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Helps you drive safer!
HUDWAY Go is a simple GPS navigation app for drivers. It keeps it very intuitive and non-distracting, displaying just the outline of the road you’re driving and your next manoeuvre. Features:- Intuitive 3D map, simple navigation- Voice Assistance- Long tap on the map to set the destination- Search for addresses and POI- Choose alternative routes- Drive offline right after you start- The app will recalculate the route if you leave it- Classic GPS map navigation mode- Head-up display (HUD) mode- Trip info: ETA, speed, distance traveled, directions on the next manoeuvre, and more- Based on OpenStreetMap (OSM)Note: If you face any problems or find any bugs, please email us at or report the bug right from the app. We appreciate your feedback!Attention!When driving, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is well fixed in some mount or on some sticky pad, and doesn't prevent you from clearly seeing the road.Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.If you want to use HUD during a day-time — there is a special accessory HUDWAY Glass: http://hudwayglass.comPrivacy..
Auvasa Pay is the AUVASA application to buy QR transport tickets
Auvasa Pay is the official AUVASA application to view waiting times at stops, buy transport tickets in QR format and recharge any transport card used on buses.You can buy tickets from your mobile, as well as save them until the day of the trip to access the bus.Through Auvasa Pay you can:- Locate stops on the map of Valladolid- See the closest stops to your position- See arrival times at different stops (2 per line)- Mark stops as favorites to easily locate them in the future.- Buy QR tickets or recharge the QR Wallet- Buy tickets with one click- Pay on the bus from your own mobile device- Offline mode for offline ticket validations- Associate transport cards for recharging- View the available balance and the expiration date of the different transport cards- See if there is a balance pending consolidation and the status of the recharge- Consult the history of validations, identifying the line, stop and bus used, the cost of the trip and the date on which it was made- Check history of purchases and recharges- General information of..
Now you can charge, pay and visit Canada's Electric Highway through our app.
Welcome to our brand new Petro-Canada EV app. With this app you'll now be able to:• discover Canada's first coast-to-coast network of EV fast chargers• start a charge through your phone• pay with credit cards or Google Pay• save your payment types• review your transaction historyWelcome to Canada's Electric Highway™.
An application intended for users of the Satwork IRS system.
SatDROID application, developed by Satwork d.o.o. Banja Luka, provides you with everything you need to use the Satwork IRS system.The application is made in accordance with the technological solutions by which the service is delivered to customers in a fast, high quality and cheap way.It enables secure communication via HTTPS (SSL / TLS) cryptographic protocol, tracking and control of vehicles, people and goods.Once the application is downloaded, the new information is updated independently via an available internet connection.
Always check the company's ships (team) dynamic, historical movement track and returns tables into economic zone (EEZ) and other functions notification ...
App僅供漁船主使用,申請帳號等相關問題請電洽 (02) 2368-0889轉129 陳先生船舶管理系統● 帳號登錄管理● 即時船位顯示● 航跡繪製與動態回播● 地圖模式切換● 船舶船位資料清單● 快速查詢● 船位回報統計● 經濟海域偵測● 推播通知● 其他功能漁船監控系統(VMS)近年來由於科技的發展,作業漁船逐漸大型化,捕撈技術也日趨進步,造成短短二十餘年間全球總漁獲量暴增超過一億公噸,使得全球公海漁業資源日益匱乏。為加強公海漁業資源管理,確保海洋漁業資源之永續利用,聯合國陸續通過各項協定、準則及公約,要求各沿海國及遠洋漁業國共同合作,加強資源之養護與管理。各區域性漁業組織及沿海國為有效管理所轄水域漁船作業秩序,並養護該等水域漁業資源,紛紛要求在其所轄水域作業之漁船應安裝漁船監控系統(Vessel Monitoring System; VMS),以掌握漁船即時動態資訊。何謂漁船監控系統?漁船監控系統有那些功能?為何各區域性漁業組織及沿海國要求在其所轄水域作業之漁船應安裝漁船監控系統?以下針對漁船監控系統做一簡單之介紹,說明其功能與特性。漁船監控系統係透過通訊設備將漁船全球定位系統(Global Positioning System; GPS)船位資料傳送岸上至監控中心,俾隨時掌握漁船作業動態。目前所使用之通訊系統有衛星通訊及高頻(HF)、超高頻(VHF)無線通訊等,惟因HF、VHF無線通訊受氣候及地形等因素影響較為嚴重,因此目前國際間較少採用在漁船監控系統中,而大多採用穩定性較高之衛星通訊系統進行船位資料傳輸之工具。在衛星通訊系統中又以ARGOS、 Inmarsat-C及Iridium三種衛星通訊系統佔大多數,該三系統之特性及功能簡述如下:( 一 ) ARGOS系統ARGOS 系統係由法國Collecte Localisation Satellites公司(簡稱CLS)所發展,為單向通訊傳輸系統(由船至岸),通訊區域可涵蓋全球。該系統硬體設備包括 ARGOS 發報器天線、連接盒(Connection box)及資料傳輸器(Psion),其傳輸方式係由 ARGOS 發報器天線自動將所接收之 GPS 船位資料傳輸至ARGOS 衛星,再傳至 ARGOS 地面接收站資料處理中心儲存。資料處理中心以E-MAIL 將資料傳至監控中心,或由監控中心以分封數據網路(PACNET)與ARGOS資料處理中心連線取得資料。( 二 ) Inmarsat-C系統Inmarsat衛星系統為The Mobile Satellite Company (原國際海事衛星組織 International Maritime Satellite Organization)所發展作為船舶海上通訊之用,共有四顆同步衛星,分別分佈於東大西洋、西大西洋、印度洋及太平洋赤道上方,涵蓋全球南北緯70度間海域。目前國際間運用在漁船監控系統上的為Inmarsat-C系統。該系統硬體設備含衛星天線、Inmarsat-C主機及電腦系統(可傳送及接收資料),可由內建於主機內之GPS接收船位資料,經衛星天線傳送至Inmarsat衛星,再傳至 Inmarsat地面台(Land Earth Stations; LES)。再由地面台依船上所設定之傳輸方式,如電報(Telex)、傳真(Fax)或電子郵件(E-MAIL)等方式,將資料傳輸至監控中心,抑或由監控中心利用向地面台申請之資料網路識別碼(Data Network Identification, DNID),以 E-MAIL 或分封數據網路(X.25)透過Inmarsat 衛星向漁船之Inmarsat-C設備抽取其GPS船位(即polling)。監控中心再將取得之船位資料轉入資料庫,透過地理資訊系統(GIS)軟體顯示船位、航跡,以監控管理漁船。( 三 )Inmarsat-IDP系統IDP(IsatData Pro)為Inmarsat衛星新一代的傳輸技術,除具備Inmarsat-C所有通訊特色及功能外,在傳輸速度及傳輸量功能上均有所提升,且價格相對低廉。( 四 ) Iridium系統Iridium系統由摩托羅拉衛星通訊部設計製造,1999年破產, 2000年由Iridium Satellite LLC接管重獲新生,該系統係由66顆圍繞地球的低軌道衛星群組成,為雙向通訊傳輸系統,通訊區域涵蓋全球。該系統硬體設備包括 Iridium發報器天線、連接盒及資料傳輸器,其傳輸方式係由Iridium發報器天線自動將所接收之 GPS 船位資料傳輸至Iridium衛星,再傳至Iridium 地面接收站資料處理中心儲存。資料處理中心以E-MAIL 將資料傳至監控中心。
For you that lives in Elephant Human Conflict (HEC) area. Early warning system.
NWA Nature & Wildlife Foundation provides the app for you that lives close to elephant habitats to provide early warning of presence of elephants nearby.By reporting an elephant observations will automatically send notifications to other users nearby.Features:* Show other users elephant observations nearby your position for the last hours* Sending an elephant observations will send a notification to nearby users* GPS enabled positioningrequires to have GPS fitted phone and have it enabledBenefits:* With early elephant warnings the app may reduce damages and lives.* Be able to coordinate efforts to redirect elephants away from inhabited areas and crops.
Easy, fast and secure.
Este aplicativo foi desenhado para quem busca um serviço de transporte executivo presente no próprio bairro e que garanta que você e sua família serão atendidos por um motorista conhecido com segurança.Aqui você tem linha direta para solucionar seus problemas, basta nos ligar! Nosso aplicativo permite que você chame um de nossos veículos e acompanhe o deslocamento do carro no mapa, sendo avisado quando ele estiver na sua porta. Você ainda consegue ver todos os veículos perto da sua localização com a informação de ocupado ou livre, dando ao nosso cliente uma visão completa da nossa rede de serviço.A cobrança funciona como a chamada de um táxi normal, ou seja, só inicia a contagem quando você entra no carro.Aqui você não é mais um cliente em muitos, aqui você é o cliente do nosso bairro.
Deputy driving a drive for each application offering a funded operating reserve deputy. Apps production inquiries, please contact us at 1877-1113!
* 천대리운전은 광주 및 전국에서 사용하실수 있습니다.* 천대리운전은 이용시마다 적립금을 드리는 적립식 대리운전 어플입니다. 본인이 이용하신것 외에도 추천인 제도가 있어 추천인이 이용하셔도 적립금을 드립니다.* 천대리,광주대리운전개발자 연락처 :+820262243125
Malaysia Integrated Rail Transport
Latest offline transit maps for Malaysia Integrated Rail Map, it includes a complete set of offline public transport routes maps.You can use for offline or onlineYou can zoom in, zoom out the subway mapGreat for everyday reference or Tourist use.We would like to hear any feedback, ideas and suggestions, send it to us via email
Looking for a nearest electric charging station, vehicle showroom and many more
Easily find nearest stations below :Electric Charging stations Electric Vehicle showrooms Electric Vehicle Service station Electric Vehicle Battery shops Country, State and City wise find the stations.Easily select charging station in near by charging station list.Easily check Station name, address and opening statusNear by location show in mapNear by location navigate in default map app.Favorite location and search list added in favorite listCheck nearest electric vehicle batteries shopsimple user interface! Required Permission:- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION/ ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION (get location for Electric Charging stations find)
Mobility app
Mobility app

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