- Added map "Mall parking"
- Added 39 skins!
- Now rooms from all countries are merged
- Falling from a great height kills
- Improved the sound of footsteps, and now you can hear the footsteps of other players in multiplayer
- Now you can create a room for up to 16 players
- Added achievements
- Doors are now synchronized in multiplayer


【图】Nextbots Online(截图 0)【图】Nextbots Online(截图 1)


Nextbot is what will haunt you.
This game has 2 modes “Survival” and “Search for sheets”.

In survival mode, you can create up to 50 bots at the same time and adjust their speed and size. You can also play with friends online and communicate via voice chat.

In “Search for sheets” mode you enter a randomly generated level where you have to find 5 sheets.
After that, find a door with a combination lock and enter the code.
You will be chased by bots, be careful, because at every step there could be someone waiting for you:
Selene Delgado
Chomp man
and many others

You can also create your own bot!
Good luck!




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This game is really GOOD! But there's one problem, when I make mine nexbot and I accidentally clicked wrong image, to delete it I click "delete my bot" but it delete all mine bot creation please fix this if you see this
At the moment there is only a button "Delete all bots", maybe in the future there will be a separate button


This Game let's you create your own NextBot. But you can't be able to play with the Custom Nextbots you created online. Please add that where you add your custom Nextbots to play online..
Yes, we are working on it.


The game so good I like it so much but I want to add one little tiny thing (on the editor section we can make our nextbot right, but then why I cannot use the nextbot on multiplayer can you fix this I really appreciate it Bro ) and thanks for the good game it such a fun horror game and it is so fun when you play as the nextbot and jumpscare your friends and again I really appreciate it very much Bro if you fix it
Thank you) We will try to make our own nextbots in multiplayer


Can't update.. I can't play multiplayer because an old version of the game when I want to update at play store this app nothing to update but in game show an old version of the game sad.
If not updating, try uninstalling and reinstalling.


You should ADD Angry munci, trauma, happy, sad :D btw this game so good/better/best can play with player and can mic up but for me i don't want small Map/Room Edit:1. Can you fix it the nextbot, My nextbot got no-clip into wall, I just want full speed 2. How impossible Nextbot AI can Go up without a jump, that's not good, nextbot can jump high like Obunga in Gmod, can you fix it *I wish* 3. I want scroll down to find server and server keep refreshing I didn't click button refresh
An update has been released, a big new map has appeared and bugs have been fixed


I LOVE THE GAME!but I tried to multiplayer but it says it needs to uptade... And the bots gets slower everytime you are far FROM them, and it bugs when I set 50 bots.
Update 1.55 is out, try uninstalling and reinstalling


Why cant i play multiplayer it says that i have to update the game to play multiplayer mode but it i already updated it and it still ask me to update it and when i unistall it and install it back it still askes me to udpate so i hope you fix but i dont know if this is only happening to me or this happens to everyone else and i can only play singleplayer mode 🥲
Sorry, we figured out what the problem was. It turns out that there was a limit of 20% of users, now it has been fixed by 100%, soon you will have a new version available


The game is good but when I try to add a sound for my nextbot it doesn't do it when I try to add it it says add a sound and i click add 5 times
Unfortunately, not all file formats are supported at the moment.


This is a very addicting game but can you add so the custom nextbots can be in random nextbots? Also can you add so we can choose our nextbots on the map?


the game's very very crashes n laggy😢. It even doesn't have graphic setting. Hope you fix it soon.


It's good but add more nextbots but make it that instead of the good death, make it that the nextbots can jumpscare the player, and I want the picture to shake with if it being a png, make the background black, I want the jumpscare sound to be security breach sound


This is game great and fun but in multiplayer menu the servers keep refreshing and when I wanna find a server I wanna join it just keeps refreshing and I'm not even pressing the refresh button so I hope you see this and fix the problem I just wanna join my friends server but I cannot find it because it keeps refreshing. Thank you bye
Yes we are aware of this issue, it will be fixed in the next update coming soon


This game so cool and can you add a mall map in the next update 😁👍🏻 also u can fix the server to can found a room
Thank you, the next map will be big with parking, we are looking for a solution with a server


Please addmore maps and avatars and more building or house's to go on and climb on it and furniture to parkour thanks!!! Wait I just saw the new update but add more cool parkourmaps or somethings no climb on thx!!!!
Thanks for the feedback, a new big map will be in the near future)


Still 4 stars..theres a problem, the nextbots sometimes entirely stop moving or just glitches up making the game a bit uninteresting, pls look into this issue also pls add like "objectives or any missions with friends" rather than chasing around..feels boring after some time
Thank you, we plan to add tasks


Its preety good game but theres a bug when i press the microphone and allowed to use them if i leave that server i cant join and create now. I will change it to 5 star if u guys fix it
Thanks for the feedback, this error is most likely related to server overload, so you can't create or enter a room


I think you should add more character skins,map and a new app icon.overall the game was very fun and exciting :)
Thanks for the feedback, right now the plans are to focus on content (new maps, skins, nextbots)


This game is actually good!!! The nextbots are better and are very creepy.. LOVE IT❤❤ Problems: there sre exactly 2 problems which i we need to fix, that the maps. The maps are small and less, plz fix this and 2. Is that when you open any other app or record the game, the voice of the nextbots stop and the whole game is like that until you restart it. If you fix this the game will be the best game ever.... Thx💞💞
Thanks for the feedback, there will be new cards, we will try to solve the sound problem


Good, quality is fine but not enough nextbots please add more thank you Didone, and alsomaoe it more exciting ok byee. Oh and I forgot, please add a health to the game : ).


It's very good I would give it five stars but you need to add more maps a good AI for next bots and more features I hope you keep updateing the game And the game is very good I love playing it and I think multiplayer mode is also nessary
Thanks for the feedback. There will be more maps and features in the next updates