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- Correção nas câmeras CFTV;
- Auto cadastro para visitantes;
- Melhorias no cadastro facial;
- Ajuste na busca de contatos da agenda na lista de convidados;
- Ajuste na atualização do contato na lista de convidados.

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【图】Dumon – Portaria Remota(截图1)【图】Dumon – Portaria Remota(截图2)【图】Dumon – Portaria Remota(截图3)



Complete and Integrated Social Communication and Management
Main Features:
◉ Appointments
◉ Message Board
◉◉ Shipping to all or selected units/blocks
◉ Email Notices and Push Notification
◉ Pet Control
◉ Matches
◉ Condominium owners
◉ Tenants
◉ Reports
◉ Access Permissions By Groups
◉ Service and Support

Possibility to invite friends, view cameras, open doors and be notified when your friends arrive at the Condominium.
Main Features:
◉ Opening Doors and Gates
◉ Visits Forecast
◉◉ Sending Invitations with the Virtual Key
◉ Camera View
◉ Physical Concierge Control

Available for Wear OS (requires phone interaction)

Various integrations with solutions that will help your daily life.
Main Integrations:
◉◉ Access Control
◉◉ Autonomous Ordinance
◉◉ Remote Concierge
◉◉ Visit Forecast
◉◉◉ Individual Invitations
◉◉◉ Guest List
◉◉ Unified Registration
◉◉ Camera View
◉◉ Correspondence Registration
◉◉ Visitor Registration
◉◉ Registration of Service Providers

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Online system for management, communication and security in condominiums
SOCIAL MANAGEMENTComplete and Integrated Social Communication and ManagementMain Features:◉ Appointments◉ Message Board◉◉ Shipping to all or selected units/blocks◉ Email Notices and Push Notification◉ Pet Control◉ Matches◉ Condominium owners◉ Tenants◉ Reports◉ Access Permissions By Groups◉ Service and SupportSECURITYPossibility to invite friends, view cameras, open doors and be notified when your friends arrive at the Condominium.Main Features:◉ Opening Doors and Gates◉ Visits Forecast◉◉ Sending Invitations with the Virtual Key◉ Camera View◉ Physical Concierge ControlAvailable for Wear OS (requires phone interaction)INTEGRATIONS:Various integrations with solutions that will help your daily life.Main Integrations:◉◉ Access Control◉◉ Autonomous Ordinance◉◉ Remote Concierge◉◉ Visit Forecast◉◉◉ Individual Invitations◉◉◉ Guest List◉◉ Unified Registration◉◉ Camera View◉◉ Correspondence Registration◉◉ Visitor Registration◉◉ Registration of Service Providers


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