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The Chocolate Smiths App DESCRIPTION

The Chocolate Smiths’ App allows you to place and track your chocolatey orders! Keep up to date with the latest creations and never miss an upload again with weekly push notifications. Personalise your app and save your favourite chocolate bars so you can treat yourself again at the touch of a button.

We’ll also be doing some exclusive product drops of products that YOU want to see! Only available on the app. How exciting is that?!

Get to know the faces behind the business with regular blog posts and videos of our weekly top picks!

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Handmade Bizarre Chocolate!
The Chocolate Smiths' App allows you to place and track your chocolatey orders! Keep up to date with the latest creations and never miss an upload again with weekly push notifications. Personalise your app and save your favourite chocolate bars so you can treat yourself again at the touch of a button. We'll also be doing some exclusive product drops of products that YOU want to see! Only available on the app. How exciting is that?!Get to know the faces behind the business with regular blog posts and videos of our weekly top picks!

The Chocolate Smiths App DOWNLOAD

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excellent chocolates and the app is easy to navigate


easy to use


App looks great and runs well but the website quoted 10% off if you get the app and I can't seem to redeem or apply that discount :(


fantastic small business, watch them on Tik-Tok.


the chocolate is incredible


I absolutely love their chocolate. I especially love their Halloween chocolate advent box. Can't wait to see what other flavors they come up with!


excellent service and great app. Real people and first class products👍


Most amazing flavour combination in these bars of chocolate! Never been disappointed! keep up the fabulous work Chocolate smiths!!


Not good sorry


I just wish their choc was available allll the time it's amazing!!


Amazing chocolate bars, yes it can be difficult to buy but if your quick enough you will get bars, I've ordered quite easily tbf over the last couple of weeks. Best chocolate I've had, cannot wait for my next batch to arrive. Thank you chocolate smiths I know your trying hard to accommodate everyone. But your a small business people need to give you a break. As we know your working hard to get bars out there


Constantly sold out, for months, and often within minutes of restock. Why bother having an app?


Great product but imposible to buy. Always sold out.


Chocolate sublime if you can actually get it. Was a good customer before Joe Wicks, now i can't get an order for love nor money and i have a decent amount of reward points i can't Spend so even if you do get stuff 'reserved' in your basket, its still gone by the time you reach the checkout. While I'm happy for your growth, What a shame for exitsting customers who can't buy anything now


Haven't ordered anything yet but I am awaiting stock to become available..The chocolate bars look amazing and if it's good enough for Joe Wicks the fitness king it's good enough for me. Can't wait try to this amazing looking chocolate and I wish you every success guys, you deserve it. I thought i would be the first to leave a review, got to start somewhere right !!!! D. Noon


The app doesn't fall far from the choc


Wow, absolutely fab cant wait for the re open and how easy ordering will be using this app. Well done xx