Changes in this update:
- Mutation enemy variants have their own logbook pages now
- Shiny enemies have their own logbook page now
- More resolutions are compatible now (tablets and fold devices)
- Difficulty curve has been tweaked
- Player can't get stuck on a wall anymore
- Player can't run through items anymore
- Player can deal with being on fire more easily now in the bandit camp
- Flies puke less often
- Fire enemies can't get hit by fire bullets
- Armor enemies can survive grenades

Incaved Runner Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Incaved Runner(截图1)【图】Incaved Runner(截图2)【图】Incaved Runner(截图3)

Incaved Runner Game DESCRIPTION

Incaved Runner is a game that’s easy to pick up, but hard to master! Run, jump, roll, swing, aim, and shoot your way through the many obstacles to get away from the beast!

With more interactive gameplay than any Runner game before!

Download for FREE and get to running!

It’s time to join our silent hero and run from the beast that’s interrupting your looting in this post-apocalyptic world. Try and get as far as possible through the many obstacles between you and your goal. With your thrusty sledge hammer, your rusty pistol and your agility you can swing, shoot, jump, and roll your way through! Collect the bottle caps scattered throughout the cave system, unlock cool and unique outfits and find out about secrets and backstories in the Incaved universe!


💥Master 3 unique biomes in the cave
💥Aim your shot in slow-mo fashion
💥Shoot the mutated creatures before they can get you
💥Roll out fire thrown at you by bandits
💥Pick and combine your favorite items to figure out powerful combinations
💥Collect bottle caps
💥Fill and complete a logbook full of lore and secrets
💥Unlock tons of new and unique outfits
💥Break it down to the funky shop theme
💥Pass the flag and beat your high-score

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Run, jump, roll, swing, aim, and shoot your way through the many obstacles!
Incaved Runner is a game that's easy to pick up, but hard to master! Run, jump, roll, swing, aim, and shoot your way through the many obstacles to get away from the beast!With more interactive gameplay than any Runner game before!Download for FREE and get to running!It's time to join our silent hero and run from the beast that's interrupting your looting in this post-apocalyptic world. Try and get as far as possible through the many obstacles between you and your goal. With your thrusty sledge hammer, your rusty pistol and your agility you can swing, shoot, jump, and roll your way through! Collect the bottle caps scattered throughout the cave system, unlock cool and unique outfits and find out about secrets and backstories in the Incaved universe!FEATURES:💥Master 3 unique biomes in the cave💥Aim your shot in slow-mo fashion💥Shoot the mutated creatures before they can get you💥Roll out fire thrown at you by bandits💥Pick and combine your favorite items to figure out powerful combinations💥Collect bottle caps💥Fill and complete a logbook full of lore and secrets💥Unlock tons of new and unique..

Incaved Runner Game DOWNLOAD

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Top tier game, made by one the most top tier YouTubers, give it a chance and I think you'll stick to it fast


Should really add a better way to fight bats in the narrower cave parts


One of the best runners I have ever played. I only played 2 runners in my life.


This game is epic! Small one man dev who is really dedicated to the craft and making a great experience. Go check out his YouTube to see how it gets made.


Liked it have the two thumb swiping i really hurts my left thumd and add a sensitivity on swiping soo i can do short swips to do actions or add a button option and i cant see the spikes they blend in the background.


Here from yt. Wanted to try the endless runner you made the videos on. Very satisfying and I could see and understand all of the aspects you put in the gane or changed as I was playing it from what was talking about in tye videos itself


Not a bad game just the controls feel very clunky and runs end because of bad inputs. I'd love to be able to tap to jump like most games the swipe is awful, same with the roll but I'm fine swipping for a roll I just wish it was more responsive / faster the animation is so slow that it just feels really weird. Fun overall though just the controls really hurt the experience


very nice gameplay and art but i didn't that there is no upgrades or items to buy before the game start , because starting all over again with the same speed didn't really encourage me to beat my best record.


This 2D endless runner game is one of the best mobile games I've ever played! The different mechanics of the game, such as shooting, rolling to put out the fire, and getting the maggots off my face with sword swipes, make for an incredibly engaging gameplay experience. The variety of skins available in the game is also impressive, and my personal favorite is the pink suit guy. I appreciate the work that's been put into this game, especially the amazing pixel art and the on-point game difficulty


Seriously entertaining game, i'm currently addicted to beating my own score and trying to unlock the varied skins. I recommend it to anyone who likes playing endless runners with a variety of different gameplay elements.


It's a good game but there are some problems. Sometimes the controls for jumping and rolling are unresponsive, or you can roll when you want to jump. Also at higher speeds you can't see anything in front of you because of low Light levels making it almost impossible to dodge obstacles. I've also had it where you jump over a wall but you bump into the wall instead and lose a heart. Great game nevertheless


I personally really enjoyed this this game. The art style is one of my favourites. It also has alot of good skins. Another great thing is that there are no excessive ads, you can choose to watch one for an advantage. I am really happy to be the first to review this game. (Also sorry for my poor english)


This is actually my favorite endless runner ever. Everything feels so good, responsive, and fair. Good runs make you feel like such a badass! The only nitpick I have is how healthy the bats are, but once you get used to the game, that becomes a non issue. It's not supposed to be easy, after all lol.


I love the game was so much fun,but one thing though is that the replay value is kinda bad,the game would benifet alot from more enviroments, and the dont have to be completely diffrent ,just random hue shifts or something would be nice,also why not add that blind mole thing from incaved, it can just run towards you and damage,its probably easy to code and will add alot to the game,one last is that the game is kinda jittery,idk if its the camera movement or the fps but that kind of bothers me


Incredible Game. Just needs keyboard support, it would make sense because it was made on computer as well. I'm not sure if it was playtested on computer or not but I think keyboard support could bring in a lot of users.


Elegantly designed. Every obstacle is placed at the right distance to give you a chance to react accordingly. There is great impact from small mechanics like the bats timing their shots only when you have the ability to dodge them, being able to roll before catching on fire to put it out as soon as the roll animation ends, and your bullets being able to hit multiple targets. The fact that they were considered and permitted in the game speaks to simple but excellent design choices. Keep it up!


VERY FUN GAME, however once you play the game long enough it becomes VERY easy. I've only played this game for like 5 hours, and i can predict if there's gonna be a bat infront of me because of the placement of the blocks. And when you reach max speed, your really just doing the same thing over and over again. So basically LACK of content. Also, the game looks very plain, it's just ROCK. Anyways, my highscore is 9808


Great game and a more unique runner! Reveiw: The controls are great! Definitely one of the best parts of the game. very good and easy and perfect with no buttons. I love it runs great fun and challenging. Maybe add to steam some day?... if this one is this fun I cant wait for the larger game coming out. GG good job! Recommendations: if you could add headshots do more damage maybe and just more expanding the game!


This is fun! There are some cool new ideas in here for a runner style game. Mobile controls are surprisingly easy to master despite how many types of actions the player has. I think it's worth checking out.


Game is Incredible. It's extremely fun with great gameplay, incredible music, & immersive atmosphere. The game looks sounds & plays great! I completely recommend all the way! The only problem I noticed is a glitch that occurs with the ads. after death the game gives the player a chance to double their coins by viewing an ad but it will also revive the player & give them control. The bug leaves the UI up & allows you to watch infinite ads for endless revives and coins. I got 3000m & $1000 of it.