- Gerenciamento de progressões e promoções;
- Notificação sobre a aceleração de promoção;
- Correção do problema na inserção de datas;
- Melhoramentos de compatibilidade;
- Tabela salarial atualizada (Maio de 2023).


【图】Carreira EBTT(截图1)【图】Carreira EBTT(截图2)【图】Carreira EBTT(截图3)


The EBTT Career application was created so that the Teachers of Basic, Technical and Technological Education (EBTT) can consult the dates of their progressions as well as the current salary scale. Also, whenever a new progression is near the application notifies the user about the event.

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Progression management and query of the EBTT teacher salary table.
The EBTT Career application was created so that the Teachers of Basic, Technical and Technological Education (EBTT) can consult the dates of their progressions as well as the current salary scale. Also, whenever a new progression is near the application notifies the user about the event.


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