires a subscription to one of our premium plans, billed monthly (1mo), quarterly (3 mo) or annually (12 mo). Customers who choose the annual billing cycle are eligible for a 7 day trial period. Unless cancelled or auto-renew is turned off 24 hours before the next billing date or 7-day trial, you will be billed automatically after every payment period to renew your plan

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I found out about this app on Instagram, where I really like the tidbits of fitness info shared. I'm only a couple of days into the free trial and I'm already sold. I really like the layout, the workouts are great, the app is intuitive and functions well. Very pleased.


Jack's program is one of the best I've seen. the app does have some problems sometimes with remembering your progress, but the actual workouts are incredibly well made. the exercises all have step by step guidance to make sure you use proper form, the workouts are well balanced between strength, cardio and mobility, and the intensity meter makes every workout personalised to your fitness level, making sure you can stick to your routine, not get demotivated and see those results.


Great app, top notch customer support too very quick to reply and the programming includes good aspects of health and fitness like mobility sessions.


Amazing app and very different to others out there! (I have tried a few) I am a coach too and a mum. I do long hours of coaching, so, I don't have a lot of time to write a detailed progressive programming for myself and track it. This app made it very easy for me. I love Jack's approach to training anyway which is very similar to my own, so, it works perfect for me. Effective training method, mixed with cardio and mobility. Give it a try and you will see results for sure. Thanks Jack!


After following Jack on social media, I really like his approach to fitness, so made the commitment of paying for the app. I really enjoy the workouts, variety and routine, but the app has had recurring problems which have ruined the experience for me. This is an expensive paid for app, the basics of tracking your workouts and progress should be a given. Time and time again my data has not been recorded. Really disappointing. I can't justify renewing when I can't track my progress. A real shame.


Boring trial. Maybe it's just the trial but the cardio session were only 2 exercises over and over again in 35 min


Cant register account
Aliff Aiman Rushlan, so sorry to hear this - do drop us a note on and we'll help get you set-up


This app doesn't just offer workout plans. This is Jack's brilliant education approach -- it's really about teaching excellent form in all movements plus mobility training to build robust pain-free bodies. I've never had more bulletproof shoulders! Deceptively challenging for experienced users if done as intended. :-) Would be nice to access individual parts of sessions as others mention, and rest timer sometimes stops working when app isn't open. But it's still a 5 star training experience.


Been doing weights and gym for years and just tried the first free strength workout from Rebuild+. This is an amazing app. It kept me to a schedule through the whole workout and the video demos are so helpful for form! much cheaper and better than a personal trainer. definitely going to subscribe monthly!


5 stars for the program and I like the recent addition of expandable groups but when I finish a workout it no longer marks it as complete. Also, would be nice to be able to manually mark a workout as complete without going through the whole thing and also be able to jump to a specific exercise within the workout.


Fantastic expertise from Jack in the app, I love his approach. A recent update changed some of the layout and I accidentally started doing weeks further on that I should have, I jumped ahead and didn't realise. Using language likes phase, week and block isn't clear enough. Because the wording on each phase's description is so similar it's easy to lose track on that page. I think the program overview page needs a colour highlight to show which phase you are currently on.


content is EXCELLENT. the app is good but some things could help: wish the rest periods had an end notification when app is on screen, syncing with calendars, viewing last used weight on the workout screen instead of having to click into info to see it.


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Won't even let me create an account :(
C L, so sorry to hear this, it's not an issue we've encountered before - do drop us a note on and we'll help get you set-up


Jack's a genius. The app is well designed, and the content is motivating.


Great app! Easy to use, multiple well-rounded programs to choose from that fit your schedule and that can be done at home or the gym. There are detailed tutorials and Jack checks in to see how you're progressing. Highly recommend!


I first discovered Jack's content early on in the pandemic. His posts highlighting mobility routines and the importance of cardio helped me rebalance those areas in which I had previously been lacking. I've been training on my own for almost four years now, and PRGRM is the first structured program I've actually bought into now that it's available for Android. I attribute this decision to the proven results and trust that Jack's content has built for me in such a relatively short time!