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Koshali Arts & Crafts Enterprise, Sambalpuri Saree, Sonepuri Pata Saree, Bomkei
Koshali Crafts App is a free online shopping app that allows you to browse from 1000Sambalpuri Saree (IKAT, Pasapali, Bomkei, bichatrapuri, pata saree), Sonepuri Pata Saree, Sonepuri Bomkei Saree, Sonepuri Pasapali Saree,Sambalpuri ethnic wear, Terrakota, dress materials and Saree products at your fingertips. This app has amazing fashion collections for women, stylish designs for men, cute collections for kids and beautiful Home decor furnishing ideas. We also offer custom stitching options with Fall & PICO options. All products are 100% genuine and crafted by skilled weavers. We treat each customer with special care.⚙ Advance features of Koshali CraftsOnline Shopping App* Genuine products quality checked before dispatched* One touch Tracking order facility* Safe and secure payment options* First user sign up also offers Google Sign in * Free shipping for India and on time delivery* Wishlist option to save your favorite products and track their pricing* Hassle free returns with in 7 days* Customization & stitching service of products are available* 24/7 customer support for any kind of shopping difficulties ⚙ Product categorization on Koshali Crafts App * SareesMost trending saree..
Online Grocery Store
We have come during this inflation phase to deliver ration to your home.Order online grocery item from your smartphone and get deliver at your door step at same day delivery. Get all grocery items at your finger tip.Great app for grocery items.- On every purchase you will get Buy4earn points.- Share More, Earn More.- User Can purchase items using Buy4earn Points.- Refer to your friends and family and get extra Buy4earn Points, when they purchase from us.- Quick Delivery.- Genuine Products.- Lower Price.Contact us:-Mobile : 8448444943Email : care@buy4earn.comwebsite :
Offline thrift, on demand. Search the re-sale racks from your home.
Nytch connects you to locally owned and operated businesses that sell everything from custom floral arrangements to hardware for your next DIY project--offline goods and services you can't easily access anywhere else. Start by creating a request describing a problem you are working on or a specific product you needWe connect that request to matched local businesses who will respond with thoughtful goods and services to address it--competing for your business and providing guidance along the way. You can even ask to hold it in store to make sure it fits your needs exactly before you buy it.Nytch has partnered with Goodwill of the Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada! Two locations are currently live on Nytch (Fruitridge Manor and Industrial Boulevard in West Sacramento)--and two more are launching on Tuesday, July 7 (L Street Boutique and the dedicated furniture store on Arden)Additional locations will be joining in the coming weeks. Be sure to tell us which Goodwill store you want to see online with Nytch next!
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바디닭 X 닥터밀NO.1 닭가슴살 브랜드 바디닭!- 비/교/거/부! 진짜 [ 수비드 닭가슴살 ]- 딴.딴.뽀.득! 식감까지 맛있는 [ 닭가슴살 소시지 ]- 드디어 찾았다!내 생애빵 [ 프로틴통밀빵 ]- 해남에서 왔어요~촉촉!달콤! [ 꿀 고구마 3종 ]- 맛있게 다이어트 하자! [ 건강 간식 ]1. 앱 회원들만을 위한 푸시알림!세일은 언제 하지? 혹시나 놓친 건 아닐까 불안하셨나요?이제 실시간으로 알려주는 똑똑한 푸시알림이 있으니 걱정 마세요!앱 설치 회원님들만을 위한 다양한 이벤트 정보와 혜택을 실시간으로 알려드립니다.2. 간편한 로그인, 풍성한 혜택!쇼핑할 때마다 매번 로그인해야 하는 번거로움, 회원인증기능을 통해 없앴습니다!비회원이라면? 아이디와 메일주소 입력만으로 끝인 간편회원 등록하고 혜택 챙겨가세요~3. 원터치, 간편배송조회실시간으로 변경되는 배송상태, 이제 간편하게 확인하세요.주문한 상품이 지금 어디쯤 이동하고 있는지, 단 한 번의 클릭만으로 조회하실 수 있습니다.월, 수, 금이면 찾아오는 특급 할인, 타임세일월, 수, 금요일 가장 기다려지는 이유!평소 콕 찍어두었던 제품이 반값에 뜰 수도 있답니다.월,수,금요일엔 바디닭 방문 필수! 타임세일 놓치지 마세요~[ 바디닭 SNS ]블로그 :페이스북 :인스타그램 :옐로우아이디:[ 이용문의 ]리뷰에만 의견을 남기실 경우 고객님 문제에 대한 정확한 확인 및 답변이 어렵습니다.앱 사용 중 불편하신 사항은 바디닭 고객센터(1599 – 2791) or 카카오톡 옐로 아이디 [ @바디닭 ]으로 문의해 주세요. 감사합니다.※앱 접근 권한에 대한 안내「정보통신망 이용촉진 및 정보보호 등에 관한 법률」제22조의2에..
Shop in micromarkets with control
O Smart Break Market é um aplicativo criado para realizar compras em micromarkets, que são lojas de conveniências de autoatendimento disponíveis em condomínios residenciais ou empresas.Além de permitir a compra dos produtos de maneira prática e segura, o Smart Break Market permite o destravamento de portas ou geladeiras com produtos restritos, conforme regras de acesso da loja.
Pioneer in selective perfumery self service in Tunisia
Pioneer of selective perfumery self-service in Tunisia Fatales is a showcase of all selective cosmetic brands represented on the Tunisian market.Fatales now has outlets in Greater Tunis, Sousse, Sfax and Bizerte and even closer to you through its presence on smartphone.Fatales offers its customers an environment accessible luxury to spare moments of pleasure and discovery recent scents and colors of the season.
Easy operation to share shopping list. No initial user registration is required.
Have you ever wanted to share your shopping list with your family?With this application, you can share a shopping list.In addition, you can create multiple categories of shopping list. For each category, you can set whether to share, so you can use it as a personal shopping list.For example, you can also create the following categories.(1)Today's dinner(shared) Share what you want to eat with all your family!(2)Daily necessities (shared) I will not forget to buy tissue paper. Also, they will not buy the same things as family members.(3)Personal things Personal shopping can be managed separately.I think that this application will incorporate your opinion and make it a better application.By all means, please appreciate the app, tell us the difficulties to use and the points you want to improve.【About in-app purchase】You can hide ads. All other functions can be used free of charge.
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Our app is the ideal solution for your technology purchases. We provide guarantee, confidence and support in each purchase. We have a wide variety of products at competitive prices. Explore our categories, promotions and everything that Intelaf has prepared for you.Buy everything you need through the official Intelaf app! Where to find and buy products has never been so easy.Benefits when using our application:✓ Receive notifications of the latest news, offers, promotions, alerts and much more.✓ You will not lose sight of the products that are of interest to you, since now you can add them to favorites.✓ Pay safely with your card in our app, all transactions are protected.✓ Monitor the status of your orders, you will be able to see the clearest and most detailed information.✓ Buy quickly and easily! Our application has a more intuitive and visually attractive design. Discover the convenience of buying at Intelaf thanks to our new design and better interface.Receive your order by picking it up at the store or with home delivery (depending on coverage and product)Download our app for free and..
Biwiwi - Buy and sell new and second-hand items!
LA SEULE APPLICATION DE VENTE 100% FRANÇAISE DE PRODUITS DE NEUF ET DE SECONDE MAIN POUR LES PARTICULIERS ET PROFESSIONNELS.🛍 Plus de 1000 marques disponibles.💸 Des prix 50% plus bas que les articles neufs.😱 Plus de 1000 nouveaux articles ajoutés TOUS LES JOURS.🌎 Des articles de secondes donc un réel geste pour notre planète.💳 Paiement sécurisé avec votre carte de crédit ou votre porte monnaie.Biwiwi est une application d’achat et vente d'articles neuf et de seconde-main pour les particuliers et professionnels. Tu y trouveras une communauté de femmes et d'hommes qui vendent ou achètent des articles de seconde-main tels que des vêtements, chaussures, accessoires, high-tech, maisons/déco et autres.VENTE RAPIDE ET FACILE* Ajoute ton article en quelques clics. Prends quelques photos, ajoute une description et définit ton prix.PAS DE RENCONTRES* Tous les articles sont expédiés.* Étiquette d'expédition imprimable envoyée par e-mail lorsque ton article se vend, imprime et expédie, Simple et Rapide!NOUS SOMMES LÀ POUR TOI* L’équipe Biwiwi est à ta disposition si tu as des questions. N’hésite pas à nous contacter par mail ou sur nos réseaux sociaux.* Nous ne..
Introducing a convenient official app for HIRAKI shoes! A lot of special deals limited to the app! We have a wide range of clothes, innerwear, and household goods as well as shoes.
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these guys are funny cool apps Mofo's!! And I have been waiting very long time for you guys to come to North Dakota!! I sure hope I get a lot of entries for this truck. anyways keep up the funniness and the good work and all the good that you do trying to teach the people that are stuck on the left to start thinking to the of the people on the right🤗🤗🤗 also you two are very very hot mofos


love these guys! they tell it like it is & give us a way to express how WE feel it is! keep up the good work guys!




great stuff here


love the app makes it easy to buy new merch when it comes out


love your shirts, they sure get comments when I wear them


Can't wait for my HT merch! Damn good merch!! YEEEAAA!!


Love the Twins and their merchandise. Always happy when I order from them.


damn good app.


Love the merch and simple site. My recommendation is to sign up as a member, the savings are insane!


if you like buy great clothing and representing freedom this apps for you.Yeahhhhhh!


How do I turn off vip club so I don't get charged any longer?


Love the T shirts, they are quality fabric and a good wear. I ordered the Lennon shades and get the most Compliments on them. I just placed another order. Highly recommend.


Damn good show!


it's a DAAAAMN good app!!!


love these twins! they some daammnn good fellas


This is a DAMN GOOD APP! Keep up the great work!


Love the "DamnGoodShows"!!!


you guys are amazing. you speak the truth and keep me laughing every day when i watch you guys. I watch you every morning when you drop a video, which is 8 am. for me in the midwest. you guys are awesome. Keep doing a great job. I'm glad to finally get some merch from you guys. the site was super easy to navigate around, and you guys have awesome stuff on the site. my brother and i are a huge fan. Keep up the great work, guys.


It's a DAAAAAMN good app. Yeaaahhh.