Ask gas with a few taps with this app!


Dedicated offer, discounts and loyalty points as well as a Żabka store locator.
Install the żappka application on your smartphone to find the nearest store, check promotions and offers for you, and collect żappka which you can exchange for prizes!Where is Żabka?You'll never have a problem finding a store again! Select a location and find the nearest Żabka stores! The map placed in the żappka will display them for you. The application will guide you step by step to the store in the location of your choice. It will also display Żabka's opening hours and the availability of services such as Żabka Cafe.Collect żapps, get rewardsWhen shopping, select the icon in the upper right corner of the application and scan your individual code. The żappka application will add pointsżappsy, for each purchased product. There are 4 żappsy for every zloty!For collected żappsy you can collect one of the many coupons available in the żappka, which you can exchange for a reward in the store. Choose the prize you want todaya bar, hot coffee or your favorite snack?Remember that collected japps have their validity period, so don't limit yourself to spending them carelessly! Points..
Akira Comics - bookshop where you can buy comics, games and books online
Download the application of the library specializes in most original comics in Europe: Akira Comics.We were the first in 2015 to create an App to see and buy everything that is published in Spain in comics, manga, fantasy and science fiction.In this version 2.0 we have improved its interface and soon we will add new and interesting features.This App allows you to know in real time the catalog of publications that we update daily in the store, as well as themerchandising and games that we also sell.Here you will be able to buy all the comics, books, games, and gifts that arrive to us every week, and you will have them at home in just 24 hours and with thebest packaging of the market, so that your shopping experience is the best possible.We are not a comics publisher but with the App you will be able to know when the novelties of any national publishing house are put on sale with the certaintythat if you can buy it in the App, it is that we have it in the store,..
A FREE Coupon and Rewards app for local merchants. No personal Info needed. Easy
Bounty is a FREE, unique savings App that provides you with digital coupons for your favorite, local eats and other great businessesYou can save at local restaurants, dry cleaners, nail salons and more, with the simple tap of a button. You can also join Reward programs from those same local merchants, using digital punchcards, all organized in the comfort of your personal mobile device. What's more, is that Bounty is simple to use. Unlike many mobile coupons, where merchants will not accept them, Bounty's coupons and punchcards are always 100% redeemable. Also, Bounty will NEVER ask you for personal information. Here you have it, simple to use, simple to find, simple to redeem. Bounty – Savings Made Simple
【TISSERAND AROMATHERAPY 英國滴莎藍德台灣官方專屬APP】TISSERAND AROMATHERAPY是英國芳療精油權威品牌,歷史超過40年以上。精油就是品牌的精髓,堅持不斷更新和優化產品,深入研究肌膚組織結構,將累積超過40年以上的芳香療法經驗,活用於每項產品。簡單的購物流程,便利的結帳程序。給您最優惠的價格與正品的保證,超值的優惠只提供給專屬的會員*超過50種以上的單方精油,讓您在家也能當自己的芳療師*天然精油調配的清潔沐浴、按摩油、全身保養品,將累積超過40年以上的芳療經驗,活用於每項產品。*全系列產品皆於英國生產製造,產品全成分亦核實登錄於「化粧品產品登錄平台系統」,讓消費者自行查詢,增加購買的信任度,加強消費安全與權益之保障。*提供實用、貼近生活的居家精油配方小秘訣TISSERAND品牌由英國芳療大師Robert Tisserand於1974年創立。至今已經超過40年的歷史。堅持以專業正統、真正具有療效性的精油作為產品配方,竭盡全力於世界各地找尋有機、品質最好的成分來源。擁有最佳的生產團隊,產品於英國製造,不僅產程符合國際GMP程序要求,生產工廠榮獲UKAS ISO 9001國際品質管理認證,更與歐盟新化妝品法規相符,確保產品對人體健康與安全無害。APP特色1.活動即時更新,最新資訊絕不錯過!2.用Facebook帳號或手機號碼即可輕鬆加入會員!3.7天鑑賞期讓您安心購物4.手機付款系統,使用SSL 128bits最高安全等級加密5.不定時推出APP用戶專屬限定好康活動!6.24小時購物不打烊歡迎來TISSERAND AROMATHERAPY英國滴莎藍德粉絲團一起當自己的芳療師。
Bask - Dozens of stores in Natal for you to buy and receive the fair at home
Why waste your time and stress making the fair? Bask is an app designed to make your life easier. Do not take lines, no traffic, no carry bags!Choose your store, mount your order, pay for the app and receive it at home whenever you want.Do not pay more for thisAll products in Bask have the same or lower price than what you would find in the physical store* Charge may be charged.Escape from stressDo not carry more packages, do not push cart, flee the traffic and forget the queues.Save your timeDo the show by the app and use the time you've saved with what really matters.Choose your favorite productsAnd be notified by Bask whenever they go on sale.Enjoy the promotionsCheck out all the store promotions that are available in your area.Find what you wantDo you have difficulty finding a product? Just enter the name of the product in the Bask, order and receive at home.Receive everything in your timeChoose the best day, time, and place to receive your in-app purchases.Fill the refrigerator in secondsSave your favorite lists in Bask. When..
Raise money for your charity & cause while shopping with the easyfundraising app
easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity fundraising site – you spend, brands donateSign up via the easyfundraising app and see your favourite brands donate to a cause you care about whenever you spend with them.We turn your daily shopping into everyday magic!easyfundraising has partnerships with over 7,000 brands who will donate part of what you spend on their website to a cause of your choice. It won't cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand.Brands pay us a commission because when you start your shop from the easyfundraising website or app, they can see we sent you to them and if you make a purchase, a commission is generated, and we turn that into a donationmagic!easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity shopping site1. Install the app2. Search a cause to register your account with3. Open the easyfundraising app whenever you need to shop online and search for brands4. We will redirect you to their website and tell them to donate part of what you spend to the cause you choose5. Track all the donations in your accountWe’re..
Integrate all aspects of digital grocery into one seamless shopping experience.
Add features and functionality to your business and give your customers a seamless online shopping experience. App is a fully customisable which means it can be design & modified to your requirement.All-in-one marketing & technology solution for your online store.Delivery Options :Time Slots/ Bulk, Express Delivery & Pick-up from the store. Let your customer choose their preferred way of getting their orders delivered.Tailored to your personal preferences.Grocbay Enterprise can be customised to your requirement from B2B to B2C, with custom modules to suit your businessPay as your goChoose Between our Subscription-based billing and One-time charges to suit your business requirementsWallet & Promotional ActivitiesCashBack, Refer & Earn, Signup Bonus, Loyalty Points, Promo codes & MoreRun promotional campaigns on your store to provide the best prices to your customersShopping Lists, Repeat order, Bulk OrderEnable Weekly / Monthly shopping lists and ordering products in a go. Buyers can also order with a picture for your support representative to compete the order.MembershipRetain Customers, Get more Repeat orders with Membership. Offer discounted prices & different delivery charges to your Membership customersSubscriptionLet your customers load cash..
Bubble Cart is an online store
Bubble Cart is an online store
All types of piercings, ordered before 5 pm shipped today.
The specialist for all piercings. At you will find the piercing that you are looking for at a competitive price. Ordered before 17:00 is shipped today.
The finest in international Design: shop, get inspired and design!
Architecture and Design at just one click away. Archiproducts is the largest product and material catalogue for Architecture and Design. It’s a unique tool available to all professionals, brands and design lovers looking for the best solutions to furnish, renovate and design indoor and outdoor spacesOver 200.000 products and 3500 brands, organized by category and with real-time updates. Thousands of Architects, Designers, resellers and professionals put their trust in Archiproducts to find products, materials and inspiration.► Check out Archiproducts Shop and benefit from exclusive offers and promotions! - iconic pieces and emerging Designers’ selections - shop selections to explore what’s trending in Design - safe payment and limited time offers - official reseller of the finest international brands - multilingual customer care service - customized shipping service, from the standard option to the “White Gloves” formula► Browse our online Magazine and find out the latest news and trends in Design and Architecture! - daily digest of news and press releases - the finest tips and trends from the international Design fairs (Salone del Mobile, Cersaie, MOM,) - video interviews with..
The easiest way to ask for Gas!
Com o app Cargnelutti Liquigás você compra seu gás de cozinha da maneira mais ágil, fácil e segura!
Buy your gas with a few clicks with the application Gas Vila Nova!
Compre seu gás com alguns cliques com o aplicativo Gás Vila Nova! É fácil, rápido é barato!
The easiest way to ask for gas
Com o FLUZAOGAS você pode pedir gás com apenas alguns toques! Chega de telefonemas demorados e decorar números.
Buy Gas as quickly, easily and securely!
Com o app DUDA GAS você compra seu gás de cozinha da maneira mais rápida, fácil e segura. São apenas alguns cliques até o seu gás chegar na porta da sua casa!
The most modern way to ask Gas
Peça gás com apenas alguns toques com este aplicativo!
The new way to ask for gas
Com o nosso app você compra seu gás de cozinha da maneira mais rápida, fácil e segura. Em apenas alguns toques seu botijão estará na porta da sua casa!
Ask gas and water with a few taps!
Peça gás e água com apenas alguns toques no aplicativo ATACADAO DO GAS!
The most modern way to ask Gas
Peça gás com apenas alguns toques com este aplicativo!
The easiest way to order gas!
Compre seu gás de cozinha da maneira mais rápida, fácil e segura com o app Ruan Gas. Com poucos toques seu gás estará na porta da sua casa!
Make shopping the easy way!
Com o app Delivery Expresso você faz suas compras da maneira mais fácil, rápida e segura! Em poucos minutos sua compra estará sendo entregue na porta de sua casa.


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