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The Faster application is an educational application that allows the user to watch free courses in most educational stages in an easy and smooth way. It also soon provides tests and exams on all educational materials to evaluate the student himself for free.

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This App helps You to Learn The TURKIC BITIG (The Old Turkic alphabet)
Turkic Bitig app is just an android appication for promoting to learning TURKIC BITIG (the Orkhon alphabet or Old Turkic script, the Göktürk script, or the Orkhon-Yenisey script, known as Yenisei or Siberian runes, runic alphabet) and writing with it, save it as text and photo★★★★★The Old Turkic script (also known as variously Göktürk script, Orkhon script, Orkhon-Yenisey script) is the alphabet used by the Göktürk and other early Turkic Khanates during the 8th to 10th centuries to record the Old Turkic language. The script is named after the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia where early 8th-century inscriptions were discovered in an 1889 expedition by Nikolay Yadrintsev. These Orkhon inscriptions were published by Vasily Radlov and deciphered by the Danish philologist Vilhelm Thomsen in 1893. This writing-system was later used within the Uyghur Empire. Additionally, a Yenisei variant is known from 9th-century Kyrgyz inscriptions, and it has likely cousins in the Talas Valley of Turkestan and the Old Hungarian script of the 10th century. Words were usually written from right to left. Thomsen characterized the script as «Turkish runes», and it..
School administration and students. For a real education
4Real Education program used for connecting to the system administration education 4Real Education (RMS / SMART School), which is another way to 4Real Education School on mobile phones. And tablets In addition to the active channels, Web Browser, the school teachersteachers, parents and students can communicate with each other quickly. It also has a notification system, thus receiving the most up to date.
One Word Substitution for SSC exam, Bank, IBPS, AFCAT, RRB, CDS, NDA exams
One Word Substitution offilne app can be very helpful for various competative exams like SSC exam,IBPS Bank exams, AFCAT, CDS, NDA, FCI, RRB.You can test your knowledge on One Word Substitution using various Tests provided in this App.This App contains One Word Substitution with meanings. Add One Word to favorite list.This App has all the important One Word Substitution with explanations and this can be very helpful for improving English Vocabulary.
Learn about the most recent technologies online, create projects & get hired.
Enter the world of hybrid learning with specialized courses designed specifically for college undergrads and entry level candidates. Explore the latest cutting-edge technologies. Select from over 50+ Learning Courses to enhance your learning experience. In the vastly expanding 'Technical Era,' we are rising with a mission to push the 'techie-brains' to explore, invent, and innovate!The application provides a learning environment based on community. People can participate, be inspired by one another, and share their learningswithin the community.The application is divided into four sections:1 homeThis section of the app provides conceptual microlearnings on subject matter through descriptive images and videos.2 SchoolThis is our application's main learning section, where all of our courses are listed for Users.3 ReelsUsers showcase their expertise on the courses in this section, which provides them with the qualities of self-confidence, leadership value, and professional & ethical conduct.4 CommunityThis section provides a community-building environment in which people can engage, be inspired by one another, and share their knowledge.
Unit converter for engineering student
A unit converter which supports wide-range of units and dimensions.
FinanzFuchs is the quiz app from the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken
Are you a real fox Test your knowledge in a tricky question duel.FinanzFuchs is the quiz app from the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. Demandyour friends or classmates out to an exciting duel, ordeepen your knowledge of financial topics in the training mode without other players. Take part and be a fox!
यह एप्प सभी छात्रों को रेलवे सुरक्षा बल परीक्षा की तयारी करने में मददगार है|
Railway Police (RPF) Exam in HindiRailway Police (RPF) Exam in HindiExam Preparation in Hindi. This app provides study material and Practice Test for Railway Protection Force in Hindi. Students can prepare with this app to achieve success in RRB Protection Force examयह एप्प सभी छात्रों को रेलवे सुरक्षा बल परीक्षा की तयारी करने में मददगार है|Content:- General science gk in hindi- Geography gk in hindi - Indian Constitution in Hindi- aptitude In Hindi- World GK In Hindi
The digital assistant tec2SKILL® Pneumatics is a learning application.
Die Lernanwendung tec2SKILL® Pneumatics ist ein digitaler Assistenten zur didaktischen Unterstützung im Bereich der Pneumatik und der Elektro-Pneumatik. Es wird das Pneumatik und Elektro-Pneumatik Ausbildungssystem von der ETS DIDACTIC GMBH unterstützt.Diese Lernanwendungen unterstützten Lernziele in folgenden Ausbildungsberufen:Industriemechaniker/inZerspanungsmechaniker/inAnlagenmechaniker/inWerkzeugmechaniker/inFeinwerkmechaniker/inKonstruktionsmechaniker/inMetallbauer/inMechatroniker/inElektroniker/in für AutomatisierungstechnikElektroniker/in für BetriebstechnikKFZ Mechatroniker/inTechniker/in für MaschinenbauTechniker/in für Elektrotechnik
High Frequency Words : Learn to Read English for Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grade
Intermediate Sight Words features multiple interactive activities to introduce and practice use of high frequency words critical for reading. High frequency words or sight words are the building blocks for children learning to read. This application includes 150 of the most common words found in reading materials for kindergarten and first grade age children. All words are pronounced clearly by a native English speaker.Activities in each level include:Word WheelA quick introduction to each word then quiz to reinforce word recognitionHints that reinforce knowledge because the first exposure might not make it stick.Space SpellingJumbled letters need rearranged to spell the words. This activity has context-sensitive help so that even beginners will be able to learn spellingsCorrectly spelled words are rewarded with rainbow rockets.Jungle BingoWord bingo game includes context sensitive help and animated text to reinforce learning.Reading HighwayTrucks drive through carrying words. Status bar displays a sparkling star for each correct answer.Oceans of Word SearchUnderwater themed word search with context-sensitive help and interactive sea creatures as rewards for found words.Memory MenagerieAnimals flip to reveal the wordsCorrect matches rewarded with animals flapping off..
Estado - Online Watch,upload and share your life with your friends
EstadoOnlineIt is full social media app with our app you can1) create account2) follow users in app3) upload videos and media4) watch posts5) download videos 6)share posts with your friends in other social media apps 7) comment in posts8) Find nearby friends with search system9) Add your favorites posts to your favorite list and use it later10) give your reaction
It is Full Messenger app for Estado -Online app
1) free using2) chat to any on you follow 3) chat with pages4) groups chat5)creative design5) dark mood available6) a lot of future you will find in the app
Estado - Status video Watch,upload and share videos as video with your friends
EstadoStatus videoIt is full status video app with our app you can1) create account2) follow users in app3) upload videos4) watch videos fast5) download videos 6)share videos with your friends in other social media apps as a video7) comment in videos8) Find your status Videos more quickly with tags system9) Add your favorites status to your favorite list and use it later10) Browse best status collection and give your reaction
educational application
The Faster application is an educational application that allows the user to watch free courses in most educational stages in an easy and smooth way. It also soon provides tests and exams on all educational materials to evaluate the student himself for free.


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