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Join the future of coffee culture like never before with the Coffee House app! Say goodbye to waiting – order your favorite drinks from anywhere, choose your preferred pickup spot, and enjoy the convenience. Plus, unlock rewards, access in-app exclusive offers, and plan your day smoothly. Join the Coffee House community and download the app today!

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Craving a hot brewed coffee or creamy vanilla latte, but need to skip the line? The Water Street Coffee Joint app will let you do just that. You can browse our current menu, customize your order, and conveniently purchase all on your phone or tablet. Pick your order up from any location without waiting in line and have your receipt emailed to you. You can also schedule an order for future pickup. App users are enrolled in our loyalty rewards program where they will receive exclusive member discounts. Customers earn points for every purchase they make and can choose to donate them to a local charity or receive discounts on their orders. The Water Street Coffee Joint app will help you find the nearest location, get directions, or contact the store directly.
Application for food delivery.
With this app you can:- view the menu of the restaurant- order delivery without going outdoors- receive notifications about the order status- make preorders for your parties
See our list of products and place your order through the App.
Baixe nosso App e aproveite!
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Become a Favorite Guest in the CHIN CHIN Asian café chain all over Ukraine!
CHIN CHIN is near!Become a Favorite Guest in the CHIN CHIN Asian cuisine café chain all over Ukraine!In the CHIN CHIN app you will get access to all the necessary information about the café of the chain and can become a member of the "Favorite Guest" bonus system.You no longer need discount cardsjust download our application, go through a simple registrationand your bonus account is always in your smartphone.Traveling around Ukraine? Information about all the café of our network is at your fingertips, and your favorite dishes are always nearby!In the app you will find:- List our café- Contact details- Actual menu of each café- News, promotions and events of each restaurant and chain as a whole- Information about the bonus system "Favorite Guest"- Personal account with complete order history, automatic bonus points system and their current balance- Ability to leave a review- Information about delivery
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The IQ Pizza app is the most convenient and fastest way to order a delicious pizza! Install the IQ Pizza app and get online access to our delivery service anytime, anywhere.Order pizza delivery home or take pizza with you by visiting our establishments. Browse the detailed menu with descriptions of the ingredients of each dish and beautiful photos, read the pages of IQ Pizza on social networks and share them with friends.Using our application, you can:independently form and pay for orders;choose a convenient payment method for you;set the time at which you would like to pick up the order from our office;set the time of delivery of the order home;Using the mobile application IQ Pizza, you can easily order pizza for every taste and size. Available in the app sorting by price, detailed descriptions and quality photos of dishes will help you choose exactly what you want.
The #bulochki app)) is created for your convenience.
The #bulochki app)) is created for your convenience. With its help, you can receive more discounts, accumulate bonuses, and pay for orders with them.#bulochki is always fresh baked goods with a lot of filling. Real jam!You will always find what you need on the menu: from coffee and hot dog to freshly baked bread. Exactly what you want today.We offer both classic recipes and unusual combinations for your taste experiment.In the interface you will find the bakery closest to you #bulochki , news and promotions, a complete history of orders, as well as the balance of your bonuses.Join the community of your #bulochki friends))
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Food delivery IGOGO is a premium delivery service for Italian, European and Japanese food in Vinnytsia. We instantly deliver food home and to the office for an atmospheric dinner and celebration of the most grand events in a large company. Delivery time39 minutes in the green zone and 59 minutes in the yellow; neither traffic jams nor broken elevators will stop us.At IGOGO you can order classic or home-made sushi, as well as Italian pizza and pizzerias; the juiciest burgers; the most delicious salads, pastas and desserts in your life. We guarantee the quality of the products, the freshness of the ingredients and the portion size, which will pleasantly surprise you. Our couriers bring exceptionally good mood and festive food!IGOGOthe best premium delivery in Vinnytsia for true connoisseurs!The mobile application allows:• view the delivery menu of igogo;• make an order in seconds;• learn about the composition of dishes;• order again;• stay up to date with the latest news.
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Install the app and manage bonusesCheck the balance on the card, view past purchases and use the card scanner app in the cafe, and accumulate and calculate points.Take part in promotions and receive gifts for the holidays, as well as keep abreast of the latest news thanks to push notifications
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G-Group is a guide to a network of restaurants in Odessa and Chernomorsk.With this application, you can get all the necessary information about our restaurants as well as become a member of the bonus system "Favorite Guest".You no longer need to carry a plastic card, download the G-Group mobile app, and the card will always be on your phone. Attached you will find:⁃ Complete information about each restaurant.⁃ Restaurant menu.⁃ news, promotions, and events of our restaurants.⁃ Information about our Bonus program “Favorite Guest”.⁃ Personal account with a full history of charging and debiting and the current balance of bonuses⁃ Ability to leave feedback.⁃ Information about delivery.
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The Pizza Day app is designed to give you a hot pizza in a few clicks.Now we have more than a hundred establishments in 14 cities of Ukraine. We have delicious and fast pizza at competitive prices.In the interface you will find Pizza Day establishments closest to you, current news, order history, as well as your bonuses.Here you can place an order in one click, and you will always be aware of current promotions and discounts.
Sharikava Application - is a personal Guest Card in your phone
Sharikava Applicationis a personal Guest Card in your phone.Install the Application and:- Get a 5%-10% cashback- Pay with bonuses- Order online- Take a part in promotions.

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Cashback is very low. Physical cards were much better in terms of value


App was updated, but I still can't register - message "the guest can't complete this request" appears every time :(


There's a bug at the sign up page. The 3rd field don't have a label.


Doesn't work


Там где пустое место, надо написать свой емаил


Непонятно, как регистрироваться, в третьем поле просто не указано, что нужно вводить


Չեմ կարողանում գրանցվել, անձնական տվյալները լրացնելուց հետո չի թողնում առաջ գնալ։


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