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Amanda The Adventure Game Game DESCRIPTION

This amanda the adventurer game is crazy funny horror game with a pretty unique theme, very cool to play, something that felt like creepy and funny at the same time.

Amanda The Adventurer Game Features:
– Multiple endings
– Pretty unique theme
– The sound effects were spot on
– Completely free for all
– Suspenseful gameplay
– Intuitive controls and easy to use
– Amazing graphics and effects
– And more…

Get the Amanda the Adventurer game now, the ending was very scary!

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Amanda the Adventurer game will made me feel like a little again!
This amanda the adventurer game is crazy funny horror game with a pretty unique theme, very cool to play, something that felt like creepy and funny at the same time.Amanda The Adventurer Game Features:- Multiple endings - Pretty unique theme- The sound effects were spot on- Completely free for all- Suspenseful gameplay - Intuitive controls and easy to use- Amazing graphics and effects- And moreGet the Amanda the Adventurer game now, the ending was very scary!

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its a fake I like'd it on youtube I thought they moved it to mobel but realy some one proberly copey'd it & i was stuck on the loading screen


Theory:woolu is the evil entity controlling Amanda there is a knife pointing at Amanda the reason she gets mad and annoyed is because she is terrified of the evil entity cause it is controlling her and at episode 1 2 she tries to warn the player but you move on then before you have to spell meat the screen become black for second then goes back to normal but that was Amanda turning of the tv but the entity was too strong and stop the event then after spelling meat the entity had full contro Aman


There is a lot of ads on the game it was ok I guess you can't even get past the the first episode tho


It takes so long to load this game is a rip off I don't recommend it don't download it if I had to rate it it would probably be 0 out of 10


This game I immediately delete when I installed it because of all the ads,and the quality...sheesh,if it didn't have much ads I would be playing rn.


What a rip off it didn't show much ads but it's bad that's not how the real game works I thought the views saying because there to many ads but I guess not


I hate it because it just stays on the screen that says Amanda and the sheep's name this is not a very good game but I recommend not to download this bad game.


Okay, dont get me wrong this is a great horror game from what I'm told, although adds keep popping out of nowhere constantly and that can get annoying to my child but other than that it's a great game!


I can't get pass the apples thing I put every three word I know I put you idk Iღwooly Iღw for short I even reset the app plus there is to much ads I rate 1


It wouldnt even let me play the game, it was only the loading screen for 15 minutes


Good game but when i turn the screen rectangle, it hides what you choice. This is why i gave it 4 stars.


This game was so bad I love this game on youtube and wanted to see what it would be like to play I opened the app and was so excited then I started getting a lot of adds and I was not even able to play the game cuts off and you can't hear her voice when you play the first episode and then after that you can't play anymore with all the adds


Its s fake game but the creators are making so much money off of it because of the ads and its not even good quality its like "green object" " blue object" and its basicly like they recorded a gameplay from YouTube or something like that then pasted it onto a background. Edit: the game also takes up a lot of your MB!


Guys people's souls are in the game in episode 2 you actually put in lamb in two times than it makes you spell "meat" but in episode 1 you can see that there is a hand in one of the bushes behind Amanda and wooly but you can see that wooly is actually a kid's soul in wooly the boy's name is "wooliy" in every episode like 12 have people behind the scenes moving the stores and bushes and trees they have eyes people have been stuck there. Next in episode 3 Amanda says "let me in"


I love Amanda the adventure it's so scary I like it but it does not erase your words and make it say whatever she wants to I suggest you make it exactly like the one who made Amanda the adventurer I'm not done playing with it but I'm sure it's going to be cool 😎


This game is horrible, to be honest, its not even a game, when I opened the app it just paused on the intro and it never started. Do not download this game


I like it very much but there are to much ads and there is now episode 4 please add it to the game


How to even play in the start it just keeps on getting bigger then smaller and then repeats! 1 star!.


Really just really I thought this was the real game but no it's just poppy playtime theme. I am very disappointed


It's Fake and terrible don't download it at all and it's Got characters from poppy playtime nothing to do with Amanda the adventurer what so ever