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Ninja Chowdown Game DESCRIPTION

Play as Donatsu, the chubby and agile ninja from the Dough-jo — a donut shop by day and a ninja dojo by night.

► Destructoid – “Ninja Chowdown proves running doesn’t always lead to weight loss.”
► GamesXtreme – “You can’t go wrong with an arcade running game…especially if we’re talking about a game where you’re a fat ninja who is chasing donuts. Creativity at its best.”
► MobileGamingHub – “Ninja Chowdown offers an entertaining and comical experience to players by combining the runner-style gameplay with the chubby 2D pixel art aesthetics of the game.”
►Pocket Gamer – “…an endless runner infused with some delightful arcade mechanics, creating a dish that you’ll eat (well, play) for hours at a time…

Join Donatsu’s thrilling adventures in this witty, action-packed, colorful runner game in a world ruled by food clans and love for humor and puns. But be warned, this is not your average endless runner. Let yourself be surprised!

Beware of Pizza Pierates, the Traveling Rollnins, the Barbacarians, and other comical but deadly food bosses — as delicious as they sound, dangerous as they are! Tap to jump, dash, avoid obstacles and shoot your enemies with your shurikens to beat them.

Designed specifically to play on mobile devices, Ninja Chowdown is a free-to-play arcade game that can be picked up instantly — but won’t be easy to master.

Will you be able to fight your way to the top of the food chain?


● Enjoy chubby 2d pixel art aesthetic
● Finish 37 levels filled with thrill and humor (30 seconds – 3 minutes)
● Customize your adventure with pets, clothes, and weapons
● Immerse in the game’s haptic vibrations
● Unlock achievements and top the leaderboards


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All I played this game for week is because of old 2000s style video game vibe. But the game is bad. Love the old nostalgic graphics, transitions, sounds and moves But But.... The basics of this game are so poorly designed. For example, too many obstacles. The no of obstacles in the game is too much in one frame u can't concentrate on any and when u are hitting one bomb there's already two that will hit me anyway. The character is big looking just for looks,can't handle one attack. Chaotic.


Make another kind of this game not just hit and run hack slash needed make ninja chowdown 2 or any not just run and gun repeatedly game ☺


a great time killer and the controls are easy


Ninja Chowdown is a standard auto runner with enjoyable elements. The color scheme and pixel art are superb, and the costumes, weapons, and pets add to the experience. Boss fights are cool, but the level design between them feels repetitive and unnecessary. The game lacks overall challenge.


Hey there.. We're can I find sensei he's lost I finnished it I defeated the king and no bugs just ads cool game best game in 2023 but the problem is no sensei😔


I honestly liked the game very much. The gameplay was simple and and easy the bosses weren't that hard and I liked that. I hope we get the new levels soon.


Best action platform game😁. Even if I loose a stage, I am not angry like in other games. My suggestion is that you can add different events qith different skins. The rarity of skins of weapons, clothes and new pets. Some skins will remain forever and some will get removed from the game after the event. Different cost. No real life money, different abilities. But I am happy with the concept of only one charecter beacuse the game is based on donuts and Donatsu fits the charecter add multiplayer


I like it a lot is cute but is lagging a little. And they put my favorite food that's cool.:p


Adorable, and just down right gorgeous! I fell in love with the concept and pixel arttt


Keeps force closing after tutorial. Was very promising before the issue. Uninstalled


Equal parts delightful and infuriating, in the best way! The soundtrack is absolutely killer, the pixel graphics are adorable and fun, and the gameplay itself is challenging and fun. I've rage quit a number of times, but practice is what this game is all about. If you nailed every level in one try, that wouldn't be much fun, now would it? Story mode is hilarious, but I also really like the Infinite running mode. It cycles you through the various levels and bosses as one never-ending gauntlet. Perfectly seemless and smooth and the extra achievements give you something to work toward. My only complaint is that if you're not good (like me), you'll die every 5 seconds, which makes the ads unbearable. I love the game though, so I forked over the measly $3.50 to buy the ad-free version. Don't regret it, great purchase!


Omg! This game is absolutely amazing... Love the artworks and everything! Great job developer, animators, and everyone who made this perfect game💖


Interesting gameplay and surprising variety of enemies despite the format being largely the same. Ads are spaced out and it doesn't feel like a chore to watch them to earn free items. Would appreciate if the pets and clothing options came with perks though, instead of being purely cosmetic.


OMG it feels like a Half-Brick game back from 2012 in the absolute best way possible. It captures the amazing feeling of the true starts in the early days of mobile gaming.


Fun game with great art style. It's also a bit challenging sometimes


I love the art style, graphics and game mechanics. Kudos to the devs! :D


Art is cool and it's a funny game I like it. Continue reward ad button is not working, when I click it I can see the button going a bit gray which means I clicked it but nothing happens.


So far it seems promising lot of fun fluid design and interesting take on the runner style game but as it stand it has a bug that won't let you move on when you hit the coin half bitten button you can't back out and must force quit. Edit: devs found another bug after the first boss is beat you go home but can get stuck on the 2nd screen where the credit is and the achievement button doesn't work at all. You can't back out must force quit. That being said it's quite fun and the art is perfect.
Hi! It's great that you're enjoying the game as much as we are. Regarding the bug, we are working on it, so we can fix it as soon as possible, thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate it :)


Fun endless runner with good art style and consumer friendly pricing model (free with ads, and a single microtransaction to remove it). I highly recommend it.


After my first run ended, I hit the icon that looked like a coin, hoping to see what there is to spend my in-game currency on, except my game loaded to a new screen (looked like the left side of the donut shop?) And then soft-locked. Couldn't touch anything on touch screen or use OS-level back button. Had to hit home button and force close app.
Hi! We are checking the bug you mention and working to fix it as soon as possible. We hope you can fully enjoy the game, we have made it with a lot of love for the players. Your feedback is very useful for us, thank you very much :)