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【图】Hover: Fotografe textos e Ouça(截图1)【图】Hover: Fotografe textos e Ouça(截图2)【图】Hover: Fotografe textos e Ouça(截图3)


Needing to read your texts? Now with the Hover app you no longer need to read your texts. Photograph pages, documents, texts and books and listen with a natural voice in any language. Start listening to your texts with Hover now.

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Converter for Decimal bases, binary and hexadecimal. Supports the use of commas.
- Fractional converter (accepts the use of commas) for the Decimal base, binary and hexadecimal.- View the result of the conversion on all bases at once.- Allows you to copy the desired results.
Read out from the set button · direct input.
You can set buttons to read up to six at each location (tab).You can also read from direct input.Even if you have speech impairment or hearing impairment, you can read it with simple operation.Operation explanationFirst press and hold with the read button to set the button.It is possible to change it by long-pressing the name of the place (tab) so it is for home use or for going outYou can separate it clearly.To change the screen please press the lower tab or slide the screen left and right.
A simple and convenient tool to automatically find & remove duplicate files
Remo Duplicate File Remover is a powerful duplicate file remover app. It lets you easily search and remove the duplicate files on your android mobile phone and tablet. Nowadays, with so much storage space in android devices, we usually dump whatever we can until the storage fills up to its brim. And the next step most of us will do is try to delete useless files. But we often throw a blind eye to duplicate files. On an average, about 10% of any physical device is filled with duplicate files. Remo Duplicate File Remover will help you to delete these files and free up space on your Android device. Here’s a sample of some of the features packed into this lightweight app: - FreeRemo Duplicate File Remover is a free app- One Tap Scan – Just a tap will initiate scanning for entire storage space- Simple and easy-to-use interface- Displays three different Menu for Media, Documents and Others - You will even get notifications for new duplicate files in every 15 daysWorking with Remo Duplicate File Remover is easy: Click..
Download the australia calendar 2023, holiday calendar app
Download and enjoy our app australia calendar 2023, a calendar holiday app to enjoy and get to know each public holidays 2023 in your android phone.calendar australia 2023 is a tool to know special dates during the year. This app has a friendly interface, easy to use and connection to the servers is good optimized.Wherever you are, you can enjoy your australian calendar 2023 and never miss any special date of 2023 (moon calendar australia included).Comments or suggestions about your public holiday calendar australia; can send them to [email protected], or email us using the contact form inside the app, we will gladly solve them.You need an internet connection for correct use of your App calendar with holidays 2023.So, ¿what are you waiting for? Download now your app calendar with festivals and holidays 2023. And please don´t forget to share and comment in Play Store; your opinion is so important for us and help us to continue developing more Apps.Images in 2023 calendar app were downloaded from freepik and pixabay, these images for commercial use need attribution to the autor: Designed..
Flash light alert on incoming calls, text messages & any other notifications.
Flashlight alert is a smart app to alert you when you receive a phone call, text message & any other social notifications with the blink of your flashlight. Flash light call alert will help peoples in the night time when your android phone in the silent mode or mute. This flash light alert is very useful application for any android user.You can turn On / Off the flash alert any time.You can share this very useful flashlight alert application with friends & family members.
Summon Monsters like a boss with Master Summoner PFRPG 1e
Speed up summoning monsters in PFRPG 1eSupports Summon Monster and Summon Nature's AllyFind stat blocks easily, use the automated dice rollers, and track hit points easily. Use a wide range of options including Augment Summoning, Versatile Summoner and alternative Adventure Path summons.
Photo Converter: File Converter & JPEG Converter helps restore all your audio
💎 Photo Converter: File Converter & JPEG Converter is your number one application for converting image file formats on your device.💎 Photo Converter: File Converter & JPEG Converter app helps convert many images into jpg, png, webp, gif or pdf.💎JPEG Converter: JPG to PNG & Photo Converter App helps to convert from JPG / JPEG to PNG image or PNG to JPG / JPEG image.💎 Image Converter: File Converter & Photo Converter is a simple step to follow and convert your photos in the best format.💎 JPEG Converter: JPG to PNG & Photo Converter is mainly used when you have to share photos via the Internet in a slow network, you can easily convert.💎 This is an Image Converter: JPG to PNG & Picture Converter app to convert images to JPEG format.🎀 JPEG Converter: JPG to PNG & Picture Converter After simple steps to convert images like:💧 Select images from Gallery or directly from the camera.💧 Image Converter: JPG to PNG & Picture Converter applies the converted image in offline mode.💧JPEG Converter: PNG Converter & Convert Image has more than..
Check GPS coordinates, altitude, speed, location and all other GPS data.
GPS Data appyou can check any necessary GPS data. If you like sports, mountaineering, journey, running you can use it to check your results or external parameters like speed, altitude, location, etc.Using this app you get:- altitude and elevation (measures of the height of a point relative to some datumHeight above sea level)- the location (latitude and longitudeGPS coordinates, lat and long)- speed km/h or mph- the quality of the GPS signal- list of GPS satellites (the number of satellites, and PRN are the "pseudo random noise")- directioncompass (determining the geographical position)In this app you get the access to the necessary mobile data, you don't need navigation, GPS tracker or GPS Watch. With this app you can check sunrise and sunset time of the day, local UTC time, position on the world map and many others data.Have a fun with GPS data app !
Despacito Ringtone is large collection of music ringtone available in this app.
Ringtones Of Despacito :Ringtones Of Despacitoapp is the great collection of popular lovely Despacito songs and music as unique Despacito Ringtones which you can use as ringtone, notification, alarm, or assign to a contact and much more. These sound effects bring a level of immersion in sound unlike anything you have experienced before. We always choose high quality ringtones that are diversity, uniqueness and great fun for Ringtones Of Despacito app, particularly all of them are free. If you love Despacito music, you will definitely love to have one of the Despacito ringtones mp3 form this collection on your phone.Personalize your phone and be proud of your choice! All top sounds you need are here carefully picked to be "Ringtones Of Despacito” for your favorite notification and alert ringtones. Every time somebody hears the latest Despacito ringtone, they will know that it is you with these best sounds for Android.We always choose high quality ringtones that are diversity, uniqueness and great fun for Despacito Ringtones app, particularly all of them are free.Ringtones Of Despacito Features : - Top popular Ringtones..
SkipLock lets you skip past the lock screen when connected to wifi or bluetooth.
SkipLock is now free! Thank you to all my customers who have supported me over the years. I no longer have time to support this app, so I made it free for everyone. Enjoy!Tired of entering your password all the time? SkipLock lets you skip past the lock screen when you're connected to a designated wifi or bluetooth device. When you're at home or in your car, your phone is safe and you don't need to be typing in your password all the time. When you're connected to your wifi network, or a trusted bluetooth device, you can go straight to the home screen when you press the power button. You can even have it keep the phone unlocked while you're connected to a bluetooth smartwatch, headset, or car. As soon as the phone gets out of range, it locks.SkipLock is the leading password convenience app on the market. It's focus is on reliability, quality, and a great user experience. The setup wizard makes it easy to setup, and helpful dialogs are displayed if something isn't quite right. Forget about..
Read no more texts. Photograph pages, documents, texts and books and listen
Needing to read your texts? Now with the Hover app you no longer need to read your texts. Photograph pages, documents, texts and books and listen with a natural voice in any language. Start listening to your texts with Hover now.


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