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Spiral Roll Game SCREENSHOT

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Spiral Roll Game DESCRIPTION

Dig wood to form spirals and use them to destroy obstacles !

Have Fun 🙂

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Ok the adds are a bit much and a little annoying after every round and having to continually clicking that X button. But it's a great game! I don't understand how people don't know how to play the checkered area though 😂 it's so easy!


It's an average game, it's pretty fun but I would never play it with wifi bc there are way too many adds, too many for what it is.


The gameplay is pretty decent, although repetitive. Good to waste time on. However, if I play without airplane mode, I get 2 or 3 ads after each level or death. I can clear one level in about 30 seconds to a minute, maybe a little longer, and the ads are just a waste of time. Good game, bad advertising strategy. Edit: Bugs. If your roll is big enough (like a 14x) at the end of the map near the scrape thing your camera just flings off with it. If your scrape is too thin it goes through the ramp.


Ok this game has some problems... 1. There is an ad like every 5 minutes, making sure you NEVER run out of ads in one sitting. 2. When you complete a level it will sometimes glitch out making it follow the camera, running your point streak if you leave and making it so you can't move on. This happens mainly on level 54 3. The repetitiveness, after the first few times you play it sure its fun but then it just repeats killing it. 4. Insanely laggy, I get a really good score and boom LAG. Fix pls


If like to have an experience beyond ad watching. I thought to myself, " new concept, I'll check it out." I did more ad watching and clicking the X on the ad than I did scraping the wood. You get a guaranteed ad every round if not the second one. It's not like each round lasts for more than a few seconds. It takes 5 to 10 seconds to complete a round, then another damn ad. . Spiral Roll is ads spiraling out of control.


This game is not worth it it makes my phone slow and it gives you and ad basically every 5 seconds and it's very annoying. The roll at the end is impossible to get up more than the second one. It is also impossible to story at the beginning of the roll for me mostly at the end. Yes it's ok but if it didn't spam adds and have better game play I would like it a lot more.


So the game was good. ADS were annoying. I understand to need for ads. After every level, every time I chose a new chisel, if I died was a bit much. I opted to buy the "Ad free" version for $3.99 USD. Dev, can you tell me why I still have ads? Anyone wanting to remove the ads just put your phone into airplane mode. Don't purchase. It does no good.


This game is kinda fun once you turn on airplane mode. Collecting the coins to get all the scrapers is fun, but after that there really isn't much content to this game. I noticed when I have a very large spiral going after the 7x combo that sometimes it flies up too far in the air and the camera follows, rendering the rest of the round impossible to complete. Other than that, this is pretty fun. Good time waster.


The game at the beginning was cool. The option to buy new scrappers with the coins you gain was cool. Then, all of a sudden, I believe an update happened and now I'm collecting all these coins but can't use them for anything, now that you win the scrappers for beating a level. Also, you can't bypass the part where it tells you you completed a level. The only way I get pass that is if I select a new scrapper. Good game. Will keep it and see whats in store for the future.


The game is really fun, and its so satisfying! But there's way too much ads. You can remove them by turning of your WiFi, but still!!! Also if you make a giant roll this tobot comes and starts to dance or something, and then everything but the robot stops moving. The whole game litteraly just crashes and that's really irritating if you were about to get a new high score or so. Please fix this!


The game freezes often and the ads are excruciating! I feel like prying my brains out through my eyes with a spoon! The game has no point and every level is the same as the last. You can buy different tools with the coins but it makes no difference to the actual game play. The only thing that changes is the look of the tool. Useless game!


The levels can be a little difficult but not that much. As every other free mobile game, there's ads. In fact, there's an ad after every level. Its unfair if you lose the level and it gives you the option to revive if you watch an ad. Even if you click "no thanks" it still makes you watch an ad! Also, no matter how much momentum you gather, you'll NEVER get past 10 in the end of the level. This game would be fun if it werent so laggy too!! Horrible experience.


Was actually having alot of fun with this, even unlocked all the chisels. But after you unlock them you have to watch ads to unlock more (which is fine) the problem is I liked the first set better and after watching the ads I couldn't go back to get the first ones equipped again. It seems dumb but it's enough of an annoyance that I don't really want to play anymore... Please fix


Only a few complaints: 1) I'd prefer to not have to watch an ad if I choose to not watch a video to revive myself, if that could be changed that'd be great 2) Why does it slow down when you go over the checkerboard part? Makes it harder to hit a higher number on that "wall" at the end. Other than that it's a good game addictive mostly simple with some obstacles :)


It's fun. I really like the gameplay. I have 2 issues. After unlocking all 9 of the chisels in the first set of the others are not unlockable with coins it seems. The score text disappears the first time I die or beat a level without fail. This makes it less enjoyable because I cannot tell how well I'm doing.


It's okay, I guess. I think there definitely could be some improvement though. The 3 stars are because it's genuinely kind of satisfying, and for once, doesn't make a loud buzzing noise in your ear like the majority of "satisfying" games I've played. I don't like how if you got far into a stage, it forces you to watch a 30 second long ad to continue. It's really annoying.. Also, the controls are a little off, but it's not a huge deal. I guess I'd recommend it if you were REALLY bored.


This could've been a decent game but it's trash. You collect coins that you can't spend on anything. There are tiles you could hit to win a "prize" but you can only hit whatever tiles are in the middle of a 3 row square. Becomes too repetitive after a while. And if you do well and pass the "level", you're rewarded with an ad. There no signs of progress. This honestly seems like a cheap way for the publisher to make some money off of ads. You're better off finding something else.


A lot of advertisements, every 2 attempts or 2 levels, which ever comes first. Best way is to turn your mobile data and Wi-Fi off and then no adds! ... the game is enjoyable, I personally found it addictive, it's easy to pick up, play for 2 minutes and carry on with life. The game itself goes become fairly repetitive, I don't know if the levels are randomly generated or there are a present number of level designs, but they do become the same old and very predictable.


Have a little crappy game with all the ads. You will spend more time watching ads than you will playing the game. Every. Single. Level. There is a mandatory ad you HAVE TO WATCH. what a waste. I get it, have some ads. But if you have more ads than there is a game, people just uninstall and you shoot yourself in the foot and get ZERO ad revenue. Short sighted programmers and publishers.


Bad things: Too many unskippable ads, 20-30 seconds between each round. Levels are hard, I got stuck on level 3 and literally could not pass it. No use of in-game currency, why have it in the first place, and is there and update on it's way or is it just there? Gets boring, it's the same thing every level. I suggest adding more obstacles and letting the rolls stay on the log longer, making it less boring and easier. Good things: Satisfying, graphics aren't awful. Controls work great.