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Island Clicker Game DESCRIPTION

Click to get resources, or tame the monkey and it will do everything for you.
Upgrade your tools to get more and faster resources.
Feed your pets to get more with every click.
Complete Quests and get diamonds.
Defeat Bosses and get rewards.
Unlock trophies and get more rewards
Reset the Island and get even more rewards.
Enjoy a great relaxing clicker game!

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how to get the key? Thanks
Thanks for the feedback ❤️, both keys can be obtained when resetting the island (there is a help button in the settings, so if you have any more questions, write to us on social networks or by mail, links can be found in the settings)


I have realised you haven't finished the game. Don't put it on the play store if it's not finished. Especially a pay to play, thankfully I never spent anything on it. Scammers
If you have any more questions, you can write to us by mail or social networks The game can be completed 100%, if you have any problems, you could write to us by mail and not in the reviews, although I have already helped you many times, you apparently ignore this


Awful game. No automation, plus I got hit by a 30 second unskippable ad out of nowhere
Such games are called a clicker without an idle in the title, and we have automation, if you haven’t reached this point, it doesn’t mean that the game is bad, but about ads, we have all ads only with the consent of the user, maybe you accidentally clicked on the ad icon


Looks like an awesome game, but I cant tell because none of the buttons are clickable.!!!
Hello, could you describe the problems in more detail? You can add information here or send us an email or social network


Good game, but a bit buggy still. I was pushing for a really high boss level. After reaching something like ~2.2B essence saved up, the essence value seemed to overflow to a negative number. Closing the app and reopening it, placed the essence value to 0. Also, I have no idea what shards do, from the geodes. No clue where to get the material to level up skill 4 on pets. Overall, very fun game but could still use some polish. Keep up the great work guys!
Thanks for the feedback ❤️, the game is not designed for the player to reach such levels, there is information in the buildings where to teach all the materials, the ones you are talking about are amulets and you can get them in the underground city, *shards are needed for a glove that you can find in another world


Really fun although lack of info kinda a letdown
Thank you very much for your review ❤️ There are small hints in the settings, so if you did not find the answers in the hints - do not hesitate to write to us by mail 😊


I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with the issue stated 💯 😌
With ads, the server we work through (google ads) can have problems, and in the dungeon you don’t need resources to go through, so I don’t understand why you wrote this If you want to somehow change the situation, write to us by mail or social networks and not in reviews. You could improve the game by writing us about the problem with details


I know the lack of tutorial is to keep the player figuring it out, but honestly it kinda does the opposite of keeping people interested in the game. For example it took me entirely to long to figure out how to get bananas, I was going to quit right there.
Tips on where and what to add were always on the map, we didn't think that many players would have a problem with this In the next update, we will add a setup help button and it will describe where and what to mine


i... i dont get what i am supposed to be doing? amassing any resources is Painful after only short periods of time. from what incan tell there is no auto clicker system available... theres no real instruction on progression other than 'mine this and this to upgrade this'
Hello, for automation, there is a monkey and autoclickers (they can be obtained when resetting the island or from the squirrel), you have quests that roughly tell you what you need to do, we don’t want to make instructions for each click, since there will be no interest in the game If you have any more questions, write to us on the social network


Ad rewards are bugged and dont work half the time.
Could you please describe the error in more detail, because while only you have such a problem, we need more information.


Need cloud save. The game quite good.
Thanks for the feedback, we'll try to add it in the future ❤️


Thanks for the feedback ❤️


Thanks for the feedback ❤️


It's a fun game, just lacking on info on how to get/achieve things in the game.
Thanks for the informative review ❤️ Our game is mainly based on riddles, if you need detailed information, you can write to us by mail or in social networks, we try to answer quickly


Pretty good for a idle game Nowadays
Thank you very much for the nice review ❤️


I love this clicker so much I'm addicted but only one problem...I have unlocked the monkey and it requires souls to lever up I have the soul when I go to the arena but when I go bk to try and level up my monkey it shows I have 0 still a 5 star but please if you could fix this bug I would gladly appreciate it
Thank you very much for your feedback ❤️, the arena shows the essences that you will receive after resetting the island, you can reset the island in the house after the maximum leveling of the house


Its the best
Thanks for the feedback ❤️


I see why it has 5 stars it has some very odd feeling to it that makes it fun
Thanks for the feedback ❤️


I have no idea what's going on. :) It's a fun adventure, Can't wait to see what happens!
Thanks for the feedback ❤️ If you need help with the game, you can always email us:


it's a good game
Thanks ❤️