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Star Wars SoundBoard - Botonera Star Wars Sounds
Star Wars SoundBoardDiscover different Star Wars sounds and effects with the Star Wars Sound BoardBotonera de Sonidos Star WarsDescubre diferentes sonidos y efectos de Star Wars utilizando la Botonera de Sonidos de la película.Darth VaderC3P0R2D2ChewbaccaJabba the huttBoba FettHan SoloYoda And more !!!
Secret diary with password lock for writing your daily life events.
This is a secret diary with a password lock, here you can write about your everyday life.In this secret diary, there is a four-digit numeric password lock, and here you can change your password any time.If you forget the password of this secret diary, then you can reset it by answering the security question correctly.You will see a plus icon in this secret diary, you have to click on it to write your diary. Before you start writing, you have to choose a date, by default it will show you the current date.After you select a date, then you can write about that day's events. You can also add photos that you have clicked on that day.In the home section, you will see a list of all your writings, the recent writings will be on the top.From the calendar section, you can select a date and see your writings for that day. And from the photo section, you can see all the photos that you have added to the diary.Features:- Password lock- Forget-password option- Diary writing reminder- Backup & sync..
Sayings for WhatsApp and Instagram among hundreds of sayings and quotes
Werbefreie und kostenlose App für Instagram und WhatsApp Status Sprüche! ❤️Du bist auf der Suche nach einem neuen Status Spruch für Instagram oder WhatsApp und willst schnell, einfach und kostenlos neue Sprüche und Zitate finden? Dann ist die Sprüche, Zitate & Sprichwörter App genau das richtige für dich! Funktionen der Sprüche, Zitate und Sprichwörter App: 👉 Täglich neue Sprüche, Zitate und Sprichwörter entdecken 👉 Instagram und WhatsApp Status Sprüche aus verschiedenen Kategorien finden 👉 Lieblingssprüche als Favoriten abspeichern 👉 Kopiere die Sprüche ganz einfach durch langes Drücken Finde neue Status Sprüche, Zitate oder Sprichwörter für Instagram oder WhatsApp so einfach wie nie! Die Sprüche aktualisieren sich selbstverständlich immer von selbst, sodass du nur alle paar Tage vorbeischauen musst und trotzdem immer neue Sprüche entdecken kannst! Egal, ob du einen Spruch für Instagram, WhatsApp, Tumblr oder Facebook suchst, mit unserer App wirst du sicher fündig. Sprüche für Whatsapp und Instagramdie offizielle App zu unserer Website WhatsApp-Status-Sprü Finde Sprüche und Zitate so einfach wie nie zuvor mit der Sprüche, Zitate und Sprichwörter App und entdecke jeden Tag aufs neue viele Sprüche und..
A huge bomb that can explode the entire map in your game!
We bring you the most powerful bomb to you with this nuclear bomb add-on. It can make a big explosion.How to get the nuclear bomb? Find it in creative inventory.How to ignite the bomb?There are two ways to ignite it:1. Use flint and steel.2. Make it fall from high place.It is recommended to place it on ground.Once exploding, it will spawn mushroom cloud and give blindness for 30 seconds, fatal poison for 120 seconds to mobs within 100 blocks.Lagging is normal. The explosion may lag your game up to one minute. It will blow you up, too. Just wait for it. DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
Radios of Puerto Rico AM FM
Radios de Puerto rico contiene la mayor variedad de emisoras am y fm de toda la isla. Para que puedes escuchar y disfrutar las mejores emisoras con contenido variable. Ya sea religioso, noticias, deportes y música de todo genero.Constantemente estamos agregando nuevas emisoras de puerto rico, para que obtengas la estación que te gusta.Además es transmisión en vivo e ininterrumpida. Para que escuches en todo momento y desde cualquier parte del Mundo lo mejor de las radios de puerto rico. Si estas de viaje, si vives en otro País. Tendrás a la mano, todas las mejores emisoras am fm de puerto rico. Que genero musical puedes encontrar? Lo más tradicional de la música de puerto rico como: Música Jibara, Bomba, Plena, Danza, Salsa, Reguetón y muchas más. La app contiene una opción de favoritos, para que guardes solo las emisoras que te gusten y puedas escucharlas en cualquier momento. Agradecemos puedas dejarnos tus comentarios, ya que nos ayuda a seguir mejorando, radios de puerto rico.
Do you know what you look like? Which BlackPink member do I look like?
Do you know what you look like? Which Black Pink member do I look like?Download and find your BlackPink member look-alike.This application is using machine learning tech.
Get the professional audio editor and experiment with the coolest voice effects!
Edit your audio materials like a true pro with the new ✩ Professional Voice Changer ✩! Record voice, say what you want and browse the sound effects library to start editing. This easy to use software voice modulator allows you to express your creativity and have some fun. You only need this amazing voice recorder app and you imagination and you can create wonderful sound art. Don't like your old ringtones for cell phones? Now, you can easily create your own with this fantastic ringtone maker simply by adding the right sound effects and audio filter to your sound files. This talking software is incredibly simple to use – record audio and start editing using the fun vocal effects. Try it out free of charge and you won't ever regret it!✩ Professional Voice Changer ✩ features:Outstanding voice changer application!New audio editor with amazing vocal effects!Save the new sound or delete it from phone!Use this ringtone editor to create cool ringtones!You can be artist and record yourself singing!Have fun for hours with this creative voice enhancer!Make practical jokes with a prank..
Free Crystal Magic Ball of clairvoyance. Psychic's Crystal Ball ultimate fortune
The Seer's Magic Crystal Ball will reveal messages with their knowledge.Download The Magic Crystal Ball and consult it to discover its Magic PowerDo you want to know the secrets the future holds for you? Do you need any advice on love, work, health or money? The Magic Crystal Ball will help you by revealing the messages you need.The Magic Seer Ball will reveal great secrets that it keeps inside with so touching the Crystal Ball. The Magic Crystal Magic Ball helps you unveil those vital messages at special times. Greater security in your professional and loving future. My Magic Crystal Ball will help you to meditate with your knowledge of Cristalomancy.In an easy and simple way with this Clairvoyance Symbol you can get results similar to the Letters, the Oracle, the Numerology, the Astrology or the Pendulum but using My Magic Crystal Ball is the option that we offer you in this great seer application .Download The Magic Crystal Ball and consult it to discover its Magic Power every day as it was done from the beginning of time to..
It is a candlelight program that appeared in goblin drama. Used to celebrate birthday, blow out the wind, the candle goes out.
간단하게 생일을 축하할 수 있는 프로그램입니다. 도깨비 드라마에도 나온적이 있습니다.프로그램을 실행하면 케이크가 나타나고 케이크 위에1개의 초에 불이 붙어 있는 것을 볼 수 있습니다.바람을 2초정도 계속해서 불면(한번 분다고 바로 꺼지는 것 아닙니다. 지속적으로 2초 정도 불어 주셔야 합니다.)촛불이 꺼지면서 생일 축하 노래가 흘러 나옵니다.촛불을 불다가 멈추면 촛불이 다시 살아납니다.스마트폰의 마이크부분을 불면 훨씬 잘 됩니다. 단 주변이 시끄러우면 ( 저절로 꺼질수도 있습니다주의)학생들 생일 축하용으로 만들었는데 드라마에 출연도 했네요.예전것이 업그레이드가 안 되, 다시 올립니다.바람 소리로 꺼지는 앱입니다. 권한 설정에서 마이크를 허용해 줘야 합니다. 마이크 권한이 허용되 있지 않으면 꺼지지 않습니다. 권한 설정 방법은 바탕화면에서 생일축하케이크 앱 아이콘을 1초간 누르고 있으면서브메뉴가 열리는데 거기에서 앱정보를 선택하고 권한 설정에 가서 마이크를 허용해 주면 됩니다.안드로이드 버전이 올라가면서 보안이 강화가 되서 카메라나 마이크 권한을 자동으로 설정해 주지 않고 기본 옵션에서 막아 놓아서 그렇습니다.
Now featuring Illya, Miyu and Chloe!
"Prisma Illya Alarm 2wei!", the sequel to the 150,000 download "Prisma Illya Alarm". Now featuring Illya and her sisters Miyu and Chloe!Featuring the new "Motion Mode"! The sisters will move and react when you tap them. Also featuring the "Girls Talk Mode"All voices recorded by VA Mai Kadowaki (Illya), Kaori Nazuka (Miyu) and Chiwa Saito (Chloe)!"Over 1000 voices! Illustrations newly drawn by SILVER LINK."Enjoy every day with Illya and the others!* Some voices and illustrations are part of additional purchases.■ App OverviewA basic alarm function, where you can combine up to three voices."Se your favorite Illustration as your background image. Customize the Alarm to your liking!""Set up to 10 alarms.Ask Illya to wake you up in the morning or to remind you an appointment!""Switch between the illustration mode and the motion mode! Chose your favorite option!""In the motion mode, select your favorite character and her costume!Have either Illya, Miyu or Kuro always displayed in the TOP screen!"* Character costumes are additional purchases.▼ Recorded voice examples ▼・IllyaGood morning! A new day just started!・MiyuIt's almost the time butare you sure it's ok..
BluFlix Pro TV Enjoyment is Here
BluFlix Pro TV Enjoyment is Here


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