We are proud to announce the new Godless app!




Welcome to the Godless app!

Godless is THE underground + indie horror ebook + audio book store that amplifies the voices of self-publish/independent authors + publishers.

At Godless, you can get exclusive horror that you can’t get ANYWHERE else. You can also get exclusive, original, monthly series that lean more toward serialized television shows.

If you’re looking for extreme horror, splatterpunk, bizarro horror, ghost stories, zombie tales, or anything that explores the dark side of fiction… look no further.

Venture outside of the mainstream and embrace the darkness!

There is nothing like Godless and there is no easier way to get into indie horror than with the Godless app!

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Underground + Indie Horror
Welcome to the Godless app! Godless is THE undergroundindie horror ebookaudio book store that amplifies the voices of self-publish/independent authorspublishers. At Godless, you can get exclusive horror that you can't get ANYWHERE else. You can also get exclusive, original, monthly series that lean more toward serialized television shows.If you're looking for extreme horror, splatterpunk, bizarro horror, ghost stories, zombie tales, or anything that explores the dark side of fictionlook no further.Venture outside of the mainstream and embrace the darkness!There is nothing like Godless and there is no easier way to get into indie horror than with the Godless app!

Godless App DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle Play



Pretty Pointless App doesn't seem to do much that can't be done on the website. I installed the app because I thought library management would be improved, but you can't even access your digital content without being asked to log in again. I am sure it is just dumping the user to the webpage. The app even suggested I download the app while using it! Maybe in a few years the utility would be improved. No real point right now.


The app keeps closing after about 30 seconds. It would be nice if you could see how many pages a book is, you don't know if your getting a novel or 12 page story


For lovers of body horror and cheap books.


I love Godless! Customer service is fast and effective when ive needed to use it. Every time i order a digital copy it is emailed directly to me with a link. If you cant download your purchase simply look in your email. Its not the app developers fault you missed it, im looking at you people who left 1 star reviews. i order from them every six months and they always include something free. The app is amazing and ive had no issues with it even when im using an outdated device or any android.


Best way to buy Indie books and support indie artists!


It's a badass app for fans of horror fiction where you can get cheap amazing books and support indie horror!


love it! extreme horror is the best!


I just only found their site and so far I am really loving the selection of books at absolutely perfect prices!!!


If you like reading messed up stuff this app is amazing. If you like cheap prices for disturbing books this is where it's at.


The BEST Horror app out there for horror material, books etc!! It's an absolute must have app.


GODLESS IS SERVICE-LESS. My husband & i, love audiobooks. Godless has a great selection, BUT no customer service. It has been over 2 weeks & We still cannot access the download we purchased!


I've only used the app for 2 books so far but with both I've found that downloading your purchase is like pulling teeth. It says I can't access my content without being logged in even though I'm already logged in, but also won't download from the app so I have to open the website in browser and log in yet again. It's annoying.


I LOVE Godless Horrors. I have discovered so many amazing authors and fantastic books this way. All of the material is incredibly affordable and I love that the digital content is always available to me. Also, I live for the free stories they offer each month! When it comes to supporting indie authors of extreme/splatterpunk horror, Godless is the way to go!


One stop shop for some of the best indie horror I've seen in one place. Smooth transaction process, and can't beat the prices.


This app is a portal to my favotire place for uncensored, underground indie horror. I've wanted a wishlist option for a while on the website, and now I finally have that with the app 🤘 Check out the exclusives, you don't want to miss out on Godless League, Scumbags, etc...!!


Best place for uncensored/underground books. If you're looking for something that's been banned on other platforms, it's gonna be here. You can have everything you've ever wanted with the Godless app, you just gotta give them your money!


Man, this is a one stop shop for all your Splatterpunk needs! The prices are great with a fantastic selection of authors! Come support indie horror at its finest!


Great selection of books at fab prices. Smooth ordering process. Can't fault this app, ideal for any fans of Indie horror.


A deep dive into the most raw and disturbing Indie Horror, if you have no regard for your night's sleep and prefer skin crawling terror to canned predictable Hollywood friendly jump scare then download this app and thank me later.


I've been looking for this app my entire life, or at least for the past ten years when APPs stopped meaning appetizers at a local restaurant. GODLESS delivers! I have been a fan of horror, and when I say HORROR, I mean real, extreme, guttural HORROR. The type of fiction that takes your nutsack, twists it around in the mouth like a fine wine, makes a meal out of it, spits it out and puts everything back to normal. Godless gives me that and MORE! So download the f***ing APP and get READING TODAY!