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Singhkori Education is a premier learning app designed to cater to the needs of students at every level. With its comprehensive library of video lectures, study materials, and interactive quizzes, the app covers a wide range of subjects and ensures a holistic learning experience. The user-friendly interface enables students to navigate seamlessly through the content and access resources on-demand. Singhkori Education also offers personalized guidance through experienced tutors, providing students with the necessary support to achieve their academic goals. Whether you’re preparing for school exams or competitive tests, Singhkori Education is your ultimate study companion.

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More & More 3. Sınıf Dijital Eğitim Platformu yıl boyunca çocuğunuzun elinizden düşmeyecek bir uygulama olacak. Yıl içerisinde yapılacak güncellemelerle birlikte sektördeki en kapsamlı uygulamaya şimdiden sahip olun. 100 oyuns sahip uygulamamız ile sıkılmadan bol tekrar yapma fırsatına sahip olacaksınız. Milli eğitim müfredatına tamamen uygun bu uygulama ile çocuğunuz İngilizceyi eğlenerek öğrenecek. Her yıl uygulamaya eklenecek sürprizlere hazır olun. İngilizce eğitiminde geliştirdiğimiz dijital oyun temelli yöntem ile çocuğunuz 4 beceriye (okuma, yazma, dinleme ve konuşma) göre kendini test edebilecek.
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Latihan Soal dan Ulangan Tematik 6 (enam) Untuk Sekolah Dasar Kelas 1 (satu) SD/MI edisi revisi terbaru (2016/2017) yang didesain khusus untuk Handphone/Tablet Android sehingga lebih cepat dalam pengoperasian serta ringan dijalankan di Handphone. Aplikasi ini dibuat berdasarkan BSE (Buku Sekolah Elektronik) dari Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan untuk kepentingan pendidikan dan memudahkan siswa belajar dimana saja dan kapan saja melalui perangkat android. BSE merupakan Buku Gratis yang hak patennya dimiliki oleh Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan dan diperbolehkan disebarkan kepada siapapun untuk kepentingan pendidikan.Aplikasi latihan soal ini disediakan pada setiap sub tema dan ulangan pada setiap tema.Soal akan muncul secara acak pada setiap latihan, terdiri dari lebih dari 250 soal yang bevariasi. Untuk memudahkan belajar siswa diberi 2 kali kesempatan dalam menjawab setiap soal subtema dan 1 kali kesempatan untuk soal ulangan.Tim Pengembang:Developer : Om KikikAplikasi : Pak Dhe GepengValidator Soal : Muhmammad Kholilulloh HarisudinAnimasi : Abdurahman Wahid
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Singhkori Education is a premier learning app designed to cater to the needs of students at every level. With its comprehensive library of video lectures, study materials, and interactive quizzes, the app covers a wide range of subjects and ensures a holistic learning experience. The user-friendly interface enables students to navigate seamlessly through the content and access resources on-demand. Singhkori Education also offers personalized guidance through experienced tutors, providing students with the necessary support to achieve their academic goals. Whether you're preparing for school exams or competitive tests, Singhkori Education is your ultimate study companion.

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Best app for clearing all the conceps of maths. The teaching methodology is marvellous and very effective. All the doubts resolved immediately and efficiently. One of the best app of the world for learnings maths and overcome all your fears of math in a very lucid way. . .


Amazing app.......and faculties......but this is .... starting phase.....on this field (ssc) ....I wish......the future of this app......with the India's best...... coaching... plateform 😊😊


Best app for maths if you are preparing for SSC CGL . Really really thanks to Pawan Rao sir . He make maths easy and understandable for me. First time I'm enjoying studying maths in my life. Love grace and Respect to Pawan Rao sir🙏🏻 keep smiling keep going sir. And last but not the least the app is working really smooth than any other I used for study. No more technical issues are comes ever.


Very good platform for education🎓 💯👍 because of pawan rao sir ❤. He is the best teacher of maths and for ssc and other competitive exam.


App works very well . don't face any problem still now . castomar care is very active and helpful always give answers of every query
Thank you so much 😊


This teacher is teaching maths fantastic in the world 🌎 🌍 and I am always honourable this teacher in my life ❤️🙏🙏


Got problem at first instance when tried to open app But the team solved it and personally clarified it with atmost clear information politely Thank you


App works in an excellent manner and nothing problem was faced still. The singhkori education team are gentle and services which are provided to me absolutely fine and great. I am happy with this service
Thanks you so much dear for your feedback 😊


This is very good app works very well give notification quick about all things and clear any doubts immediately
Thanks you so much Dear 🙏


Thank you singhkori education team for giving me a instant support this is the best part about this education app service,and the app also run very smooth no legging iam happy to ba a student of singhkori Education.
Singhkori, Hi Rahul , thank you for rating our app.


When i open app it works fine for 5 min then it suddenly close automatically, i tries to reinstall app but nothing . Restarting device also not work .Please solve this .


This is a very good app & works it very well specially time to time notification & messages before next class. Content exam based for central job.


Very helpful and user friendly application where I also purchased the course.


Showing Suspicious activity while i opeing app. And can't open.. Pls solved it


This is a very good app and works very well. Time to time up to date with messages and notifications


I have purchased a free course at this app ,Thank you so much for this amazing oppurtunity , its a blessing for all the students .


This singhkori education app is very useful for poor students.... It helps them improve their knowledge


Fully helpful for students in hi board exam. In less cost provide more informative way. Its make student study life easy


A verified and amazing platform for studies...I will suggest everyone to download this app it will help you to make your studies more effective.. Thanks
Thank you so much Darshil 😊


This is a good platform for students. I have joined it and access great study.