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【图】13’s – The Color Block Matchin(截图1)【图】13’s – The Color Block Matchin(截图2)【图】13’s – The Color Block Matchin(截图3)


A fun number matching puzzler that’ll keep you hooked for days!

How To Play:
– Drag tiles onto the board
– Make tiles in rows or columns add up to 13
– Use the trash can to remove tricky tiles
– Play until you fill up the board

13’s is a great game to relax to!

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Relaxing number tile matcher
A fun number matching puzzler that'll keep you hooked for days!How To Play:- Drag tiles onto the board- Make tiles in rows or columns add up to 13- Use the trash can to remove tricky tiles- Play until you fill up the board13's is a great game to relax to!

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Good math game but VISUALLY somewhat unattractive... otherwise I would have given it 5 stars. The visual is EVERYTHING! (... consequently, I was tempted to give only 3 stars.) It's great that it KEEPS TRACK of column & row totals for us!
Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! You have a fair critique, I'm curious what type of art style you think would look good for this game? -Andrey


Great time killer
Glad you enjoy the game:)! -Andrey


I had a blast playing this game! Was a little confusing at once but once you watches the numbers and all the columns it got easier and more fun!
Glad you were able to get the hang of it, thanks for playing:) -Andrey


The is not good at all because it has no instructions of how to pray it,u don't know how to pray you just see your self winning or Lossing
The goal of the game is to make either columns or rows add up to 13, do that and they give you points and clear those spaces, continue until you can't place anymore tiles on the board, hope that helps! -Andrey


It's a pretty solid and basic game. It's also challenging.
Thanks, glad you're enjoying it! -Andrey


Great game. Delighted. Mental exercise for the brain. I love math.
Glad you're enjoying the game and appreciate the nice review! -Andrey


Easy gets you thinking
Thanks for playing and leaving a review! -Andrey