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Body Jewelry
Download the BodyCandy app to access exclusive discounts, early access to collection launches. Everything you love, right at your fingertips.EASY BROWSINGShop the freshest new arrivals across our entire catalog. EXCLUSIVE ACCESSBe first to know about exclusive offers and launches through first-to-know notifications and app-user-only early access.SECURE CHECKOUT IN A FLASHTap, swipe, shop and secure your new products in an instant with our super easy checkout.

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I love this company been here 10y with them


Pretty products and good prices.


freaking literally anything you can almost imagine the more likely have it !LOVE LOVE IT!!!


I was hoping to see a personal piercing profile to make this different from the website. I think automatic filtering to only show jewelery that would work with my individual piercings (location, gauge, length, etc.) would make this good app great.


love this jewelry!


Absolutely love buying from here


great variety of jewlery


I love that there are special deals on the app that you don't get on their regular site. Oh and the wishlists!!! I am so happy I'm able to save my favorites now, makes it super easy to find them later. The layout of the app is really nice too.


I like it more then the website itself. Simple more organized easier to navigate


I've been using Body Candy since I got my first facial piercing, since 2021. Before this, I was using their website and it was always easy to find what I needed but this is the first time they've had an app since I've been buying from them and I definitely like the app better, it's even easier than before. 🙂




Great variety of nose studs and earrings. They always have amazing sales and bogo events.


love this app


Love this app! It's easy to navigate and I can shop so many jewelry styles for my piercings.