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PAMOJA: Safe Dawn is a mobile educational game about the journey towards a safe coexistence of humans and elephants in the African bush.

What happens when elephants destroy the crops and cause food shortages? Immerse yourself into the story of the Kenyan student Nyah and experience how will your decisions affect the wellbeing of the community.

The development of this game was co-financed by the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation.


15 Toddler Puzzles Games for Kids. 🧩 A Fun & Free Educational Puzzles for Kids
Kids Puzzle Games is a Fun & Free Educational Puzzles for Kids. It Contains 😛 30 Toddler Puzzles Games for your kids.The Kids’ Puzzles is an educational game for toddlers from 🧒 Ages up to 5 Years & Ages 6-8 Years. Kids puzzles is a perfect game for kids in kindergarten and preschool. It is suitable for both girls and boys. ⏳ Categories Of Kids Puzzle Games:🦁 Animals: Beautiful Animals Puzzle for Kids🦉 Birds: Free Pet Birds Puzzle Game for Kids👨🚀 Space: Astronomy & Space for Games Kids🦸 Hero: Amazing Super Hero for Your Toddlers.🦋 Butterfly: Free Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle Games👨⚕️ Profession: Learn Different Profession at home🦄 Unicorn: Amazing Unicorn Puzzle & coloring🎂 Candy: Wow! make your own Candy games🌙 Shape: Learn Shapes by Puzzles🐟 Sea: Learn Sea Animals by Puzzles 🚗 Vehicle: Identity Vehicle with games🍅 Vegetables: Learn Vegetables & Fruits Kids Puzzle Games improve 🔰 Cognitively and Motor Skills, which are crucial in the development of your kids while playing, toddlers learn games for free. This free puzzle game helps your kids to develop motor skills, matching, tactile,..
Create surprise designs from wastes, reveal your creativity!
A milk bottle to go to the garbage, an unusable ball of string or paper that is no longer useful… Instead of throwing all these away, you can recycle and reuse them by making great designs.What to do with the waste materials is up to you. Whether it's a penholder or a puppet, let your creativity run wild and show what you can do! You can start your design by dragging the waste on the edge to the playground. Don't forget to use scissors to cut objects and the paint can to paint.Lets. Imagine, design and transform! SURPRISE BOX FOR CHILDREN• Make great designs using waste materials.• It's time to unleash your creativity!• Ad-free and safe content for children.• Developed under the supervision of developmental psychologists and experts.· Graphics designed for children, child friendly screens. SURPRISE BOX FOR FAMILIESIt is designed for children to spend quality, fun and educational time with their families. It is recommended to use with your child. In this way, you will ensure that your child gets the maximum benefit from the TRT Surprise Box and..
Operate construction vehicles and build your dream city.
Now, you are in charge of Little Panda's city! It's up to you to design, build, and expand it! Become a city builder! You can operate construction vehicles and build the city of your dreams!FREEDOM TO BUILD There are many sites in the city that are yet to be developed! Sports stadiums, parks, business districts, residential areas, railways, and bridges. You can build them as you like! TRUCK DRIVINGUse the excavator to remove soil from the ground, or operate the crane in order to place the ferris wheel. There are 8 different construction vehicles to operate. Use them to complete the construction tasks!CREATIVE DESIGN Erect walls, paint, install roofing, and let your creativity roam free! Design buildings of all shapes and sizes and don't forget to plant some greenery to make the city more beautiful!Wow! The city of your dream has been built and it's finally getting vibrant. Come and drive your construction truck to tour the city!FEATURES:-8 Construction vehicles to operate: excavator, crane, steam roller, concrete mixer, and more!-6 main things to construct: fitness center, park, business, residence, bridge,..
Educational games for children and babies: logic, counting, colors, puzzles
Funny life situations of little Jack will teach your child in the easiest form! The game develops logic, attention, memory and color perception. Excellent graphics, lots of animation, phonic voice, lively music and funny sounds will not get you bored! The game adapts to the age level of your child and is suitable even for toddlers. Constantly updated with new games!In "Jack's House" you will find a mini-game:1. Fishing. Help Jack find fish necessary shape and color.2. Castle puzzle. Gather the castle with Jack.3. Fireflies. Help Jack find fireflies the same color.4. Claoom. Help Jack learn to count.5. Car puzzle. Gather toy car with Jack.6. Butterflies. Help Jack put the butterflies on the flowers.7. Jack’s Bedroom. Help Jack find small animals and fall asleep.8. Orchard. Help Jake to collect fruit and sort them by color.9. Dinosaur puzzle. Gather the dinosaur with Jack.10. Put into the right place. Remember, where are the toys and put them in the right places.FeaturesBright graphicsFunny Animation Voice overDifferent levels of difficultyAmusing musicLearning, training and development of the child Play with little Jack, with updates you'll..
Its a type of math quiz or can also be a type of game.
It's a math quiz app. Different stages are present inside the the game. Each stage contains o or more levels. It can be play in a serial way or if you want to play a particular stage you can also play itWe are regularly updating this app for new stages. It can increase your quizzing ability so much.
Improve your math skills in a playful manner - developed together with teachers.
With Smart me! you can improve your mental arithmetic skills and power of concentration.The app is suitable for children and adults and ideal for preschool and elementary school.- provides all arithmetic operations (addition +, subtraction −, multiplication × and division ÷)- simple switching between number ranges up to 10, up to 20 and up to 100 makes it suitable for the first grade of elementary school too- promotes learning by repeating incorrectly solved math problems automatically- stimulating sounds and motivating grading system - no unnecessary app permissions- multi user support- it's free and in English
Ice Princess Cake is baked for icy princess to enjoy sweetthings and cake games.
If you like baking and cooking, you can try this baking salon games to exert your talent. Bake a cake in this kids cooking games to show your cooking raspberry cake and bakery skill. As a cake maker, you can make cakes and gateau in my bakery empire in this free kids games for girls. You also can be the cake boss and snow princess in the cook empire to bake cakes and enjoy dessert games. There’re 3 types of ice princess cakes in this girls games for free, and you can design cake in the baker shop and kitchen in this coking games. Come to join this food games for free for fun!1.Now, cake boss and makeup girl, it’s your time to show you talent in cooking games and makers empire to bake cake, gateau and torta in this cake games and kitchen games. I know you have a cook fever, come on in our chef games now!2.Open the pretty box, this food cooking game needs a chef to bake cakes for ice princes, there’s cooking expert can help..
Digital tale for kids to learn music and have fun with educational games
Discover the adventurous and playful elf, the evil witch, the enchanted villageand the kids. Discover the magic with this musical adventure and discover that magic will live in you. The best app for kids and toddlers to learn and have fun.With this game, kids and toddlers will learn music with educational activities and much more. This app also includes a digital tale to practice reading, with voices and music to discover a magical world. Especially designed for school-age boys and girls, in addition, seniors or people with cognitive impairment can also practice and learn with musical activities.Includes various memory games, question and answer activities, catch the witch game, musical note games, musical instrument activities, etc. Take the elf adventure on your mobile totally free. Now you can read the story totally free and enjoy all the educational activities also totally free. With this game, kids, toddlers, seniors or people with cognitive impairment will be able to read, learn and have fun with the music in the app and the digital tale, with fun and educational activities designed for everyone from..
brain teasers and test your knowledge, answer questions and be a champion
Kuis Uji Pengetahuan adalah sebuah permainan atau game yang menguji pengetahuan dan wawasan kamu tentang berbagai macam hal. kuis ini berisi kumpulan soal-soal umum, soal mata pelajaran sekolah dan soal hiburan.Kuis Uji pengetahuan Indonesia adalah game cerdas cermat yang mengasah kemampuan berpikir dan wawasan anda. terdiri dari banyak level yang harus diselesaikan satu per satu.Game ini merupakan game offline alias tidak membutuhkan koneksi internet, kapan pun dimana pun anda bisa memainkan game ini. Game ini sangat berguna bagi siapa saja khususnya bagi para pelajar SD, SMP, SMA hinggga dewasa untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan dan wawasan kamu.Tunggu apa lagi buktikan bahwa anda cukup cerdas dan cukup cermat untuk menjadi sang juara di game ini.
Crossing is a game, where "Chepo" must avoid the dangers of migration.
Travesía es un juego tipo árcade con vista vertical, dónde el objetivo del jugador es comer insectos antes de que se le acabe la vida para poder completar cada nivel.Nuestro protagonista “Chepo el chipe” es una pequeña ave migratoria cuyo nombre científico es Cardenilla pusilla la cuál parte de Estados Unidos (USA) a México para pasar el frío invierno en tierras más cálidas.El objetivo del juego es dar a conocer los peligros que atraviesan las aves migratorias en su travesía a México.
A narrative adventure based on decisions and their consequences.
Aaron's dilemma is a narrative adventure, based on decision making and its consequences. Aaron is an ambitious medical student, who is forced to choose between leaving his home and danger of civil war due to the conflict in his native Syria. Help Aaron with difficult decisions on his distressful path full of obstacles.- a narrative adventure based on decisions and their consequences- multiple endings based on your decisionsThis game was created within the Butterfly Effect educational program. It was developed with the financial support of the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation SlovakAid, the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Arts Council, Človek v ohrození o. z. and the European Commission. It reflects the views only of the authors and the partners cannot be held responsible for the information contained therein.
Journey towards a safe coexistence of humans and elephants in the African bush.
PAMOJA: Safe Dawn is a mobile educational game about the journey towards a safe coexistence of humans and elephants in the African bush.What happens when elephants destroy the crops and cause food shortages? Immerse yourself into the story of the Kenyan student Nyah and experience how will your decisions affect the wellbeing of the community.The development of this game was co-financed by the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation.


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