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배틀스카이 탭탭 Game SCREENSHOT

【图】배틀스카이 탭탭: 하늘 섬 키우기, 해적전쟁(截图1)【图】배틀스카이 탭탭: 하늘 섬 키우기, 해적전쟁(截图2)【图】배틀스카이 탭탭: 하늘 섬 키우기, 해적전쟁(截图3)

배틀스카이 탭탭 Game DESCRIPTION

One day, there was an island above the sky.

Various races live together on the island and struggle to survive the battle with pirates.

Arrange your own island by placing various buildings and races on the island!
A new healing will come to you.

* Gameplay
Tap the screen to create a coin!
You can place buildings and various troups on the island with your acquired coins.
If a pirate breaks in, tap and kill the pirate ship!

Take advantage of the various boosts to earn coins faster!

* Characters
Small Ryan: Trained rabbit from rabbit oyster
Flapping: A flying bird
Tech: Goldfish with intelligent and superior technology

* skin
The cherry blossom island is here!
You can get a spark by resetting the level.
Buy a variety of skins with Sparks!

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※ You can use the game even if you do not agree to the access right.

[Optional Access Rights]
■ Allow access to media and files
It is used to store and recall the data needed for the game.
In addition, it is used to temporarily store or load various statuses required for the game on the device.

[Withdrawal method of access right]
▶ Android 6.0 or later: Go to Settings> Apps> Select Permission Items> Permission List> Select Permission or Reject Access Permission
▶ Under Android 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or remove apps

※ The app may not provide individual consent, and you can revoke access by the above method.
※ If you are using Android version 6.0 or lower, you can not set the selective access privilege individually. We recommend upgrading to 6.0 or higher.

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Contact: [email protected]
Company Name: 131-88-01183
Telecommunication Sector Report No .: 2019 – Seongdong, Seoul – 814
Selling agency: Seongdong-gu Office

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