-Fixed Android 12 unable to start the game.
-Restore the sound when closing the ad.
-Fixed an issue where arrows were missing in stage 2.5

FNF In The Galaxy Mod Game SCREENSHOT

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FNF In The Galaxy Mod Game DESCRIPTION

Here, you have a trip in the galaxy. During your trip, there are lots of fun thing to discover! Not really far from the earth, you met a genius engineer girl names Kastimagina. You will have a music battle with her. What will happen next? Let’s see.

– Minimum device configuration required:
+ RAM from 2 GB or more.
+ Android 4.4 or higher.

Allen98637 – creator, music, arts, animation, story
Rin – title design
Neonfovii, Cana, Magolor, Sintaro – Arts
Khong Minh Dat – Unity source code

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Sing against Kissy Missy, I made this mod because I really enjoy the game and really like the character. Hope you enjoy!- Minimum device configuration required:+ EMPTY RAM from 2 GB or more.+ Android 4.4 and above operating system.
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WARNING: THIS MOD CONTAINS SEIZURE, PLAY WITH YOUR RISK.Here, you have a trip in the galaxy. During your trip, there are lots of fun thing to discover! Not really far from the earth, you met a genius engineer girl names Kastimagina. You will have a music battle with her. What will happen next? Let's see.- Minimum device configuration required:+ RAM from 2 GB or more.+ Android 4.4 or higher.Credit:Allen98637creator, music, arts, animation, storyRintitle designNeonfovii, Cana, Magolor, SintaroArtsKhong Minh DatUnity source code
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