Fixed bugs and flaws, improved productivity.

When you take over a kingdom you can get vassals. To complete the empire creation process, you must capture 4 key cities.

Added the following languages: Turkish, Indonesian. Will be added in the future: Polish, Czech, Vietnamese

A family and event system will be added in the future.

Medieval simulator Game SCREENSHOT

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Medieval simulator Game DESCRIPTION

Your goal is to create your own empire in medieval Europe. To achieve all this, you need a strong army, a lot of money and authority. All the things you don’t have in the start.

You are just a poor tramp. You don’t have a home, you don’t have a wealthy family or friends, you don’t have any valuable possessions. But you have a dream not to starve to death, for starters.

To survive you will have to work hard: chop wood, graze livestock, harvest and more. The more you work, the more you will be known and trusted with more paid jobs. This money will be enough for you to buy food, clothes and even save up for housing.

But you can earn not only in this way. You can do theft, robbery, gather your gang. What will the local lord do when he finds out about your crimes? He will hire you to raid the settlements of his rivals and enemies. For good service, you will be rewarded with gold and land. It is up to you to spend your money on entertainment or invest in your own business, such as buying a bakery and hiring workers.

Your gang will grow and become known as an army. For even more treasure and glory, you can go on a crusade. And when you return to your homeland, challenge your overlord. Becoming king or even emperor no longer sounds like an empty dream.

How to play

You have 3 resources: health, fame and money. Health is needed in order to work and go on military campaigns. Glory is needed in order to get a better job, own buildings and own land. And money is always needed.

Work, buy clothes, weapons and other property. Go on military campaigns, for some of them you will need to hire a lot of soldiers. Save up money, buy buildings and upgrades for them. And most importantly, have fun.
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Edit:All the bugs were fixed in a day wow Amazing concept and amazing design, though the passive income building are worthless unless made cheaper or if they earn more money, because of that, the difficulty curve when you start raising armies is super hard but very possible. Also I am still a begger while being a lord of a village. I don't know whether that's a bug or not. And your village army and city militia disappear when you close the game and open it
Thank you very much for your feedback. The bug with the disappearance of the army has been fixed, it is no longer in the new update. "Also I am still a begger while being a lord of a village" is an oversight, thanks for pointing that out.


Will the family event system and having children yk like heirs, girlfriend's, wives and other things even continuing generation after our character dies of old age things like that so is the family update the one after May 12th?
There will be a system of events that will be connected with everyday life, with family, with work and with military affairs. The game for the heir is not yet in the plans. Unfortunately, the event system will not be able to be implemented this month due to unforeseen difficulties(


This could use some improvements, but I believe this deserves 5/5. Although I exploited a very prpfitable flaw: you don't get debts for daily costs... Etc
Thank you very much for your feedback. Your words motivate us to develop and improve the game.


Can you add the marriage to the game
This feature will be added to the game in the future. Thanks for your feedback.


This game is really good but it still needs some more features... Tbh i enjoyed it so much aaand its addictive lol. Although it needs some more challenging because when you get rich the game won't be as exciting as when you were just starting . Food and weapon and these things that increase glory and health are like the same cost and same benefits. Also for some reason i cant hire soldiers nor get domains. There should be more armors and weapons.
Thank you very much for your feedback. You really touched on a very interesting topic. Before obtaining domains, you can hire mercenaries. In the next update I will raise them higher to avoid confusion.


That joke about the stolen boot in the game was actually really funny