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Deliver It 3D Game SCREENSHOT

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Deliver It 3D Game DESCRIPTION

Have you ever wanted to deliver packages?

Pick up and drop off packages to customers to earn money and level up. Explore the world and discover new zones.

How To Play:

– Tap and hold to drive
– Release to brake
– Avoid crashing
– Collect cash

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Easy, does not add stress, no timer is the best


Very interesting game &one more thing is l loved this game,l played this 10 in a day


I gave this game a five stars because it has my favorite one that to deliver people and to race in delivery it 3D was really fun you guys should try it out give it a shot so yeah that's all I wanted to say and yeah but this game is has really real people I think that's real but I could play with other players not communicate with them not communicate with them but only only race and only like talk for a few minutes and then they won't talk to you again ❤️❤️❤️ bye-bye!


Just too many ads. Downloaded it and couldn't get into the app until after a few tries :/ , while your playing the game that are ads that pop up in the right top corner that play sound and destroy the peace of the game, continuing on that around each level or each time you crash you get an ad. Your typical ad blasting mobile game, other than that I guess its a good game by itself.


I would love to put 5 starts, but I have an issue. In level 144-145, the department that was supposed to fill up never happened. I uninstalled the game after playing that level for 10 times without results, thinking 🤔 if I did that and started over, it would fix it. I started the game again, getting to the same level, playing it for more than 20 times, and still, that department looked the same, no changes. Can you fix that, please? I love the game, but I am getting annoyed because of that. Tks


This game is fun,But soon you get past Level 100 it always freezes up.cant expand warehouse and can't level up.


It's amazing and don't worry I'm not paid to rate this but it really is good and also easy to use it's also a good game for kids and all across the ages you also get new characters the higher you get and lastly you get to make decisions. There are barley ads


This is the worst game I have ever played. The ads are really irritating and ridiculous. Please just decrease the ads. Really offended!


Love the concept of the game but it seems incomplete. Like let us purchase no ad version cause the amount of ads is ridiculous and the "coming soon" has been there for months..


When they said game contains ads they meant it. There's ads everywhere, on the bottom of the screen, after you beat a level, you're required to play ads for the 3 upgrades you can do for your vehicle as it doesn't give you an option to pay with in game money. This company is incredibly greedy and makes their games unplayable because of the amount of time you're forced to watch ads.


Fun game....WAYYYYYYY TOOOO MANY ADS. 10 SECOND GAME PLAY. 30 SECOND AD EVERY LEVEL, ON TOP OF HAVING TO WATCH ADS FOR UPGRADES. And the ads (I get) are boring, REPETITIVE and trying to get you to play other games, some of which I already have on my phone others I don't want to play... Give more play time and I'll upgrade the Stars.


Absurd that's what this game is, but then it's from Voodoo, i guess it's expected to be like that, this is an advertisement fest, play 30 seconds or less and get an ad, sometimes 2 in a row, or perhaps a special, which consists of 3 ads all in one take, it is absolutely greediness at it's best, nothing else left to do, just deleting it and NOT RECOMMENDING! Stay away, don't believe me? Read the reviews.


Ok for a bit you build your offices and warehouse well and progress to level 143 then it freezes, you still play and earn money, drivers etc but it freezes on one cubical and you don't progress further. Played and uninstalled twice to see if it happen and it has. Waste of time. Shame as it was fun while it lasted. Wanted to finish it all😔


Everytime I'm like, "Oh that game seems interesting" and then I realize the app was made by VOODOO. Constant ads for their simple and repetitive games. I hate it. ANYWAYS, aside from that, it's pretty basic. It seems like an okay game to kill time with, but the game requires internet regardless of what game mode you're playing so they can continue giving you ads. There's no escape. The gameplay itself is kind of bothersome, but I'm running out of space to explain. Oh, did I mention the ads?


This was such a good addicting game, that I'm really upset I had to uninstall it because of the lagging. It took forever to load and then it kept glitching and crashing and as if that wasn't enough you get an ad every 10 seconds. I hope you guys fix it and I'll re install it.


The game is very nice. Concept is good. But all levels are very easy and after some levels it gets repeated. Worst part of game is ads. After every single level there is the ad. So my suggestion is to minimize the ads and maximize the difficulty level. Overall is nice game for timepass.


Great past time with decent amount of ads but one of the upgrades is thousands of ingame currency for an additional 65! In-game currency?!it does not weigh up... Come to think of it all the upgrades are pretty much useless except for the accelaratir which you can use on race but if you are only gonna play the normal mode you can finish every level without upgrades


Cool game but now they ripping me off. I have made it to the level in the 70s. Now when I get to the end they are stacking my money somewhere but it doesn't show me like all the other levels. I have really enjoyed the game but once I got to 70 I realized the change. I kept playing thinking things would get better, but they haven't. I will delete it now. Good way to kill time.


Verdict: SKIP IT! Way too many ads to enjoy the game. Ads on the bottom of the screen and 30 sec. Ads between game plays or if you press anything. Also, game allows you to switch between normal and game mode, but you have to restart the game to switch options.


"Is this game fun?" Like, I don't know, I can't play consecutive levels without an ad in between that just frustrates me. Not as bad as a lot of other games though, but my stance remains that forced ads should very rarely occur, if they ever occur. Wouldn't mind watching the ad to get a reward, but the forced ad kinda takes my will to do that away.