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A great natural disaster occurs and makes the world a strange place everyone kills each other and strange creatures appear will you be able to survive and seek help?

A very atmospheric adventure game on mobile devices
a Horror game and have unique puzzles and with very smooth graphics and very comfortable controls make your experience real!

Great atmosphere for players to have a challenging experience and a sense of being haunted by their surroundings

Very smooth gameplay has a very wide level of gameplay you will think of your own way of playing

★ Support 2 Languages

– English
– Indonesian (Text & Subtitle Only)

★ Hardware requirements
Quad-Core CPU/Snapdragon 425/Helio P22 ,2GB RAM


Gingerbread man game , try to find gingerbread house and escape forest enemies
Take gingerbread man into the candy world and try to find gingerbread housethis is a very nice child story , The most excited jungle themed runner game that talks about a gingerbread cookies that comes to life and try to escape the enemies that want to eat it !the jungle enemies are trying to catch our lovely gingerbread mantry to help him escape and stay alive .it is a fairy tale about gingerbread man who run run fast and escape from being eaten and he is now in the candy land as our hero to play with the is nothing fun than jumping and running in the jungleGame features:★ 3D game endless runner★ Unlock more running characters★ Easy control★ 3D runner with sliding jumping turning and great animations★ cookies and candy land graphics★ cool environment★ endless 3D runner★ the fairy tail story come true★ Forest game★escape jungle★nice bridge# How To Play:Controls:Attacktap on screenSwipe left to turn leftSwipe right to turn rightSwipe upwards to Jump- tap screen and gingerbread man jumps and kicks enemies- collect coins and cookies and kick enemies-..
Escape from the laboratory before being part of a macabre experiment.
A scientist has come to Hidden Town. It is rumored that he is conducting very strange experiments. Some of the villagers claim to have seen very unusual creatures near his laboratory. The scientist has kidnapped you and has trapped you in his laboratory. Try to escape the room before he comes back and you become a victim of his tests.Unwanted Experiment is the second chapter in the Hidden Town escape room games series. You will have to interact between two characters who have to help each other to escape together from the mysterious laboratory in this great haunted house adventure full of adrenaline.The order of the Dark Dome escape room games is not crucial, you can play them in any order and you will still see the connections between the stories until you unravel the mysteries of Hidden Town. All escape room games are connected in one way or another.- What you will find in this suspense thriller game:A large number of puzzles and secrets spread inside the scientist's laboratory and a prison inside it.An interactive detective story full of..
You are a famous adventurer looking for an Aztec artifact in an old mine.
You are a famous adventurer looking for an ancient Aztec artifact in an old abandoned mine. All of a sudden you realize that you are surrounded by skeletons of previous adventurers who didn't make it. You jump into a minecart and a crazy adventure begins.Tap to jump over obstacles. Don't tap in while in tunnels, tap to jump on a different rail path.How far can you make it ?
Sunny Bunnies: game adventure is committed to creating a safe and educational
Did you dream of seeing elves when you were little? Your dream is now reality! The little talking Sunny Bunnies such as Booba is waiting for your visit! Hurry to play with him and he will thank you with a panoply of benevolent emotions and good humor. Take care of him, talk to him, feed himhe will just be happy! Feel like a caring parent. Sunny Bunnies such as Booba the elf will be your true friend.An endless mountain hopping game starring adorable bunnies that tests your timing skills. Gauge your jumps just right to land on the next flat platform without falling into a waterfall or hitting a slope and tumbling down the mountain.Super Sunny Bunnies Adventure Game Go will take you back in time to your childhood with the legendary mission: Princess Rescue. Your task is to help Sunny Bunnies fight all ugly monsters across different islands to save the beautiful Sunny Bunnies and his friends Lucy,Mrs. Wolf,Pando In this jungle game Sunny Bunnies will jump in beautifully fun maps, taking on monsters like: movable poisonous mushrooms, winged..
Parquet is a Japanese-style visual novel produced by Yuzusoft Sour.
In the near future, a technology called Brain-Machine Interface connects the brain and machines. This technology brings about a new paradigm and opens the gates to the digitization of human memory itself.From these new discoveries, "he" is born. An illegal experiment mixes thousands of memories into a single vessel, creating a wholly new being.Having only the memories of others, doubts about who he truly is start arising in his mind, until he gathers the courage to go out into the world in search of his true self.As he steps into the real world, he meets two girls, Kido Tsubasa and Ibaraki Rino.Both kind souls whose lives have been touched by unscrupulous BMI experiments, just like him.Learning to live together with their secrets, "he" and "they" will bring about big changesKey points:- Yuzusoft's first-ever original All-Ages game- Curious living together experience with girls between day and night- An intriguing mystery that unfolds itself as the story advances
Unlock the Cube Escape Collection and the mysteries of the Rusty Lake universe!
In this classic point-and-click adventure anthology, you follow the path of Dale Vandermeer, a homicide detective, as he investigates the death of a woman and finds himself drawn into the mysterious world of Rusty Lake.Cube Escape was Rusty Lake's first series of games, introducing the Rusty Lake universe. The Cube Escape Collection contains 9 chapters: Seasons, The Lake, Arles, Harvey's Box, Case 23, The Mill, Birthday, Theatre and The Cave.We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time, follow us @rustylakecom.
32-year-old unemployed man of escape series crept to school. Finally sneaked into the classroom.
First person shooter where you must survive for the fate of humanity
HERO: BIO CRISIS es un shooter en primera persona en donde eres un médico militar que busca sobrevivir para salvar a la humanidad y encontrar la forma de erradicar el virus mutante que azota al mundo.Hero Bio Crisis cuenta con dos modalidades de juego:MODO CAMPAÑA en donde el jugador experimentará de primera mano una sucesión de misiones donde conocerá la historia completa que se desarrolla para capturar al paciente 0, encontrando secretos, documentos y logros que funcionaran para desbloquear futuros ítems especiales.La segunda modalidad es el MODO SURVIVAL en el cual el jugador pondrá a prueba su resistencia enfrentando oleadas de enemigos variados que irán reapareciendo en un límite de tiempo, entre más tiempo resistas y mas oleadas superes más puntos acumularás.HISTORIAHERO: BIO CRISIS se desarrolla en un mundo ficticio que ha sido arrasado por un virus identificado como COMVE 323 (Compuesto Orgánico Mutante Viral Encapsulado), los jugadores encarnaran a un médico militar que se encargara de seguir pistas a través de distintos lugares del mundo que lo llevaran a rastrear el origen del COMVE 323. Contando con la ayuda..
Diamond Dino Adventures is a great challenging game!
Are you hungry for adventure?If your answer is yes,Let's start the adventure.Help the little dino to collect the diamond without getting caught.Try to avoid the legendary monsters as much as you can because they will not let you go easily.Smash and hit the pottery to get the diamonds inside.Watch out for the crazy hungry fish.Run as fast as you can. Don't let the flying monsters and the scary spiders catch you.Watch Out for the magical traps.Beware of falling into the water because the little dino can't swim.Avoid the deadly crazy wheels and the wrecking balls or you will be smashed.Watch out for the monsters attack.Be strong and don't let the ogres crush you.Don't let them make the brave dinosaur lose.You will find an adventure in every cave.If you like dinosaurs, you will like this game.Every time you play this game, you will feel that it is fun time because it is so funny game.Run, surf and climb in every cave.If you like escape games, you will love this incredible game.Be ready for the challenge.Do your best to achieve the ultimate..
Crazy Unboxing, Knightly Bonding: Join the Adventure!
In Chest Hero, players no longer need to level up by defeating innocent stragglers or get equipment by rummaging through the monster lairs. The treasure chests are in front of you, full of equipment, experience, and gold; open them!RPGs must be nurturing, and the game has crafted various growth systems, gems, enchantments, mounts, wings, artifacts, fishing, and so on. These systems not only bring unique attributes to improve but also allow players to fully experience the fun brought by the gameplay at the same time!The game's competitive system allows players to find comparable opponents and constantly try out new attribute combinations to hone their skills while familiarizing themselves with the restraint relationship and striving for excellence!And remember your companions! Build your knight squad and invite your friends to join the fun. Let's go crazy together!
MISGUIDED never back home
★ Game Introduction Misguided : never back home is an horror game with full 3D graphic and with smooth visual on mobile Misguided : never back home is a game with the theme of Indonesia and contains an Asian atmosphere and the story with you play as silvia who is looking for her close friends in unknown places and haunted by mystical creatures★ Best Graphical on Mobile nice looking graphic for android and smooth control and great visual with smooth animation★ Support 2 Languages - Indonesia- English (Text & Subtitle Only)★ Hardware requirements Quad-Core CPU/Snapdragon 425/Helio P22 ,2GB+ RAM
Play 10 Minutes of ONLYWAY DEMO
★ MUST PLAY!This is 10 Minutes DEMO VersionA great natural disaster occurs and makes the world a strange place everyone kills each other and strange creatures appear will you be able to survive and seek help?A very atmospheric adventure game on mobile devicesa Horror game and have unique puzzles and with very smooth graphics and very comfortable controls make your experience real!★ BEST GRAPHICAL ATMOSPHERIC GAMESGreat atmosphere for players to have a challenging experience and a sense of being haunted by their surroundings★ UNIQUE GAMEPLAYVery smooth gameplay has a very wide level of gameplay you will think of your own way of playing★ Support 2 Languages- English- Indonesian (Text & Subtitle Only)★ Hardware requirementsQuad-Core CPU/Snapdragon 425/Helio P22 ,2GB RAM


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