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SATI studio is your place for personal growth through movement and mindfulness. Sara’s goal as teacher is to guide you safely into the hidden corners of your mind, body, and soul so that you can unlock your potential and become your best self. In this app you’ll find all Sara’s online courses, trainings, and on-demand classes. The SATI studio is designed to be accessible and offers classes for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

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Are you a true believer of Islam and belongs to a Muslim family? Its sounds good if you are a Muslim. Then there is a question for you that is how many total asma ul husna (Names of Allah) exist there in Islam (Quran o Sunhat). Do you know the meaning and description all of them and what are the benefits, attributes of reciting and memorizing these Allah Names? Well, you may or may not be aware with all of them but let me explain you all about names of Allah. There are total 99 names of Allah Pronounced as Asma ul Husna. Asma is an Arabic word which is equivalent to the English word "Name" and "Husna" stands for "Beautiful". So, as a whole term "Asma Ul Husna" stands for "Beautifull Names of Allah".There are 10 virtues of reading one word of QURAN Pak. So lets prepare for the life hereafter and read The Quran e Pak and Suggest this app to your friends and family to download and understand it every day. Learn the beautiful names of Allah..
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Ristorante Pio Nono, Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel, Ristorante Borgo Santa Giulia, Ristorante La Colombera. Pio Nono Group, quattro ristoranti tra la Franciacorta, magica terra dedita alla produzione di vino e con una grande tradizione gastronomica, e la città di Brescia, una realtà storica e artistica tutta da scoprire. Godetevi un soggiorno tra le più belle location presenti sul nostro territorio e lasciatevi incantare dalle proposte dei Ristoranti del Gruppo, sempre al primo posto per eleganza, ottima cucina e servizio.All'interno dell'App del PNGroup potrete scorrere una sintesi dei servizi offerti dai Ristoranti del Gruppo, e registrarvi gratuitamente per ottenere la vostra PNG Card, indispensabile tessera virtuale da utilizzare per godere di tutti i vantaggi dedicati ai nostri migliori Clienti.Effettuando la registrazione sarà possibile accedere all'area riservata, navigabile solamente dai Clienti che effettueranno l'accesso: da qui la possibilità di ricevere notifiche, di visualizzare gli eventi in anteprima e di richiedere prenotazioni con pochi semplici "tap".Ottieni la tua PNG Card e scopri i vantaggi riservati ai TitolariPresenta la PNG Card in una qualsiasi delle location del Gruppo Pio Nono al momento del pagamento:..
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Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make plain cakes more visually interesting. Alternatively, cakes can be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things.Cakes are decorated to mark a special celebration (such as a birthday or wedding). They can also mark national or religious holidays, or be used to promote commercial enterprises. However, cakes may be baked and decorated for almost any social occasion.Cake decorating originated in 17th century Europe. During the 1840s, the advent of temperature-controlled ovens and the production of baking powder made baking cakes much easier.As temperature control technology improved, an increased emphasis on presentation and ornamentation developed Cakes began to take on decorative shapes, were adorned with additional icing formed into patterns and flowers, and food coloring was used to accent frosting or layers of cake.Cake decorations are adornments or embellishments that are placed on top or around cakes. Cake decorations can be made of edible material or food-safe plastics.Cake recipes and decorating don't have to be complicated and difficult. Simple,..
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Your personalized Feng Shui guide- includes compass for you and your home.
Feng Shui companion is just that: your indispensable companion on your Feng Shui (or Fengshui, if you prefer!) journeyDesigned to be easy to use, with what you need at your fingertips.FREE, AD-SUPPORTED VERSIONFeatures:- Calculate your Chinese Zodiac animal and element- Calculate your Kua number (using the Chinese calendar)- Calculate your auspicious and inauspicious directions- Handy compass for finding your lucky directions- Traditional Bagua compass- Modern Bagua compassIncludes a wealth of information and ideas on how to improve your chi, at home, work and in-between!With this app you will be able to use the power of the feng shui compass to find your auspicious directions for:- Financial wealth and prosperity- Mental, physical and spiritual health- Luck in love, for your marital relationship and your family- Good fortune in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.And avoid your inauspicious directions:- Chi associated with setbacks and disappointments- Those who would speak ill or scheme against you- Accidents, financial loss, poor social standing and death- Illness, injury and financial ruin.Unlike some other apps, none of your data is shared by Feng Shui Companion, so..
AEON VIETNAM Mobile App - brings users the modern & optimal shopping experience!
AEON VIETNAM Mobile Appbrings users the modern & optimal shopping experience!With this application, customers no longer need to carry hard cards, never having to worry about forgetting cards, experience the full shopping service with just a few simple steps:o QUICK AND EASY NEW MEMBER REGISTRATIONThere is no need to register in-store, instead users can download and perform a few simple steps on the mobile application o ACCUMULATING POINTS AND REDEEMING VOUCHERS EASILY• Scan barcodes to accumulate points• Check accumulated points• Redeem Evoucher right awayo ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT 24/7• Check the accumulated points history, redeem vouchers• Manage and update personal information quicklyo NEVER MISS INFORMATION ABOUT ATTRACTIVE PROMOTIONS• Receive notifications of outstanding promotions and events• View the shopping catalog directly on your phone • Update utilities, customer care serviceso TOGETHER WITH OTHER UTILITIES ALWAYS UPDATED DAILY• Bus information to Aeon• Connect and communicate via Aeon channel feature• Find the fastest route from your location to AeonDownload & experience the Aeon Vietnam mobile app NOW! Accompanying Aeon to elevate services – complete shopping experience!
Dog and puppy training delivered through in-app text and video calls.
GoodPup’s one-on-one video call training is today’s most effective dog training program.Using video calls, we bring you the top trainers from across the country, so you and your pup work with the absolute best. Our certified trainers will guide you through a course that includes a weekly video call, daily training goals, and text check-ins for whenever you have questions.Why GoodPup Training Is So Effective1. By using video calls, you get to work with the best trainers from across the country.You get a course that is built for how pups actually learn. Complete daily goals set during your video session and check in with your trainer over text whenever you need help.2. You and your pup train at homean environment that has fewer distractions and where your pup is already comfortable.3. GoodPup uses positive reinforcement training, which is backed by the American Veterinary Medical Association.How It Works1. Weekly Video Call: You’ll work with your trainer one-on-one each week to learn commands and practice.2. Daily Goals: Your trainer will give you short, focused exercises for you and your pup.3. Text Check-Ins:..
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Introducing 'Greeting Quotes', a mobile application that you might always wanted to have. In festivals, whiles sending wishes to your loved ones, did you ever thought that if there would be an application which would have greeting messages and greeting images at one place and all you have to do is simply send it through the application? The best part is you can share it through any social platform. Delight everyone by sending them beautiful messages on every festival. We add new messages every day. Benefits of Installing Greeting Quotes:• Get greeting messages for every festival at a single destination.• Share it through social media.• Get a new motivational quote everyday which will make your day.• Save images into your device.• Get notify with images and messages added to the application. Rate us if you really like it and receiving your reviews will be our honor.
Records Calendar helps you to keep your notes, memos, emotions, interests.
Simple and easy to use calendar (FOR NON-Russian: SUPPORTED ONLY RUSSIAN AND UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE, SORRY!!)Records Calendar helps you keep your records, memos, emotions, interests, everything that can be summarized in the text. Opening a new calendar with the date you may find that in the past there was something about what you have forgotten, and calendar kept for you. Interested in historical records and surprise, the calendar will not forget about the holidays for you and your friends.Request: bugs, write me an email, click on "Write to developer". Thank you!Due to a bug updates from 19.11.2013 1.05.02fix 1.05.2 update from 20.11.2013 index version is not changed.Version 1.06Added:- Line Numbering in the editor.- Highlighting the current line editor.- Manage the size of the font in the records and diary editor, history and events.- Select the directory path to backup diary entries.- Backups are more diary entries are not overwritten, and named according to the time of creation.- Ability to restore journal entries from any backup created earlier.- Added holidays.Fixed:- Recording distant from their holidays was not removed on the main page.Version..
Move, Eat, Get Inspired!
Join the SimpleFit family! SimpleFit is a meal prep and fitness app by Yovana Mendoza designed to make eating healthy and getting fit in a fun and practical way! Offering over 100 recipes, meal plans, recipe videos, daily inspiration, at home workout routines, yoga and meditation videos. SimpleFit has meal plans for your specific needs and your eating preferences to help you get in the best shape of your life and reach your health goals! FeaturesRECIPESOver 100 recipes ranging from breakfasts, main meals, snacks, juices, and smoothies. Recipes come with nutritional information, step by step instructions, photos, and instructional videos.Choose the number of servings you want to make of any recipe and the ingredients will be modified. Add recipes to your grocery shopping list and have it ready to go when you go out shopping. Ability to save your favorite recipes.MEAL PLANS SimpleFit app will design a plan that is right for you and tailored to your needs based on your gender, height, weight, and health goal (lose weight, maintain, or gain). You can choose from Plant-Based, Vegetarian, Regular, Keto,..
Relaxation, Sleep, Awakening
Reconnect to your essence and reveal your full potential!Gaia Meditation is one of the most complete applications to transform your whole being. Meditation, relaxation, sleep, vibrational music, subconscious reprogramming, guided breathing, motivational and awakening videos, everything is on Gaia Meditation!More than 340,000 people already enjoy our content on a daily basis.Gaia Meditation is accessible to everyone. It is a unique resource, a true holistic guide, allowing you to improve your physical well-being, to balance your emotional and mental body, and to increase your spiritual dimension.The main advantages of the application:- Exclusive content- Without advertising- Regular news- Airplane mode: Offline listening- Broadcast on all your devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, TV)- Possibility of listening with screen saver- Favorites Playlist- Advanced search by title or keywords- Instant notifications of news and content posted online- Daily Inspirational Quotes- Sharing community with a private in-app group- Auto sleep timer (coming soon)Raise your vibratory level and align yourself with your highest aspirations thanks to our catalog of more than 400 audios and videos:- Guided meditations: relaxation and sleep, stress and anxiety management, letting go, self-confidence, mindfulness,..
This Handstand App will make you rethink your strength and balance!
This Handstand App will make you rethink your strength and balance! You'll learn how to break down the different components of Handstand into a consumable format, making the learning process easy to follow with short and sweet videos covering tons of different Handstand skills & drills!Your Handstand training categories are broken down into:1. Motivation and Mindset: Quick 2-minute videos covering everything from motivation, success stories, your nervous system, skill acquisition, and a wide variety of other topics! Watch one of these every time you kick off your practice to get yourself in the right headspace.2. Warm-Up Routines: You'll get to choose how you want to warm up for your particular Handstand session, based on your goals. All of the Warm-Up Routines will put you in the prime state to practice your Handstand!3. Movement Drills: Learning the movement patterns of Scissor, Tuck, Straddle, and Pike are crucial for getting your Handstand, so this section gives you tons of drills you can use to install these patterns into your body!4. Shape Drills: After you learn how to move more smoothly into your..
Meditation. Sleep. Hypnosis.
Are you ready for deep and restful sleep? Are you ready to fully relax? Are you ready to unlock the power of your mind? Now is your time to go deeper. Now is your time to simply relax. Now is the TIME for YOU.Join SLEEP with Yogi Bryan to unlock hundreds of meditations to explore deep tranquility, deep stillness, and even deeper sleep.Terms of this product: Policy:
The official Wheel With Me App
An app built by wheelchair users for wheelchair users. We are exhausted of having to adapt abled bodied workouts or doing senior workouts.Are you sick of asking why can’t I find an app for seated fitness? .-Finally an app that caters to a seated athletes fitness!-Monthly Challenges-Collection of adaptive workouts to improve fitness, improve independence, and improve your confidence!-Functional Mobility-Bands-Floor workouts-Cardio-Strength-Recipes-Daily Inspiration
-& so much more!Improve your fitness from anywhere with the Wheel With Me Fit App!Terms of this product: Policy:
Sleep, meditate, relax. Guided hypnosis, mindfulness, anxiety relief & self care
Experience the Ultimate Hypnosis & Meditation App for Android – Your Path to Calm, Self Care, and Guided MeditationWelcome to Ultimate Hypnosis, the app that unlocks the door to a stress-free life while enhancing your overall well-being. Are you dealing with anxiety, struggling to manage your weight, or determined to quit smoking? Look no further! Our powerful hypnotherapy and meditation app is the answer to all your concerns. With a diverse range of NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) tracks, we empower you to conquer insomnia and discover inner calm & practice self care.Tailored Solutions for Your Unique NeedsWhether you're grappling with insomnia, determined to quit smoking, or embarking on a weight management journey, Ultimate Hypnosis offers tools & resources for self care via self-help hypnotherapy sessions customized to your specific requirements. Our holistic approach addresses a wide spectrum of health issues, including confidence management, anxiety, addictions, phobias, stress management, and more.Guided Meditation and BeyondUnlock the power of guided meditation in addition to hypnotherapy with our app's free sessions, including:1. Binaural Deep Sleep2. Morning Meditation For A Productive Day3. Awaken & Ascend4...
Great for all levels!
Yin Yoga is a style of yoga where we hold stretches for longer periods of time and focus on building flexibility and deepening your meditation practice. So many of us are so stressed with so much on our plates and not enough time for ourselves. Come relax, unwind, and feel better one deep slow breath at a time. This app provides classes that are great for all levels, including those who have never practiced yoga before. No advanced flexibility is required. Terms of this product: Policy:
Mindset & Mental Training
MindStrong Sport makes training your mind easier.You don’t just go to the gym once for your physical health. The same goes for your mind.One thing that can separate the best from the rest as athletes is their mindset & mental skills.Athletes are after the extra 1%1% of your day is 14 minutes12 minutes of meditation (mental exercise) is proven to be the number that allows you to get the psychological benefit.MindStrong Sport uses performance psychology, as well as traditional methods to bring mental performance and wellbeing to you in an easy-to-access way.While many athletes focus on their physical and technical games, the difference is made in the mental game.MindStrong Sport is designed to be your mental coach in your pocket.From a range of exercises, meditations and physical practices to help you be in control of your performance, combat anxiety, and bring out your most confident self.While a sports psychologist may cost anywhere between £150-500 a session. Our intro to performance mindset offer is available so that athletes can access the basic skills, while subscribers can access all exercises, meditations, Sport..
Movement & mindfulness
SATI studio is your place for personal growth through movement and mindfulness. Sara’s goal as teacher is to guide you safely into the hidden corners of your mind, body, and soul so that you can unlock your potential and become your best self. In this app you’ll find all Sara’s online courses, trainings, and on-demand classes. The SATI studio is designed to be accessible and offers classes for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.Terms: Policy:
Stretching, yoga & mobility training app to improve flexibility & reduce stress.
Transform your life through stretching exercises, yoga and mobility training at home or on the go with classes, stretch & mobility routines, challenges, and more with instructor Sam Gach.With the Stretch app, build the optimal stretching habit to reach your goals, from increasing flexibility or relieving stress to reducing pain or improving posture.FEATURES- Full length stretching, mobility training and yoga classes for all levels- Stretch routines for all muscle groups- Stretches and routines for whatever your needs may be- Challenges to kickstart your practice- User profile to track your journey- Streaks and reminders to build a consistent habit- More stretches, routines, classes, and challenges added regularlyStretching Exercises: Enhance Your Flexibility:The Stretch app empowers you to build the ideal stretching routine that suits your goals, whether that's achieving impressive flexibility, reducing stress, alleviating discomfort, or perfecting your posture. Mobility Training: Unlock Your Mobility Potential Mobility is the key to a more active, pain-free, and agile life. Stretch’s mobility training is designed to help you build an optimal mobility routine, enabling you to move with grace and ease. Whether you aim to..

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