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Grids World Game DESCRIPTION

A world full of dangers. Run, jump. Arrive at your destination.
You depend on your skill.
This game is not easy.
Few are the brave who dare to play it.
Many dangers will try to prevent you from reaching your destination.

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Features:- Support android 6.0+ (suitable for android 11+).- Save state and load state.- Quick save and Quick load.- Customize Control Buttons (Edit & resize).- Auto save frequency.- Screen filter: HQ2x, Scanline, Bilinear, Nearest 2X, HQ4X, etc.Compatibility Requirements· System version: Android 9.0 or above· RAM: 6GB or more· CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or higher
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A world full of dangers. Run, jump. Arrive at your destination.
A world full of dangers. Run, jump. Arrive at your destination.You depend on your skill.This game is not easy.Few are the brave who dare to play it.Many dangers will try to prevent you from reaching your destination.Play now. It's free!!!

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