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Watermark remover for TikTok App SCREENSHOT

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Watermark remover for TikTok App DESCRIPTION

Solvent removes tiktok’s watermarks from your videos you have downloaded before.
Using Solvent is free and really easy – just select a video from gallery and press “Remove watermark”. All process is fully automatic – no need to manually mark up tiktok watermarks.

If you use TikTok to store your videos, you notice, that it adds watermarks, and if you download your video back – it’s not the same as it was uploaded. Free watermark remover for TikTik videos – Solvent tries to restore your videos to their original state. Works totally offline and free. No need to log in.

✅ Fully automatic watermark removal tool;
✅ Delete tiktok’s watermarks in a background process;
✅ Perfectly works offline;
✅ Works with HD and low quality videos.

This app is intended to clean watermark only for videos owned by the user, so please DO NOT use app without owners permission. We respect the copyright of the owners.
Any unauthorized actions and/or violations of intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the user.

Watermark remover for TikTok videos – Solvent is not affiliated in any way with TikTok Pte. Ltd., ByteDance, or TikTok.

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Remove watermark from downloaded TikTok video offline
Solvent removes tiktok's watermarks from your videos you have downloaded before.Using Solvent is free and really easyjust select a video from gallery and press "Remove watermark". All process is fully automaticno need to manually mark up tiktok watermarks.If you use TikTok to store your videos, you notice, that it adds watermarks, and if you download your video backit's not the same as it was uploaded. Free watermark remover for TikTik videosSolvent tries to restore your videos to their original state. Works totally offline and free. No need to log in.✅ Fully automatic watermark removal tool;✅ Delete tiktok's watermarks in a background process;✅ Perfectly works offline;✅ Works with HD and low quality videos.This app is intended to clean watermark only for videos owned by the user, so please DO NOT use app without owners permission. We respect the copyright of the owners. Any unauthorized actions and/or violations of intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the user.Watermark remover for TikTok videosSolvent is not affiliated in any way with TikTok Pte. Ltd., ByteDance, or TikTok.

Watermark remover for TikTok App DOWNLOAD

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Please remove this app from play store. Waste of time and battery only Such a useless app!!!!!!!!!😡


Wish it could be 0 stars this is trash wast of space it will always crash on you for no agzact reason I have good wifi so it's not my fault hate this app I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS !!!!!!


App is not working it doesn't remove watermark 1st time I used it was good and them it stopped working


The app does not work at all!!!. I've tried about six different videos and none of them the app could run ( and they are my own videos that I want to remove the tik tok watermark) I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL!!!


Excellent app it's very easy to use takes time to process the video but it's worth the wait,I recommend this app✨


I hate this app nobodoy sholid ever install it i just waisted my data the owner if this app scamed those that installed tgis apo the thing made me angry becos each time i try removing the watermarker its shows that the app suddenly stop working i did not give this app any rate


Completely trash. In under 30 seconds of attempting use notifications sounded over 35 times. And then it said "app not responding". TRASH. 👎


This app worked great for removing a watermark that I had downloaded of of tiktok and it didn't take much time to remove it and it did it very well. Although it was my first time using it so and I might get worse?? But I did the job well and that's what matters!


Step 1: Download tiktok watermark remover app Step 2: install Step 3: run it and select the video you want to remove the tiktok watermark from Step 4: does not work. Its ONLY function does not work. Step 5: watch ads Step 6: thank you


Useless app! Whatever video you select for removal of watermark, it says error occured select any other file but does the same with the other as well. Damn


It is running in the background but the notification keeps popping up


Bad! Tried to remove the watermark of an old video and it gave me the same error 5 times. It's rubbish!


This app took a hell lot of time... And ended up doing nothing!!!!! Total waste of time


It does not remove any watermark. The worst app. Please remove it from playstore


useless. it tells me that an error occurred every time. what error!! 😡


The worst app did not remove the watermark from the original video, don't waste your time


PERFECTION, the watermark is gone without the video being ruined 😍😍😍 Good work team!


This app worked for 1 video. After that it just uploads the video and does nothing at all. It exports my videos with the watermark still there.


This app actually removes watermarks and I didn't get any ads when using, but it make my video quality bad and choppy I don't recommend if you still need good quality


I wish I could give it less stars. Looks legit until you realize it's absolute garbage. It says it's processing the video and then it crashes. Over and over and over again. Maybe make a useable app?