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Ultimate live trading program
Our live trading program helps you to understand even the minutest details of the stock market. Our program contains various strategies for different types of trading i.e.for swing trader, intraday trader etc and helps you book enormous amounts of profit in the market. Learn from the most basic to the most advanced of the stock market from us, to trade like a pro.Trust us once and we are sure that you would transform from being a neophyte in the market to a pro who would be mindful of his stock market decisions.

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Connect with Powerbulls in an efficient and transparent manner
Ultimate live trading programOur live trading program helps you to understand even the minutest details of the stock market. Our program contains various strategies for different types of trading i.e.for swing trader, intraday trader etc and helps you book enormous amounts of profit in the market. Learn from the most basic to the most advanced of the stock market from us, to trade like a pro.Trust us once and we are sure that you would transform from being a neophyte in the market to a pro who would be mindful of his stock market decisions.
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I started for trading without any knowledge with a capital of 5lakhs. After some days I lost around 2lakhs in options trading. That time I searched for a institute from where I can do actual study in stock market. And finally find Powerbulls and after joining with them within 1month their great teaching and guiding technique help me to recover the earlier loss amount. Now a days monthly I earned more then the loss amount. Thank you Powerbulls team and also the one and only Nitesh Sir.


Aap is awesome, I gain lot of knowledge after joining the.


Excellent trading experience with Sir, I have learn more, improve trading skills


For a beginner the powerbulls is of massive help. You learn from basic concepts in trading to advanced strategies. The live trading sessions and classes helps you to learn and earn at the same time.


Very bad app, only indicator sale any time, my mony lost 7k COURCE + 2k telegram vip + mera 60k+ loss = all most 70k loss very bad services 🥲🥲🥲🥲


Good Learning app


Powerbulls app is super app


very easy learning


Wonderful App... Really i am thankful to Nitesh Sir for such a Great Knowledge share and Giving us Live market experience 👍❣️... Thank You so much Nitesh sir and Powerbull Team👍🙏❣️


Good , no loss indicator


The best learning platform with earning and very much cooperative management team. Nitesh Sir is the best mentor of the POWER BULLS team and clients.


Very very useful and totally Advance Also different Platform


It's very easy to use and the developer knows what exactly user face problem after opening the app all such problems are covered and very easy to use. Contents are really worthy. It's very good app for stock market.


I am feeling lucky to know about this application, I have never traded so much, I have learned so much from this app team thank you very much.


We have learnt so much from you Thank you so much I was doubtful in beginning but when I started learning it became easy with your guidance Thank you


Best learning platform for all, who are thinking to enter in this field please join powerbulls they provide all help and guidance in form of classes, live trading practice...give you complete information.


It's very good Teching and easy to learn thank🙏❤❤ so much power bull and team sir.


Really good learning for beginners and also people who are working in Share market. and really good support staff.


This app is awesome. It help me lot for making money. It have many kind of courses related to stock market and also have many kind of indicators which work awesome 😊.


I've never completed a course like this before and I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would defintely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends. I will be looking into taking more of these classes through Power Bull platform in the near future. Thank you!"