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Heco – Yo Reciclo App DESCRIPTION

As you read it!
With the I RECYCLE App you accumulate Ecopix points to redeem them in different commercial establishments in your neighborhood.

A project created by the GuiaPix Foundation “Reciclar Paga” where we place technology at the service of the environment by fighting against climate change.

♻ We managed to unite 3 segments of society, the recyclers, the community of the residential area and the community of the commercial area.

👩 You, being part of the residential area, accumulate Ecopix points for each recycling delivery you make to the ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFIER.
How do I earn EcoPix Points?
Request the collection of your recycling at the address you want, an Environmental Certifier will accept your request and go to the address; Report the delivery of heavy recycling (The Certifier must weigh the recycling for you) and read the QR code found on the Environmental Certifier’s card, in the same way you can deliver your recycling to any Environmental Certifier that identifies with its Green Signature (Carnet with QR code)

🧳Free advertising for just committing to recycling? With the “Reciclar Paga” project in the Reciclo App you will be able to boost and promote your social networks and website paying with your Ecopix points for reactions to your publications, pay for each follower, like, share or visit and exponentially increase your reach in the digital area and that’s not all! Also, receive an advertising guideline for your venture or business, doing what? Delivering your recycling to an Environmental Certifier.
We created the Guiapix App as a virtual showcase, where you can search for and advertise any product or service you need or offer, achieving an economic recovery in our area.

👨🦰We dignify the work of the recycler by trade when you make the decision to download the Recycle App, at that moment, you begin to separate your waste in a correct way, we teach you; Then, you will deliver them to the now aptly named, ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFIER.
With this work, we get a decent job, where recyclers will no longer look in garbage bags and will increase the amount of recycling they collect when you raise awareness and hand-in-hand your recycling.
*Identifies the Environmental Certifier (Trade Recycler) with a Card that includes a QR code on his arm*

Be part of this excellent work and become SuperEco!
Spread the word, raise awareness and motivate your friends to start recycling with the RECYCLE App and if you need to benefit more, we will reward you with EcoPix for your referrals 💰

📍Where can you recycle with RECYCLE?
We are a Colombian entrepreneurship 🇨🇴, you can currently find Environmental Certifiers in Bogotá D.C and Granada Meta, help us educate and achieve a collective garbage organization in your city.

Contact us:
+57 314 860 6553

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