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Gallery - Albums Photos Editor and Videos Player
GalleryPhotos & Videos load fast and smooth photos ,videos & albums. Smooth image preview with large scale.GalleryPhotos & Videos also includes HD Video Player which supports all video formats and comes with modern features like brightness control, volume control & fast foreword videos etc.Set wallpaper using GalleryPhotos & Videos App.It's Smooth, Simple and Fast.Notes: We can not get user any personal data. Storage Permission need only for our app functionality.
A simple counter to count and store anything you like. 100% free and unlimited!
A simple to use MultiCounter Button with timer, plus/minus, reset and multi store functions to count anything you like. Save up to 4 Stats to 4 Boards and Load them at any time! Perfect to count fair visitors, workout steps, zigarettes to stop smoking, calories to loose fat, points, income, heartbeats, standby time, smiles, good moments, calls, shape ups, Ads, anything per seconds / minutes or whatever you need. As advanced example you can calculate rythm bpm (beats per minute) manually or use this app for the measurement of steps per algorithm, get stats per encounter step for pro players in MMORPGs and more! This app in useful in many situations, download now100% free and unlimited!- Timer with Pause and Reset function- plus or minus counter- 4 save and load slots- full resolution autoscale- sound & mute functionNEW FEATURES 1.10!- autosave / store function- 4 save & load slots- immersion haptic fx- improved controls & ui- less advertisementNEW FEATURES 1.20!- Direct Plus / Minus Count- New +/- direct Count function- New accoustic feedbacks- New Fair / Visitors count functions100% free..
This will do tournament record.
Randomization of up to 2-128 people,This will do tournament record. (single elimination)Save data there are four.(Roster page)I will continue side by side from the left of the bracket pagein numerical order of the roster page.However, when you press the random button, the player is scattered.If you press the Normal sort button, the order will be returned to its first value.When you press the clear button roster, the list is cleared.(Bracket page)drag from the name area or circle of pink.Win when you release your finger across the red area.Cancel When you release your finger across the blue area.Ordinal position in the tournament table at the time of the randomized,For example, in the case of a table of 8 guests.If you lined up five people from the left,person at the right end has great bye.In order to avoid these problems,Random number is set in the order of 15372648 from the left.It becomes the same also created a table of 16 people or more.
Stopwatch. Lap counting and time keeping capability. Multiple language support.
Kronos StopWatch is a basic stopwatch timer. You can use it for cooking, workout or intervaltimer.Kronos StopWatch. Very simple but useful stopwatch interval timer. You can set timer intervals, alarm sound and notification options. Also interface themes. Kronos StopWatch is very useful for sports, lap counting, cooking, egg timer, training, study, workout, countdown, training, alarms, quiz, exams and etc. Kronos StopWatch has a uniqe design IOS 7 style. Kronos StopWatch has lap counting and lap list property. Kronos StopWatch is your pretty, smart, simple but useful and powerful stopwatch interval timer.Thank you for installing my app and please check out my marketplace page for other applications.New Application IconComplete New Interface DesignIOS 7 Style LookNew Lap counting systemCounts 100 laps now !
Change DNS servers on your phone to lower ping and improve online gaming.
When you change the default DNS servers, you're changing the servers assigned by your ISP, that your device uses to convert hostnames to IP addresses.Changing DNS servers can be useful for certain Internet connection problems. It might help keep your web surfing more secure and private, and could even allow you to access websites blocked by your ISP. Also, it may speed up your internet connection; some users have seen improve in online gaming (lower ping) when changing DNS servers.Fortunately, there are many public DNS servers that you can use instead of the default ones. This app will allow you to choose from a list of free and reliable public DNS servers (primary and secondary DNS servers) like Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, etc.
Providing a 360° walk through of your jobsite.
EarthCam's VR Site Tour app gives Contractors, Developers and Retail Managers the ability to record detailed 360° images, video and environmental data or interior spaces. With this unique app 360° images and video clips are geotagged to construction floor plans from a Ricoh Theta VR Camera. One 360° photo captures all four walls, floor and ceiling, providing as much information as 8 separate traditional photos, making this imaging technology a smarter way to monitor, document and promote construction progress. The 360° images are automatically assembled into a virtual reality guided tour within EarthCam's hosted Software as a Service, giving stakeholders the ability to remotely inspect each room and explore the jobsite in real-time from their desktop or mobile device. Share and promote ongoing progress by uploading 360° VR videos directly to YouTube. With EarthCam's environmental data technology, each image is noted with temperature, humidity and dew point, providing critical data for daily work relying on particular environmental conditions.Through our partnership with PlanGrid, you can integrate your 360° VR jobsite images and view them within the PlanGrid platform for a unique..
Call recorder app with HD sound recorder (Record all Calls automatically)
Call recording and Sound recorder appKey Features of Call Recorder and Sound Recorder app :- 1. Record all iIncoming and Outgoing Calls AutomaticallyWith this Call Recorder app you have to just Enable the feature of call recording and after that you can get all your Outgoing and Incoming calls in this app. 2. Get All Recordings at one sorted listYou will get all your call recording in one sorted list which you can sort as per your choice also by Date or name of file. 3. Dark and light ThemeIn this call recorder app you will get both Dark and light themes So now you can use this app with any theme. 4. Record all Call in any sound in HD Quality:Want to record all your Audios or recorded Calls in HD quality so now here you can get this feature of recording Sound in HD Quality with our special HW+ sound quality. 5. Records all Sound and Call recording at one placeAll the recorder calls and recorded sound would be recorded at one place in the list which would..
spirit level app can be used for recording the level of surface.
This app measures the angle or slope of an object simply and accurately.Put the back of your device against a desk, or put its short/long side on a frame. ✓ Compass Usage• Find and keep track of the right heading• Get information of your current position or a target position• Find your parked car through the target position feature.✓ Level Usage• Proper positioning of furniture• Straight installation of a shelf or a frame• Quickly level out your motor home or caravan
Control your DSTV devices
models: RXR-25299638L2FB-815230696X47-76611contact us on [email protected]**DISCLAIMER This app is not the official Remote Control For DSTV app
Let Cheque Helper help you to convert numbers to written numbers!
Forget the Chinese word of numbers or English spelling when writing cheque / check? Let Cheque Helper help you!Cheque Helper is an app for people who writes cheque. It can help you to convert numbers (dollar & cent) to written numbers (Traditional Chinese, English)Simple interface helps you convert numbers to text immediately.Cheque Helper is brought to you by MobPage, an Innovative Mobile Application Consultancy & Developer under iGears Technology Limited (iGears).
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