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Frenetic Dungeon Game DESCRIPTION

“In an instant, there was nothing. Only the comforting darkness of the nothingness, the sea without waves, without pain and taste of unconsciousness. In the next instant, there was the dungeon. It was like waking inside a nightmare – not knowing how I have got here, not even who I am. Cold, hungry and thirsty, unable to see what happens more than six foot beyond these narrow halls where slime and evil drips through the walls. I heard the scratch of little claws greed to test the resistance of my flesh. In the shadows, I sensed wicked eyes stalking me, cruel, starving. My first wish was to return to the nothingness, but that was no longer a choice. So, I searched the sword that, somehow, I knew it was there, sheathed to the waist. I lit my torch. And went to the adventure.”

In Frenetic Dungeon you will enter a world full of dangers and adventures, where the ability to make quick decisions and prepare for combat can make all the difference between life and death.

An old school RPG with all the elements we like to see in this type of game: level up, increase attributes, learn new skills, acquire and equip magic items, hundreds of monsters with different characteristics to be faced in turn-based combat, character customization , powerful spells and more.

A light and simple game that aims to emulate some of the fun of good old table RPGs.


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So I have to say I LOVE the approach to purchases and ads here, not greedy at all (ads are optional, integrated into the actual game system, and give progressive bonuses; purchases give really good bang for your buck). Ethical devs like this make me WANT to spend my money on their games. As far as the gameplay goes it's really fun if you're into this type of game and has a surprising amount of depth. I would pay for an add-on to this game to have more content if it were available. Excellent job!
We are really happy with this review. It's the kind of feedback that encourages us to continue on what we consider to be the right path, always putting the player experience as a priority. Best regards.


A bit strange but manages to have a cool concept with poor execution, the options given aren't bad but lack description of what it does before you're locked into it, and many choices are things you shouldn't have to wait to pop up for, like resting or eating, the skills are neat but the fact there's a time limit and a play limit just to play more like a roguelike feels more forced than intentional
Thank you for your review and we're sorry you weren't satisfied. Best regards!


I'm sure it's good but ... How do I start I'm at achievments and collections I've clicked everything and tried everything but I think I messed something up I can't play. 😔 I figured it out I can't have my phone sideways or it just doesn't show everything. :p
Hello. Unfortunately we don't fully understand what the problem is. If you can send us an email (, we can help more easily. Thanks!


Lots of inconsistency regarding the fighting power. Like a monster with high power can be piss easy while another with low power can be either extremely tanky or can kill me with a couple of hits (I checked the elemental strength/weakness). Also I don't understand why some skills like explorer, miner, charisma or even the bard helper can make our own fighting power higher, which seems to falsify this value.
Hello, Frédérick. Other factors can make a monster easier or harder, depending on how you've evolved your character. Ex: if you don't have a blessed weapon, it will be more difficult to fight against incorporeal. About the exploration skills, you're right, they can distort the fighting power unduly. We will fix this in a next version. Thanks!


Epic.i can play it for hours but it feels like 5 minutes...i just lose the conection to everything else.xd
Best feedback ever! Thank you very much!


great time waster
Thank you very much!


Extremely boring


awesome game
Thank you very much for the review!!!


I do not understand,why peoples don't appreciate Literal games. they are like Locked somewhere in the stone age. Moving on, the game it's awesome! The story the gameplay, grammar, everything in order. 5 stars!
Thank you very much for this awesome review!!!


Decent game, though lacks background music.
Thank you very much for the review. There is background music at some crucial points, but really most of the game just has sound effects.


good game, timer is interesting but sometimes we just want to play a little more relaxed. maybe add easy mode with slower / no timer at all?
Hello, Nursatrio. Thanks for the feedback, we're glad you enjoyed the game. We are developing a slower timer version, which will be released later this month.


Sorry but i didn't understand tha game at all
The game is really not very user friendly at first. We are available to give you more detailed information and tips if you are interested in giving it another try. Please contact us:


this is a fun game!!
Glad you liked it!


Seems good
Hello, Destiny Dark! We hope you enjoy the game. Best regards!