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Gorvins Solicitors App DESCRIPTION

The Gorvins Solicitors App is a new mobile application which uses the latest technology to link our Clients to their Lawyer quickly and easily. We seek to transform residential property transactions with the delivery of exemplary professional service which recognises that property sales, purchases and remortgages can be perceived as confusing and stressful with communication being an essential component of a successful transaction.
The Gorvins Solicitors App ensures the legal process is as transparent and expedient as possible providing quick and simple access to your case from your smartphone or tablet.

With Gorvins Solicitors, You are in safe hands, our residential property experts will cater for all aspects of your legal needs and ensure that you are kept up to date throughout the entire process.

Communicate with your lawyer, 24 hours a day by sending messages and photos whenever you like, you will receive push notifications when there are actions for you to complete as well as access to important information or documentation at the touch of a button. Your lawyer can also send messages to you which will be kept neatly within the App, recording everything permanently.

• Provides automated regular updates to your smartphone or tablet whilst on the go
• View and sign forms or documents, returning them securely from you
• A mobile virtual file of all messages, letters and documents
• Ability to track case against a visual tracking tool
• Send messages and photos direct to your Lawyers inbox (without needing to provide a reference or even a name)
• Convenience by allowing instant mobile access 24/7


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Doesn't get checked. You can download the app and try to make things easier, it doesn't mean they will respond to it.


what is the point of an online service , that requires you to have certain documents certified in person at a solicitor's


App seems to work well enough, for the most part, but you really need to add push notification functionality. The main point of the app is to facilitate communication between the customer and the firm. Doesn't help if we're not notified when new messages come in.


what a horrible app!! Also the stuff is useless,try to avoid it if you can!


Horrible, Irredeemable garbage.


A great idea but does not notify Gorvins when you send a question. Do not rely on the messaging feature, use email instead!!


This app is useless. No push notifications so you have no idea when solicitors have sent a message or updated the status of your case. Stupid.


I didn't have any major issues whilst using them and have even gone on to refer other people.


The app is painful to use. Have to enter the same information multiple times. Irrelevant questions asked. Have to go through every single queation even if not relevant.


Communication is poor and not great on mobile phone to uses.


The idea of this app is quite good however the execution is poor. If an item from the to do list is opened this then places it in the completed list and hides it unless looked for. This is fine when responding to one thing but if multiple messages are sent it's easy to miss one, which then slows the whole process down.


As others have pointed out, poor comms from the staff but that's not the app's fault. The app is bad because it doesn't notify you when there is a rare message (no push notifications). It makes it yet another place to check on top of accountant, bank and agent communications. Furthermore, like many, I'm buying a property with my partner so we have to share an account as the app doesn't have an option for a team/group/family. That's bad UX and security.


Very bad experience, unprofessional staff, leak of Communications, expensive for nothing , wasting of time, rude staff ecc.


One of the worst Solicitor firms I've come across. They say this app speeds up communication between the firm and customer but it's not true. The firm never used to respond to my mess8.


After the last update the app just doesn't work, won't open and instantly crashes


I was instructed to download the app, type my email address and wait for a link, safe to say I'm still waiting on the link. Have tried numerous times to no avail, so something needs done.


Not the smoothest app. Could do with a skip button for all the irrelevent optional questions


I've found Gorvins to be very good, so far. The app is easy to use and comprehensive.


tried at least 10 times to register . have not received a verification email. would not recommend this company. Have tried phoning and the line cuts off after 10 rings. Think it would be better to pay the extra and get the service.


Excellent idea- But solicters don't update the app regularly so u end up ringing them and waiting on hold for ages anyways