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Atacadão Together We Are More
Operating in the supermarket business, Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais is focused on its main mission: to always seek the full satisfaction of its customers, suppliers and partners.
Our head office is located in Garanhuns – Pernambuco.

unbeatable price
Offering the best price is much more than an attraction – it is our greatest commitment to the customer. Commitment that you can easily evaluate, compare with the competition and prove.

Always attentive to new products and brands, we are constantly expanding our options to satisfy our customers’ requirements.
The Innovation
Seeking to combine comfort, tranquility and efficiency, we add all our differentials to the universe of the internet, resulting in a practical, agile and comfortable alternative for you to carry out your purchases: – your best access to an economical, fast and safe purchase .

Developed after extensive research on the main world trends in electronic commerce (e-commerce), Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais is an online shopping service through which you have access to the entire variety of products and low prices at the Supermarket. Check out the advantages:

Easy to navigate, Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais allows you to shop wherever you are and whenever you want. The entire process is carried out via the internet and the products are delivered to your address safely and quickly.

The possibility of scheduling the delivery of your purchases – with a scheduled day and time, at the address you indicate – is a great advantage of Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais.

security and reliability
The purchase process at Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais is completely secure. Personal information and your account are kept in absolute secrecy and nothing is done without your proper confirmation.

The purchase and delivery system at Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais minimizes processes and structural expenses with lighting, refrigeration, etc., thus ensuring a considerable drop in product prices. In addition, the convenience of receiving purchases at home means that you also save on fuel and fares. In short: quality products that come to you at a much lower price.

Cash, credit card or debit card – choose the payment method that suits you best.

The separation and packaging processes for your purchases are monitored by cameras, ensuring that you receive the right products in properly sealed volumes.

Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais is supported by an e-commerce system specially developed for the supermarket segment.

Environmental responsibility
Shopping at Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais is also a way to reduce impacts on the environment, as it minimizes the use of plastic bags, avoids burning fuel with trips to the supermarket, etc.

Atacadão Juntos Somos Mais – the fastest and cheapest way to shop.

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Internet is revolutionizing the way we all purchase goods in India. Why do you want to puzzle yourself from one place to another in search of the desired items in affordable prices when you can find it on the Internet in a single click! FYNFO PAY will provide an open platform for everything you can possibly imagine.We are a team of individuals who are passionate about providing our customers with exactly what they need. Most of the time we felt like This digital purchase makes customer to spend more money to get the low-price product which is available in our nearby stores. Peoples are screened by offers and discount but all those offers are given out of customer’s money. We are started Mainly in the motive to explore and motivate the local sellers and ease the customer find the best products at nearby places which gives you convenience and cost saving. And also we facilitate the retailers to enlarge their business to pan India along with the surrounding customer.Fynfo application aims at getting people out from website shopping experience and..
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Stay ahead of the game with our brand new app! Tap into a new shopping experience and get the hottest trends at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for natural, glamorous or something in between, here you’ll find it all. Treat yourself and take advantage of in-app exclusive offers!Major app perks:- Shop over 600+ products, updated daily with new launches and restocks - Get exclusive access to previews & app-only deals- Earn loyalty points on every order- Create your personal wishlistsave your faves and shop later - Get notified about our New Arrivals and big deals first - Learn more from our step by step tutorials - Place orders with easeeasier and faster checkoutHave fun with Rossi Cosmetics!Download the Rossi app for instant, on-the-go access to daily inspiration, exclusive offers, special giveaways and more. We strive to constantly improve and welcome any constructive feedback.
EASY AND CHEAP shopping application, NO NEED TO OUT OF THE HOUSE (household needs, grocery, groceries). COUNCIL area.* This application can be used to do online shopping at all outlets belonging to the Lido Group. Only serve the delivery of the TEMANGGUNG area and its surroundings.* Contact Admin (WA): 0811-29-19-79
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MO-BO [man-made, quality-based], using good materials, good clothes, pursuing purity in the complex, Asian body shape to create comfortable and stylish design, day activities, weekly new products, Experience from time to time.MO-BO APP creates a brand new shopping experience, combining action website and physical experience to make your shopping more convenient.[Mobile phone is a membership card] Check out the mobile phone, it is more convenient to accumulate consumption and check personal offers.[Good inventory in the store] It’s not a good idea to go shopping, you want to experience the good clothes nearby, and you can get the latest information by clicking.[Product information one-click sweep] Shopping to see the favorite products, want to know how to match, clothes size?[Complete information, good selection] Good evaluation and try-on report, easy to choose clothes[The most timely delivery information] The order status is instantly grasped, and the push notification is not missed.
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Buy Furniture for home, offices, Restaurants, Hotels Online in India. Get Your Home Furnished with Teak, Solid Mango Wood furniture, Sheesham. Get best furniture Upto 85% Off, High Quality, Premium, Fast Shipping, Luxury furniture to beautify your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living and outdoor space.Get warrant for our furniture from 5 to 10 years from the most popular furniture store. Top Quality Wooden Furniture Online For Home, Offices At Best Prices. We have a wide range of stylish options in the living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room and kitchen furniture.Disclaimer: All contents of the website are owned by respective website. We have no copyright over the content/logo of other websites. For any details please mail us at [email protected]. These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies and terms. Please read their privacy policy and terms and conditions carefully.
Federzoni Supermercados!
As Lojas Federzoni Supermercados tiveram origem no armazém de Secos e Molhados fundado em 1963 por Alberto Federzoni em Franco da Rocha.Após isso foram desenvolvidos vários ramos comerciais e em especial as Lojas de Supermercados, que ao longo do tempo foram se aperfeiçoando , além de sofrer alterações em suas administrações.Hoje, nossas lojas de supermercados são aquelas instaladas nas cidades de Caieiras e Franco da Rocha.São cinco lojas: Loja Centro, Serpa e Eucaliptos na cidade de Caieiras e Lojas Shopping e Espetão no Município de Franco da Rocha.São lojas modernas, bem instaladas, e visam oferecer o melhor atendimento, prestação de serviços, higiene e limpeza e diversidade de produtos com qualidade e preço justo para atender a todos.As lojas contam também com clube de fidelidade, o MASCOTE CLUBE FEDERZONI, que oferece promoções, vantagens e benefícios e tem cadastro integrado com o seu sistema de operação de ecommerce, se for opção do cliente cadastrado.
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DawnSupermarket company created in the 80s by the Maglioni Family, extension of a small business in the wheat bran and civil construction material business.It was the result of the commitment and dedication of a group of engineering students who believed that, to be successful, union, work and honesty are necessary.This was a recipe that worked.PriceOffering the best price is much more than an attractionit is our greatest commitment to the customer.VarietyAlways attentive to new products and brands, we constantly expand our options to satisfy the demands of our customers.The InnovationSeeking to combine comfort, tranquility and efficiency, we add all our differentials to the internet universe, resulting in a practical, agile and comfortable alternative for you to make your purchases: alvoradaemcasa, your best access to an economical, fast and safe purchase.FacilityEasy to navigate, alvoradaemcasa allows you to do your shopping wherever you are. The entire process is carried out via the internet and the products are delivered to your address safely and quickly.ComfortThe possibility to schedule the delivery of your purchaseswith scheduled day and time. More practicality for your family is..
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Rossi SupermarketsOperating in the supermarket business since 1965, Rossi Supermercados is focused on its main mission: always seeking the full satisfaction of its customers, suppliers and partners.Family business in continuous and sustainable growth, focused on customer satisfaction, through differentiated and humanized service, fair price, quality and product mix in order to meet all the needs of our customers. We have 10 stores, with modern area and equipment, ample and familiar space making your shopping a pleasant and pleasurable moment.To support our structure, we have a team of professionals committed and aligned with the company's vision of being a reference in management, quality, fair price and customer service, having as one of its pillars respect for differences and human beings, through transparent, harmonious relationships and teamwork.Our network consists of 6 stores in the East Zone: (Vl Cisper, Sapopemba, Camargo, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Guaianazes and Lajeado).And 3 more stores in the West Zone: (Osasco I, Osasco II and Carapicuíba) and 1 in the North Zone (Franco da Rocha).The chain also has a CD and own bread manufacturing in the region of Ferraz..
Luzitana em Casa - Cacoal Online Supermarket
LUZITANA SUPERMERCADOSNós da Luzitana Supermercados somos uma empresa familia constituída em Cacoal (Rondônia) desde 1986, com o negócio de estar presente nos melhores momentos dos nossos clientes. Buscando sempre cumprir com a nossa missão de oferecer qualidade em produtos e serviços, com variedade e atendimento diferenciado.NOSSO TRABALHO- Temos dentro de nossa cultura uma incessante busca pela variedade de produtos e nos orgulhamos disso, pois queremos que nosso cliente evolua e acompanhe as novidades de mercado junto com a gente. - Como nosso foco sempre é o cliente, buscamos sempre oferecer serviços para que sua experiência seja cada vez melhor e que ele não saia satisfeito somente com nosso produto mas também com tudo aquilo que fazemos pensando nele como nossa Compra Programada, nosso espaço de beleza Beauty Market, nossos produtos e claro, nosso atendimento. - Pensando no conforto e facilidade de nossos clientes oferecemos hoje nossa plataforma de e-commerce, onde todo processo de compra é realizado via internet e os produtos são entregues em seu endereço com total segurança, na hora que desejar e com segurança, confiabilidade das informações pessoais..
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AJUDAR AS FAMÍLIAS A ABASTECEREM SUAS MESAS COM ALEGRIA, PAZ, AMOR E UNIÃO É OSENTIDO DE EXISTIR DA CASA RENA.Pensando em novas maneiras de abastecer a sua mesa apresentamos o RENA EM CASA.SOBRE NÓSA Casa Rena S. A. foi fundada em 1966 e há mais de cinco décadas dedica-se ao fortalecimentodo conceito de atender bem e inovar sempre, o que fez com que o Rena se tornasse umareferência no meio supermercadista mineiro e se destaque no cenário nacional, ocupando o110 lugar no Ranking nacional de varejo, segundo o Ranking da S. A. Varejo.NOSSAS LOJAS FÍSICAS 1 Hiper Compacto em Itaúna/MG; 5 Lojas de vizinhança em Itaúna/MG; 1 Loja em Oliveira/MG; 1 Hiper Compacto Gourmet em Divinópolis/MG; 1 Loja de vizinhança em Divinópolis/MG; 1 Hiper Compacto em Mateus Leme/MG, 1 Hiper Compacto em Juatuba/MG;O RENA EM CASAO Rena está sempre atento as necessidades de seus clientes e por isso agora lança apossibilidade de você realizar suas compras pela internet e celular pelo site ou pelo serviço de compras on-line pelo qual você tem acesso a uma grandevariedade de produtos com..
Your shopping list at home or in the restaurant, bakery, snack bar, hotel.
O Ampa Food Service atua no mercado de distribuição de alimentos em Belo Horizonte e região metropolitana e há 11 anos está presente nos principais estabelecimentos comerciais de alimentação. Com um criterioso trabalho de seleção de fornecedores e produtos, para melhor atender aos nossos clientes.Agora, o Ampa Food Service oferece mais uma modalidade de compras, a loja virtual Ampa Food, que oferta produtos tanto para os transformadores de alimentos quanto para o consumidor final. Na loja virtual, Ampa Food, os clientes têm acesso a um mix variado de produtos que vai de carnes à cervejas especiais, de temperos à bomboniere, dos farináceos aos produtos de limpeza.Com um sistema logístico ágil e dinâmico, para entregas de carga seca, produtos resfriados e congelados. O Ampa Food entrega na porta da sua casa ou do seu estabelecimento com toda agilidade, conforto e segurança que a loja virtual oferece e com a comodidade que você precisa.AMPA FOOD, DO DISTRIBUIDOR DIRETO PARA VOCÊ!
Do your shopping in the comfort of your home.
Atuando no ramo de supermercados desde o ano 2005 a empresa BR.Comércio de Gêneros Alimentícios, lançou o Cestando Supermercado on line, com a missão de facilitar a vida das pessoas. A conveniência e a falta de tempo são características marcantes que vem moldando os hábitos de compras. Os consumidores não buscam apenas satisfazer as suas necessidades básicas, eles querem o novo. O Cestando procura ajustar-se as novas expectativas do cliente, tornando agradável e único o hábito de fazer comprarEm função disso busca sempre a satisfação dos clientes com qualidade no atendimento, qualidade dos produtos, e bons preços.A InovaçãoBuscando aliar conforto, tranqüilidade e eficiência, agregamos todos os nossos diferenciais ao universo da internet uma alternativa de compra mais prática, ágil e cômoda para o clienteDesenvolvido após extensa pesquisa sobre as principais tendências mundiais em comércio eletrônico (e-commerce), o Cestando é um serviço de compras on-line, onde o usuário tem acesso a várias vantagens:FacilidadeDe fácil navegação, o Cestando permite que você faça suas compras onde quer que esteja e na hora que desejar. Todo o processo é realizado via internet e os..
Buy from home everything you need.
Since 1984, we aim to bring our customers the best price combined with the best deals and promotions. We are always concerned about the good work done by our employees and, to this end, we are committed to expanding a motivating climate of trust and remuneration. We also think about our suppliers and their market possibilities, thus facilitating customer knowledge and preferences.Located in Angra dos Reis and Paraty, our stores total more than 7,000 m² of sales area, as well as an attractive mix of over 14,000 items. To support this entire structure, only with the differentiated service of more than one thousand direct and indirect employees.Rede Market is already part of the daily life of the population of Angra and Paraty, having in our favor the market potential, competitive prices, and we offer our clients a quality service.
Parana Supermarkets
The Supermercado Paraná group reaffirms its growth position within the supermarket segment, always characterized:Unbeatable priceOffering the best price is much more than an attractionit is our greatest commitment to the customer. Commitment that you can easily evaluate, compare with the competition and prove.VarietyAlways attentive to new products and brands, we constantly expand our options to satisfy the demands of our customers.InnovationSeeking to combine comfort, tranquility and efficiency, we add all our differentials to the internet universe, resulting in a practical, agile and comfortable alternative for you to make your purchases.FacilityThe entire process is carried out via the internet and the products are delivered to your address safely and quickly.ComfortThe possibility to schedule the delivery of your purchaseswith a scheduled day and time, at the address you specify.Safety and reliabilityPersonal and account information is kept strictly confidential and nothing is done without your due confirmation.VersatilityCash, credit card, debit card or boleto (legal entity)choose the payment method that suits you best.Paraná Supermarkets !!
Offering the best price is our commitment.
Kawakami Supermarkets is a supermarket chain founded in the city of Marília. It currently has eight stores located in the cities of Marília, Tupã, Bastos, Paraguaçu Paulista, Lins and Penápolis. All of them have a comfortable environment, their own parking, a reference bakery, quality butcher, fruit, cold meats and many other offers. In addition, we now have a new environment for you to shop online and receive in the comfort of your own home, with the main objective of guaranteeing the reliability of our customers and maintaining our high standards of service, quality and satisfaction in each of our products. Shops.The Kawakami Supermarket aims to become a benchmark company in terms of efficiency, quality, profitability and innovation to contribute to the growth of the interior of São Paulo.unbeatable priceOffering the best price is much more than an attractionit is our greatest commitment to the customer. Commitment that you can easily evaluate, compare with the competition and prove.VarietyAlways on the lookout for new products and brands, we are constantly expanding our options to satisfy our customers' requirements.the innovationSeeking to combine comfort,..

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