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Information, consultations and services.

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The Skin Rocks App is here to revolutionise the way you look after your skin.
The Skin Rocks App is here to revolutionise the way you look after your skin: from understanding your skin type and finding matched products, through to the science, routines and everything in between. You need this…if you have skin. From Sunday Times No 1 best-selling author and globally qualified skincare expert Caroline Hirons, the Skin Rocks App is free to download and is here to provide better skin for everyone, regardless of age, skin tone, knowledge or income.Curated and written by real people with real knowledge, all overseen by skincare expert Caroline Hirons, Skin Rocks is innovating the world of beauty and skincare. WHAT IS IT?FIND THE RIGHT PRODUCTS FOR YOUR SKINTaking away all of the confusion, use our expert curated skincare filters and smart search to explore products and find out what really works for your skin type and concerns. Skin Rocks has over 10,000 products on the app, with our team adding hundreds more each week.IT’S A MATCHYour skin profile means that the best matched products for your skin concerns are clearly highlighted, so you know what you..
Learn about the art of living an emotionally healthy life… with Work of Art.
This is a program about the art of living an emotionally healthy life. In a few weeks you learn skills to build emotional fitness, including ways to foster resilience and boost happiness.Work of Art lets you personalize the program so you practice the emotional well-being activities that matter to youactivities to enhance mindfulness, share gratitude, increase optimism, and make stronger connectionsFeatures include:• Individual and (optional) team participation• Daily well-being tips• Healthy recipes• And an interactive message board.Note: Work of Art syncs with the web version through your organization’s wellness program; you must create your account on the web version before you can use the mobile app.
Hypnos at your service
Discover HYPNOS, your custom therapeutic experience, which guides you day after day, in order to reach your goals. HYPNOS is a mobile app which offers you the possibility to follow custom programs, adapted to your needs and also to your personality. Those custom programs are made with audio sessions, advices, exercises but also hypnosis sessions.This HYPNOS app offers you a large library of contents and different programs :- Improve your sleep- Relaxation - Weight - Addiction (Cigarette/Alcohol) - Pain - Management of emotions - and much moreWith your HYPNOS app you can : - Follow your guided program- Listen to hypnosis sessions - Discover our better advices/exercises- Follow your progress, day after day- Reach your goals to improve your everyday life !FREE ACCESSConnect your HYPNOS mask and join an amazing immersive and multi-sensory experience.Enjoy the "Intelligent Nap" mode.Fall asleep with your mask thanks to a breathing exercise with Cardiac Coherence.Wake up with a down simulator.Get an unlimited and free access to a large library of hypnosis sessions.You can also discover 4 program which are FREE : Sleep well, Stop snacking,..
THE BOSS HEALTH CLUB is a special service for members.
This application is a special service only offered to members of the sports center that owns the application. Not for general use.In order to install the application on your phone, you will receive a special activation code from your club as an SMS. After installing the application, click “Register” and enter your activation code. After that, you can complete the User name (Your e-mail address) and Password sections and start using your application.Members who have the application can easily do the following operations.- Examine the membership or session service details they have purchased,- E-Wallet feature can buy new services or membership in clubs.- Sports Center can make instant bookings for group syllabus, tennis lessons or private lessons.- They can follow their bookings in a separate place and cancel them at any time (in accordance with the club rules).- They can see the latest body measurements (fat, muscle, etc.) and compare them with the previous measurements.- By following the Gym & Cardio programs on their phone, they can mark each movement as “Done hareket. Thus, their instructors can follow them directly.-..
‘Janao’ can help inclusion of the number of missing TB cases for treatment.
‘Janao’ can help inclusion of the estimated number of missing TB cases for treatment and management. Government of Bangladesh published gazette in 2014 includes all government and non-government health providers to report any patient diagnosed for TB to the nearest government health official. This can reflect to national data for TB including all cases from root level (i.e. any health providers) to central level i.e. National Tuberculosis Program.
World’s first and most comprehensive app for Vertigo patients
*World’s first and most comprehensive app for Vertigo patients using a Virtual trainer via Augmented Reality (AR)**Free – Full Version – No In App PurchaseDownload now!*This is a comprehensive Vertigo management app which will help you recover from Vertigo. Your own Vertigo Personal Exercise Trainer*Right posture and right time is very important and helps you manage vertigo in the long run. Follow along a virtual coach who guides you with audio instructions to a complete set of 21 vestibular exercises. She will guide you through every exercise with timed, step-by-step audio, and subtitlealong with a Diet Guide!One stop App for comprehensive management of Vertigo.1For the first time in world bringing virtual trainer in augmented reality to showcase 21 vestibular rehablitation exercises2The Virtual trainer performs 21 vestibular rehabilitation exercises step-wise with subtitles and audio3Audio is in two languages which are English and Hindi4Features like exercise reminder updates patient on their next exercise schedule to maintain compliance5Pill reminder is a unique tool to help patients adhere to medication regime6Tip to manage of acute vertigo attack has been included7Vertigo patients need to be..
VYVO Smart App is exclusively developed for your VYVO device.
VYVO Smart App is exclusively developed for your VYVO device. Designed to manage all your VYVO Devices easily, store and display all your daily bio-parameters and data.The VYVO Smart App can help you to learn and understand your habits (lifestyle, activity, sleep and rest), as well as suggests useful and vital tips to improve yourself and reach new levels of wellbeing defined by simply setting your goals. VYVO Smart App is offering the following core features. Smart reminder, SOS alerts, and WeCare. You should now be able to receive calls and SMS on your watch, along with other types of notifications. With SOS, you will able to send alerts to your loved ones in case of an emergency. With WeCare, you can follow up with your loved ones’ health and wellness.The pleasant and functional interface guides you through the various functions of the devices, while also helping you gain a better understanding of the meaning of each parameter monitored by your devices.Legal disclaimerThe measurements are for self-evaluation only and are not intended to substitute any clinic or medical diagnostics or..
Welcome to Achievement Fitness!!! Download our app today.
Download the Achievement Fitness Transformation Center (AFTC) App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studio's location and contact information. You can also click through to our social pages! Optimize your time and maximize the connivence of signing up for classes from your device! Download the App today!
Wearable Punch Trackers
Train smarter and improve faster with Hykso, the world’s leading provider of accurate and reliable punch-tracking technology. Designed for boxers, martial artists and those leveraging sports like boxing and kickboxing for fitness, Hykso’s punch trackers allow users to get a complete picture of their training. The small, wrist-based trackers connect seamlessly to your mobile device and automatically calculate stats including punch volume, punch velocity, punch-type and more.TRACK WHAT MATTERS: Hykso’s punch trackers automatically track punch volume, punch velocity, specific punch-type, and more!LIVE FEEDBACK: All punch data can be viewed on Hykso’s mobile app in real-time so that you can make the most of every round.MEASURE TO IMPROVE: All training data is saved on your mobile app so that you can monitor your progress over time, set goals and make proper adjustmentsPUNCH SAVING: Punch data is stored on the trackers when you are out of range of your phonePOWER AND PRACTICALITY: Hykso is used by some of the top professional fighters and Olympic teams in the world and is also practical enough to suit those at all levels.
Wear health and care for health.
DuoWear is an application that integrates the data and services of wearable products to provide users with a complete, unified and convenient experience.At present, we can support the series of watch series and bracelet series launched by Duozhuo. We will support more wearable solutions from Duozhuo, and we look forward to more exciting. (Only for Android 4.4.4 and above)With the DuoWear app, you can:1) Record the number of exercise steps per day and calculate the calories, distance and time consumed per day.2) The intelligent motion timeline tells you the amount of exercise for each exercise period.3) Record your daily sleep and tell you the daily deep sleep time, light sleep time and waking times.4) You can set goals and encourage yourself to complete the amount of exercise every day.5) Share your day's results with your friends and let your friends scream for your amount of exercise.
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Information, consultations and services.

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