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Space Dodger Game SCREENSHOT

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Space Dodger Game DESCRIPTION

Space Dodger is a game about flying trough space and unlocking new rockets, planets and upgrades!

• You start with a stock rocket.
• Collect diamonds to unlock upgrades.
• Earn more score to unlock new planets.
• With each planet you unlock a new rocket.
• Every upgrade has its own power.
• With the second and third rocket you get two upgrades to choose.
• With the fourth rocket you are able to use all upgrades.
• There are four rockets counting the first one you start with.

Current planets:
• Earth (The planet we love and live in)
• Mars (The mysterious red planet)
• Jupiter (The largest planet out there)
• Saturn (Jupiter’s younger brother)

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Fly through space, unlock new rockets, reach new planets.
Space Dodger is a game about flying trough space and unlocking new rockets, planets and upgrades!• You start with a stock rocket.• Collect diamonds to unlock upgrades.• Earn more score to unlock new planets.• With each planet you unlock a new rocket.• Every upgrade has its own power.• With the second and third rocket you get two upgrades to choose.• With the fourth rocket you are able to use all upgrades.• There are four rockets counting the first one you start with.Current planets:• Earth (The planet we love and live in)• Mars (The mysterious red planet)• Jupiter (The largest planet out there)• Saturn (Jupiter's younger brother)

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